The Hill: Millennial Voters Are New Worry for Democrats

From The Hill:

Millennial voters a new worry for Dems

By Amie Parnes | October 24, 2014

Disenchantment among millennial voters is the latest worry for Democrats fighting to hold their Senate majority… Plagued by unemployment and an overall economy anxiety that has seen many take jobs beneath their qualifications, the generation of 18- to 34-year-olds feels a sense of disappointment in the party it helped boost in previous elections, political observers say.

Jim Manley, a Democratic strategist and former spokesman for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.), said that the promise of “hope and change millennials invested in has hit a brick wall.”

AKA ‘reality.’

Manley said that this in turn has made young voters “very cynical about the political process and less likely to vote than they had in the past.”

Julian Zelizer, a professor of history and public affairs at Princeton University, agreed that winning over young voters is an issue for Democrats.


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Holder’s Justice Department Condemns Ferguson Leaks

From Breitbart:

Justice Department Condemns Ferguson Leaks

By John Sexton | October 23, 2014

The Department of Justice has condemned recent leaks to the media suggesting evidence being heard by the grand jury in the Michael Brown shooting case is favorable to police officer Darren Wilson.

A spokesman for the DOJ told the LA Times, " The department considers the selective release of information in this investigation to be irresponsible and highly troubling. Since the release of the convenience-store footage, there seems to be an inappropriate effort to influence public opinion about this case."

The convenience store footage was released by Ferguson police in August. Reports at the time said the DOJ had learned of the video, which showed Michael Brown robbing a convenience store shortly before the shooting, and asked the police not to release it.


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WP: 8 Black Witnesses Support Officer Wilson’s Account

From the Washington Post:

Evidence supports officer’s account of shooting in Ferguson

By Kimberly Kindy and Sari Horwitz | October 23, 2014

Ferguson, Mo., police officer Darren Wilson and Michael Brown fought for control of the officer’s gun, and Wilson fatally shot the unarmed teenager after he moved toward the officer as they faced off in the street, according to interviews, news accounts and the full report of the St. Louis County autopsy of Brown’s body.

Because Wilson is white and Brown was black, the case has ignited intense debate over how police interact with African American men. But more than a half-dozen unnamed black witnesses have provided testimony to a St. Louis County grand jury that largely supports Wilson’s account of events of Aug.


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US Is Investigating Reports That ISIS Used Chlorine Gas

From an irony proof New York Times:

U.S. Is Investigating Report That Islamic State Used Chlorine Gas

By KIRK SEMPLE and ERIC SCHMITT | October 23, 2014

BAGHDAD — American security officials said Thursday that they were looking into a new report that Islamic State militants had used chlorine gas as a weapon against Iraqi police officers last month near Balad, north of Baghdad.

According to the accounts of the officers, fighters for the Islamic State, also known as ISIS or ISIL, set off an explosive that unleashed a mass of yellow smoke that hung close to the ground, The Washington Post reported. The Post said that hospital officials who treated the men, as well as an unnamed Iraqi Defense Ministry official, confirmed the men’s suspicion that chlorine gas had been used against them.


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Zehaf Was A Devoted Muslim For More Than Nine Years

From the Vancouver Sun:

Details of accused Ottawa gunman’s crack addiction revealed

By Mike Hager, Tara Carman and Matthew Robinson | October 23, 2014

VANCOUVER — … New court documents released by a B.C. Provincial Court judge Thursday afternoon paint the picture of a young man so desperate that he attempted robbery to go to jail, which he saw as the “only way to overcome his addiction to crack cocaine.”

Police picked up Zehaf-Bibeau on Dec. 16, 2011 following an incident at a McDonald’s restaurant at Main Street and Terminal Avenue. According to the Crown, he entered the building with a sharpened stick and asked a clerk for money. The clerk asked the smiling would-be robber if he was serious, then called police. The accused went outside and sat down on a backpack to wait for the officers.


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Ottawa Jihadist Not Monitored, Passport Wasn’t Revoked

From the Washington Post, of all places:

Police say Ottawa gunman was not being monitored

By Carol Morello and Mark Berman | October 23, 2014

OTTAWA — Before he shot and killed a soldier, before he opened fire inside the Canadian Parliament and before he sparked a panic that froze a large part of the capital, Michael Zehaf-Bibeau wanted to leave. The man police said carried out the shooting here Wednesday arrived in the city less than three weeks earlier so that he could get a passport and fly to Syria.

However, in a sign of how difficult it can be to determine who may pose a threat, police said Thursday that Zehaf-Bibeau was not one of the roughly 90 “high-risk travelers” the authorities have been monitoring because they are suspected of wanting to join extremists fighting overseas…

Zehaf-Bibeau’s passport application had not been approved or denied, but an investigation was determining whether he would receive one, [Bob Paulson, commissioner of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police] said.


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MSNBC: Hatchet Attacker Inspired By 70’s Black Ideology

From MSNBC, of all places:

Hatchet-wielding man attacks NYPD officers

By Benjamin Landy | October 24, 2014

While Bratton said authorities were working to identify the assailant, police sources told NBC News that the attacker had been tentatively identified as Zale Thompson, a 32-year-old man with a Facebook page containing images of what appears to be a Muslim warrior and prayers.

However, authorities have found no links to extremist literature or jihadi groups at this time.

Because everyone has Facebook pages that feature photos jihadists carrying rocket launchers and which quote jihadist slogans in Arabic.

But how many times has the media cried ‘lone wolf.’ Just because someone is a self-starter, that doesn’t mean he’s not a terrorist. And it doesn’t mean he isn’t connected to the on-going world-wide jihad.



NYC Hatchet Suspect Posted Pro-Jihad, Anti-US Comments

From The Inquisitr:

NYC Police Hatchet Attack Suspect Zale Thompson May Have Ties To ISIS

October 24, 2014

Zale Thompson, 32, has been identified as the hatchet attack suspect. Thompson is reportedly a Muslim who recently posted radical Islamic phrases on Facebook… Zale Thompson posted this comment on YouTube last month:

“If you’re looking for ‘perfect’ Muslims who never make any mistakes in their Jihad, then you will be looking in vain! If the Zionists and the Crusaders had never invaded and colonized the Islamic lands after WW1, then there would be no need for Jihad! Which is better, to sit around and do nothing, or to Jihad fisabeelallah! [sic]”

It’s pretty telling and all too typical that we have to resort to very offbeat websites (AKA citizen journalists) to find any coverage of the background on the NYC hatchet attacker.


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AP: Hatchet-Wielding (Muslim Jihadist) Shot By NYC Cops

From those tireless defenders of the faith at the Associated Press:

Police: Hatchet-wielding suspect shot by officers

By JONATHAN LEMIRE | October 23, 2014

NEW YORK (AP) — New York City police shot and killed a hatchet-wielding man on Thursday after he suddenly attacked a group of patrol officers without warning in broad daylight on a busy commercial district in Queens. At a news conference at a hospital where one officer was being treated for a serious head wound, Police Commissioner William Bratton said that investigators were still trying to confirm the identity of the assailant and determine a motive…

Naturally. They don’t want to jump to any conclusions. And never mind that we already know that his name is Zale Thompson. And that he was a strict Muslim who condemned the US and called for attacks on soldiers and the police.


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NYC Ebola Case Felt Tired On Tuesday, Reported Thursday

From an unfazed Associated Press:

After 1st Ebola case in NYC, 3 others quarantined

By JONATHAN LEMIRE and COLLEEN LONG | October 24, 2014

NEW YORK (AP) — A doctor who became New York City’s first Ebola patient was praised for getting treatment immediately upon showing symptoms, and health officials stressed that the nation’s most populous city need not fear his wide-ranging travel in the days before his illness began.

Mayor Bill de Blasio and Gov. Andrew Cuomo urged residents not to be alarmed by the doctor’s diagnosis Thursday, even as they described him riding the subway, taking a cab and bowling since returning to New York from Guinea a week ago.

He was praised? For riding the crowded subways, taking a Uber cab, going bowling, going to restaurants, walking on the crowed Highline park — when he wasn’t feeling quite right?


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‘Dreamers Program’ Put Non-Citizens On NC Voter Rolls

From North Carolina’s Winston-Salem Journal:

DMV search of records turns up ineligible N.C. voters

By Bertrand M. Gutierrez | October 21, 2014

The voter rolls kept by the State Board of Elections contain 145 names that belong to a certain category of ineligible voter – immigrants in the U.S. under a federal program known as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, according to elections officials.

Now how did that ever happen? Just wait to see how furious Obama is when he finds out about this.

Josh Lawson, an SBOE spokesman, said that election officials found out about the number Tuesday night, after the N.C. Division of Motor Vehicles ran a specific search for drivers with DACA licenses.

North Carolina, you say? Luckily, they aren’t having a close election down there.


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WH: It’s ‘Crazy’ To Try To Divine Obama’s Amnesty Plans

From The Hill:

WH: Immigration stories ‘crazy’

By Justin Sink | October 22, 2014

The White House said Wednesday it was “crazy” to attempt to divine the president’s post-election plans for an immigration executive order based on a procurement request issued by the Department of Homeland Security.

Really. After all, why should we even speculate. We should just wait and then accept Obama’s amnesty as a fait accompli.

“I mean, this is crazy,” White House press secretary Josh Earnest said, adding he would caution reporters against “making assumptions” based on the “procurement of green paper.”

The proposal, unveiled earlier this week by Breitbart News, asks potential contractors to prepare for the possibility of producing up to 34 million green cards and work permits over the next five years…

Why should that alarm anyone that Obama ordered up enough green cards for more people than the entire population of California?



ICE Lied To Congress, Public About Illegal Alien Releases

From USA Today:

U.S. misinformed Congress, public on immigrant release

By Brad Heath | October 22, 2014

New records contradict the Obama administration’s assurances to Congress and the public that the 2,200 people it freed from immigration jails last year to save money had only minor criminal records.

The headline should read: ‘White House Lied To Congress, Public About Illegal Alien Releases.’ And for the record, it’s also a lie that these illegal aliens were freed to save money. They were released even before the sequester kicked in. And the sequester did not cut ICE at all.

The records, obtained by USA TODAY, show immigration officials released some undocumented immigrants who had faced far more serious criminal charges, including people charged with kidnapping, sexual assault, drug trafficking and homicide.


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CDC To Monitor Ebola Country Passengers For 21 Days

From the New York Daily News:

West African travelers entering U.S. will be monitored by CDC for Ebola for 3 weeks; plan has Obama ‘optimistic’

BY Sasha Goldstein, Edgar Sandoval, Corky Siemaszko | October 22, 2014

Three weeks of monitoring for the Ebola virus await all travelers arriving in the U.S. from the three West African nations hardest hit by the deadly disease.

The stepped-up vigilance ordered by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control came as President Obama declared Wednesday he was “cautiously more optimistic” about being able to stop the spread of Ebola in the U.S.

What’s that? Obama used to say there was zero chance of an outbreak of Ebola in the US. Now he is just "cautiously more optimistic" about being able to stop it?


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Man Jumps WH Fence, SS Laughs: ‘The Dogs Got Him’

From Reuters:

Man jumps White House fence; ‘dogs got him,’ says Secret Service

October 22, 2014

A man jumped the White House fence on Wednesday evening and was attacked by Secret Service dogs before being arrested, a Secret Service spokesman said.

"Dogs got him," spokesman Edwin Donovan said, referring to the intruder. He identified the intruder as Dominic Adesanya, 23, of Bel Air, Maryland, and said he was unarmed at the time of his arrest.

According to other reports Mr. Adesanya is black. And, according to CNN, his father claims he is paranoid and hears voices.

Video showed Secret Service agents surrounding the man on the north lawn of the White House, which was put on lockdown for about 90 minutes. The man punched one of the dogs that attacked him, as seen in the video.



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