IRS ‘Couldn’t Find’ Taxpayers Who Owed $6.7B In Taxes

From an irony proof Associated Press:

Fed Report: IRS Bungles Hunt for Unpaid Taxes

By ALAN FRAM | September 29, 2014

WASHINGTON — The IRS failed to take all required steps for collecting unpaid taxes from people it can’t locate in over half the cases that investigators studied, potentially costing the government a pile of lost revenue, according to a federal report released Monday.

Maybe if they spent a little less time targeting Tea Party supporters and other conservatives and more time tracking down people who owe them taxes, they would have a better record.

The study does not estimate exactly how much money the IRS might collect if its workers were conducting all the research they are supposed to perform to find the taxpayers.


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Fudge To Black Constituents: “Contain Your Complaining”

Via the Rebel Pundit blog:

Congresswoman To Black Constituents: “Contain Your Complaining”

September 29, 2014

Washinton [sic], D.C.- During a town hall meeting at the Congressional Black Caucus Legislative Conference (CBC), apparently fed up with complaints, Congresswoman Marcia Fudge (D-OH) had some choice words for constituents.

While touting the CBC as a group who fights for constituents, Fudge spoke bluntly, accusing them of not spending enough time with their local elected officials, and said, “you need to contain your complaining.”

I hope you will spend this much time with your local elected officials. I guarantee you most people in this room have not done that. With your school board, with your city council, and so then you won’t be calling me talking about somebody didn’t come and pick up your trash.


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MD Obama-Phones Up 100X In 3 Yrs, 2X Number Eligible

From the Washington Examiner:

Obamaphone use grew 100-fold in 3 years in Md. to twice the number eligible

By Luke Rosiak | September 29, 2014

Six-hundred-and-forty-five thousand Maryland residents had so-called Obamaphones in 2012 — one hundred times as many people as there were in 2009, and double the number in that state who are supposed to be eligible for the program based on their income…

Officials admitted Maryland’s 10,000 percent increase over three years in a little-noticed hearing before the House’s Subcommittee on Communications and Technology in April last year.

"By the third quarter of 2012, the number of Lifeline subscribers in Maryland had risen almost 100 fold to 645,000" compared to three years prior, industry consultant Billy Jack Gregg told Congress.

"Moreover, the current number of Lifeline subscribers in Maryland is almost double the number of low income households in the state" who are eligible.


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Unreleased Poll: Democrats Are Deeply Split On Amnesty

From the Daily Caller:

Unreleased Poll: Democrats’ Deep Split On Amnesty

By Neil Munro | September 29, 2014

Many Democrats and swing-voters strongly oppose President Barack Obama’s immigration policies, according to previously unreleased information from a poll by George Washington University’s Battleground poll.

You can see what that information would not be released. It might undercut the news media’s lie that everyone is crying out for amnesty. Especially Democrats.

The August survey of 1,015 likely voters showed that Obama’s immigration policy faces lopsided opposition, 57 percent to 38 percent. One of the polling firms sent The Daily Caller data showing how many demographic groups strongly opposed or supported Obama’s immigration policies…

The new data showed that 114 “conservative Democrats” split 28 percent strongly against and 23 percent strongly for Obama’s immigration policies.


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CDC: 277 Cases Of Mystery EV-D68 Confirmed In 40 States

From a non-dot connecting USA Today:

CDC: Respiratory illnesses up to 277 confirmed cases in 40 states

By Jolie Lee | September 29, 2014

The number of confirmed cases of an uncommon respiratory illness has increased to 277 in 40 states and the District of Columbia, affecting mostly children, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

First identified 50 years ago, Enterovirus 68 or EV-D68 was rarely tested for and only began getting attention last month as hundreds of cases were linked to the virus. "The severity is what triggered our concern," said Mark Pallansch, director of the CDC’s Division of Viral Diseases.

What a coincidence that there would be such an outbreak among children right here at the start of the school year.



Shocked AP: Schools Scramble With Illiterate Illegal Kids

From a suddenly concerned Associated Press:

Schools scramble to help teens who crossed border

By KIMBERLY HEFLING | September 29, 2014

FRANKFORD, Del. (AP) — American schools are scrambling to provide services to the large number of children and teenagers who crossed the border alone in recent months. Unaccompanied minors [sic] who made up the summer spike at the border have moved to communities of all sizes, in nearly every state, Federal data indicates, to live with a relative and await immigration decisions.

The Supreme Court has ruled that schools have an obligation to educate all students regardless of their immigration status, so schools have become a safe haven for many of the tens of thousands of these young people mostly from central America living in limbo…

The students are eager but face barriers.


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Obama Is Ignoring Hong Kong’s Democracy Protesters

From an unquestioning Reuters:

U.S. takes cautious line in response to Hong Kong protests

By Matt Spetalnick | September 29, 2014

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The United States is carefully calibrating its response to pro-democracy demonstrations in Hong Kong, showing support for peaceful protests while signaling it has little interest in seeing the situation escalate and risk a harsher crackdown by Chinese authorities.

Isn’t it funny how Obama always ignores pro-democracy demonstrators, like those in Iran or those in Russia or Venezuela? And yet he was only to happy to embrace the ‘Arab Spring’ protesters, who were fronting for Islamic extremists like the Muslim Brotherhood.

And closer to home, Obama never held back in his support for Occupy Wall Street, or global warming protesters. Or the professional and freelance race baiting protesters in Ferguson.


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‘PC’ Secret Service Has Allowed 1,000+ Security Lapses

From National Review:

GOP Rep: ‘Politically Correct’ Secret Service Has Allowed 1,000 Security Lapses

By Joel Gehrke | September 29, 2014

An internal Secret Service report revealed more than “1,000 security breaches and vulnerabilities,” according to a House investigator who said that a “politically correct” culture is endangering President Obama.

Once again, notice that this kind of information is coming to us from Republican investigators. Not our watchdog news media. (They never investigate Democrats.)

“There are new details that will come out that — you really have to question if security is their number one objective,” Representative Jason Chaffetz (R., Utah), who sits on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee that is holding a Tuesday hearing on the Secret Service, tells National Review Online.


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WH Intruder Reached Green Room Past (Female) Guard

And update on this story from the Washington Post:

White House fence-jumper made it far deeper into building than previously known

By Carol D. Leonnig | September 29, 2014

The man who jumped the White House fence this month and sprinted through the front door made it much farther into the building than previously known, overpowering one Secret Service officer and running through much of the main floor, according to three people familiar with the incident.

In fact, the intruder overpowered a female Secret Service agent. But somehow the Washington Post couldn’t bring themselves to mention that politically incorrect detail.

An alarm box near the front entrance of the White House designed to alert guards to an intruder had been muted at what officers believed was a request of the usher’s office, said a Secret Service official who spoke on the condition of anonymity.


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WP Fact-Checker Can’t Decide If Obama Is Lying Re Intel

From Obama’s most dedicated water carrier at the Washington Post:

Did Intelligence agencies or the White House err on Islamic State?

By Glenn Kessler | September 30, 2014

CBS News correspondent Steve Kroft: “How did they [Islamic State terrorists] end up where they are, in control of so much territory? Was that a complete surprise to you?”

President Obama: “I think our head of the intelligence community, Jim Clapper, has acknowledged that I think they underestimated what had been taking place in Syria.”

–exchange on CBS’s 60 Minutes, aired on Sept. 28, 2014

Is the president pointing fingers at the nation’s spooks? In an interview with 60 Minutes that spawned headlines, the president said intelligence analysts missed not only what was really happening in Syria, but also misjudged the capability of Iraq’s U.S.-trained security forces to respond to the threat posed by the terrorist group that calls itself the Islamic State…

The Pinocchio Test

Obviously, without the right security clearance, it is impossible to know the depth of intelligence made available to the president, so it is difficult to issue a Pinocchio rating.


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Staffer: Obama Knew About ISIS Before 2012 Elections

From the UK’s Daily Mail:

Obama has had accurate intelligence about ISIS since BEFORE the 2012 election, says administration insider

By David Martosko | 29 September 2014

President Barack Obama’s intelligence briefings have provided him with specific information since before he won re-election in 2012 about the growing threat of the terror group now known alternatively as ISIS and ISIL, an administration insider told MailOnline on Monday.

‘Unless someone very senior has been shredding the president’s daily briefings and telling him that the dog ate them, highly accurate predictions about ISIL have been showing up in the Oval Office since before the 2012 election,’ said a national security staffer in the Obama administration who is familiar with the content of intelligence briefings.

How could Obama admit there was a threat from ISIS while he was bragging on the campaign trail that he had wiped out terrorism?


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House Intel Chair: Obama Was Warned About ISIS In ’13

From Kristina Wong at The Hill:

Rogers: Intel officials warned Obama about ISIS ‘for over a year’

By Kristina Wong – 09/29/14

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers (R-Mich.) said the intelligence community had warned President Obama about the threat from the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria for "over a year." "This was not an Intelligence Community failure, but a failure by policy makers to confront the threat," Rogers said in a statement Monday…

"For over a year, U.S. intelligence agencies specifically warned that ISIL was taking advantage of the situation in Syria to recruit members and provoke violence that could spill into Iraq and the rest of the region," Rogers said in a statement on Monday…

Rogers said his committee had formally pressed the administration to act against the terror threat in 2013.


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Obama Is Now Missing 58% Of His Daily Intel Briefings

From Breitbart:

Report: Obama Has Missed over Half His Second-Term Daily Intel Briefings

By Wynton Hall | September 29, 2014

A new Government Accountability Institute (GAI) report reveals that President Barack Obama has attended only 42.1% of his daily intelligence briefings (known officially as the Presidential Daily Brief, or PDB) in the 2,079 days of his presidency through September 29, 2014.

The GAI report also included a breakdown of Obama’s PDB attendance record between terms; he attended 42.4% of his PDBs in his first term and 41.3% in his second…

So Obama is getting worse instead of better. But, after all, how can he pretend to be disengaged and out of the loop if he attends these briefings and asks questions?

This is not the first time questions have been raised about Obama’s lack of engagement and interest in receiving in-person daily intelligence briefings.


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Fifth British Air Mission In Iraq Ends With No Bombing

From BBC News:

Fifth RAF Iraq mission ends with ‘no reports’ of bombing

September 29, 2014

British Tornado jets have returned to RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus after carrying out a fifth combat sortie over Iraq. The pair returned to RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus, and BBC defence correspondent Jonathan Beale said there were "no reports of any weapons dropped".

The first jets to take part in a mission against Islamic State (IS) militants had carried out armed reconnaissance missions at the weekend. Parliament voted by 524 votes to 43 to take action against IS in Iraq.

Maybe they forgot to tell their military.

The most recent clashes [with ISIS] have taken place around a key town near the Iraqi capital Baghdad but Iraqi ground forces, backed by US-led air strikes, appear to have halted the advance of IS.


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Swiss Vote Down Move To Single Payer Health Insurance

From a gobsmacked Agence France Presse:

Swiss reject switch from private to state health insurance

By Jonathan Fowler | September 28, 2014

Geneva (AFP) – Swiss voters on Sunday rejected a plan for a seismic shift from the country’s all-private health insurance system to a state-run scheme.

Referendum results showed that almost 62 percent of voters had shot down a reform pushed by left-leaning parties which say the current private system is busting the budgets of ordinary residents.

The results also underlined the national divisions over the hotly-contested issue as the country’s German-speaking regions voted against the plan, while their French-speaking counterparts were in favour.

Naturellment. The French are natural born socialists.

Switzerland’s private insurance lobby hailed the vote. "The Swiss population does not want a single national scheme," said the Swiss Insurance Association.


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