McCarthy: Senate Use Nuclear Option On DHS Funding Bill

From The Hill:

House GOP leader: Senate should change its rules to pass DHS funding

By Jesse Byrnes | March 1, 2015

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) said on Sunday that the Senate should change its rules in order to pass a bill funding the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

"I think they should change the rule," McCarthy said on NBC’s "Meet the Press," suggesting the Senate invoke the so-called "nuclear option" to allow spending bills to only require a simple majority to advance instead of 60 votes…

The Senate could do that. (As we have been suggesting for months.) Or, the House could amend the Senate’s DHS funding bill to remove funding for Obama’s illegal actions (work permits, Social Security numbers). And then the Republicans in the Senate could pass the House bill via ‘budget reconciliation,’ which only requires a simple majority.


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Reid Refuses To Go To Conference With House On DHS Bill

From the Associated Press:

Homeland Security funding deal elusive

By KIMBERLY HEFLING | March 2, 2015

WASHINGTON (AP) — With a partial shutdown of the Homeland Security Department possible at week’s end, Speaker John Boehner says the House wants to enter talks with the Senate on a final bill funding the agency. Senate Democrats are not interested in joining those talks.

The Senate is holding a vote Monday on whether to proceed on the question of talks between the two chambers… House Republican leaders on Sunday demanded that Democrats begin negotiations on funding for the Homeland Security Department and President Barack Obama’s unilateral actions on immigration. But even some Republicans said the party should simply surrender and give the agency money without conditions…

This is textbook journalistic malpractice.


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Congress Gives DHS Funding 1 Week Extension, WH Gloats

From the Washington Post:

Congress averts Homeland Security shutdown with one-week extension

By Sean Sullivan and Mike DeBonis | February 28, 2015

Congress managed at the last minute on Friday night to avert a partial shuttering of the Department of Homeland Security, passing a one-week funding measure for the agency. President Obama signed it shortly before the midnight deadline…

Whew. That was close. Too close. We came that close to not having our borders sealed and being completely protected from violent extremists acting in the name of Islam.

(Just kidding. If DHS had shut down nobody but the news media would have noticed. In fact, a shutdown would have far less effect on DHS than a snow day or even a federal holiday.)

The deal came together after a whirlwind day of negotiations in which the House Republican leadership suffered a humiliating defeat when its 20-day funding bill was rejected…



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Obama Freed Cuban Spy & Murderer Ready For New Orders

From Michael Isikoff, via Yahoo News:

Top Cuban spy released by Obama says he’s ready for his ‘next order’ from Castro regime

In an exclusive interview with Yahoo News, Gerardo Hernandez is defiant about his role as ringleader of the Cuban Five spy network

By Michael Isikoff | March 2, 2015

HAVANA — Today… [Gerardo ] Hernandez… is now a free man in his native Cuba, reunited with his wife, Adriana, and his former spy comrades. Last Tuesday, Hernandez and his fellow spies — the Cuban Five, they are called here — were officially decorated by President Raúl Castro as national heroes in a grand celebration at Cuba’s National Assembly.

Two of whom are convicted murderers. And all of them engaged in terrorism against the anti-Castro exiles in South Florida, including sending them pipe bombs.


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ISIS Threatens Twitter Employees Over Blocked Accounts

From BuzzFeed:

ISIS Threatens Twitter Founder And Employees Over Blocked Accounts

By David Mack | March 1, 2015

ISIS supporters on Sunday called on jihadis around the world to kill Twitter employees because of the company’s frequent blocking of their social media accounts.

“Your virtual war on us will cause a real war on you,” reads an online post addressed to Twitter founder Jack Dorsey and shared by ISIS supporters.

We have always thought ‘social media’ should be more accurately called ‘anti-social media.’ But this might be taking things too far.

The post, whose authorship is unclear, was accompanied by a digitally altered image of Dorsey in the cross sights of a gun.

Twitter, like YouTube, often moves quickly to delete posts and suspend accounts that disseminate ISIS videos showing the gruesome executions of hostages.


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Attack On Mosul Postponed For ‘At Least Several Months’

From Friday evening, via the Daily Beast:

Pentagon Scrubs Major Attack on ISIS

By Nancy A. Youssef | 02.27.15
Just days ago, the generals were trumpeting plans to knock ISIS out of its most important stronghold in Iraq. Now, those plans are on indefinite hold.

The U.S. military’s goal to retake Iraq’s second largest city from the self-proclaimed Islamic State has been pushed back several months at least, defense officials told The Daily Beast.

That’s a major shift for the Pentagon, which recently announced that the first major ground offensive in the war against ISIS could come in the next few weeks.

Defense officials once hoped that Iraqi troops could move into Mosul by the Spring and reclaim the city from ISIS. Now, those officials say, Fall is more realistic.


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Kerry Repeats ‘Safer Than Ever’ Claim, Israel Is Safer, Too

First from the Washington Times:

John Kerry stands pat on Americans ‘safer than ever’ remarks

By S.A. Miller | March 1, 2015

Secretary of State John F. Kerry on Sunday stood firm on his assessment that Americans are “safer than ever,” despite a spike in deaths from terrorism across the world. Mr. Kerry, who has been ridiculed for making the comment last week to a House committee, said he understands how Americans could feel more unsafe but insisted they are wrong.

“I understand. Of course I understand it,” Mr. Kerry said on ABC’s “This Week.” “People are thinking about the day-to-day vision of what is happening on the ground in Syria, in Libya where 21 Coptic Christians have their heads cut off, where a [pilot] is burned in a cage, where American journalists have been beheaded publicly.


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Report: Obama Threatened To Shoot Down Israeli Planes

From the Washington Times:

Report: Obama threatened to shoot down Israeli warplanes

Administration official calls Middle Eastern reports ‘totally false’

By Jeffrey Scott Shapiro | March 1, 2015

President Obama threatened last year, according to Middle Eastern news outlets Sunday, to use the U.S. military to shoot down Israeli fighter jets if they attempted to destroy Iranian nuclear facilities — reports the administration denounced later Sunday as flatly untrue. Mr. Obama’s threat reportedly deterred Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu from dispatching warplanes into Iran after Israel discovered that the U.S. had entered into secret talks with Tehran and that the two countries had signed an agreement, according to Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Jarida.

Note that this report was originally from a Kuwaiti newspaper. Not an Israeli outlet.


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Reader Selected News For The Week Of Feb 28 To Mar 6

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Posting Guidelines

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Avoid editorials or opinion pieces unless they are truly newsworthy.
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And always post less than one quarter of the original article.

Posts of articles that do not follow these guidelines may be edited or deleted.

Thank you.


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‘Booming Economy’ Had 2.4% GDP In 2014 (2.3% In 2012)

From the Wall Street Journal:

U.S. fourth-quarter GDP trimmed to 2.2% from 2.6%

By Jeffry Bartash | February 27, 2015

WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) — … Gross domestic product expanded by a 2.2% annual clip in the final three months of 2014, down from an initial read of 2.6%, the Commerce Department said Friday. That’s a sharp deceleration from a torrid 5% pace in the third quarter that marked the fastest U.S. growth in 11 years.

Yes, let’s all savor that artificially high GDP that was almost entirely driven by government spending — mostly due to Obama-Care.

For all of 2014, the U.S. grew at a 2.4% clip. That’s a small improvement from 2.2% in 2013 and 2.3% in 2012, but still well below the nation’s historic growth rate of 3.3%…

But we have been told for months now that the economy is roaring.



Holder: Civil Rights Prosecutions Shouldn’t Need Evidence

From the Politico:

Eric Holder’s parting shot: It’s too hard to bring civil rights cases

By Mike Allen | February 27, 2015

Attorney General Eric Holder plans to push, during his final weeks in office, a new standard of proof for civil-rights offenses, saying in an exit interview with POLITICO that such a change would make the federal government “a better backstop” against discrimination in cases like Ferguson and Trayvon Martin…

All that nonsense about having to have proof of a crime has to go.

Holder also acknowledged that he felt some of his own struggles with Republicans in Congress during his six years in office were driven partly by race…

Only "partly"? Is he mellowing with age?

Holder told POLITICO that between now and his departure… he will call for a lower standard of proof for civil-rights crimes.



Obama ‘Remembers’ Trayvon At WH Black History Event

From Breitbart:

Obama Remembers Trayvon Martin at African-American History Month Event

By Pam Key | February 26, 2015

Thursday at the White House, President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama hosted a reception in recognition of African-American History Month. Obama said, “Today, on the third anniversary of Trayvon Martin’s death, showing all our kids, all of them, every single day, that their lives matter.”

Really? What about white Hispanic kids? (George Zimmerman was only 28 at the time.) Don’t their lives matter when they are having their heads slammed into a sidewalk?

For the record, in case anyone was wondering, the tax cheat Reverend Al Sharpton was also in attendance at the White House for this historic occasion. (How could anyone have doubted it?)

Speaking of the young Trayvon scamp, there is this from a couple of days ago, via Campus Reform:

MSNBC host: I hope Trayvon Martin ‘whooped the s**t’ out of Zimmerman

By Sterling Beard | February 25, 2015

MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry said Monday that she hoped that Trayvon Martin “whooped the shit out of George Zimmerman.” Harris-Perry’s remarks came Monday while speaking during Cornell University’s annual Martin Luther King, Jr.



AP: ‘Net Neutrality’ = ‘ISPs Must Act In The Public Interest’

From a cheering Associated Press:

Regulators OK ‘net neutrality’ rules for Internet providers

By ANNE FLAHERTY | February 26, 2015

WASHINGTON (AP) — Internet service providers like Comcast, Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile now must act in the "public interest" when providing a mobile connection to your home or phone, under rules approved Thursday by a divided Federal Communications Commission.

Funny, that’s just what the Red Chinese government tells their internet service providers. And look at how well ‘net neutrality’ is working out for the Chinese people.

By the way, wasn’t it our future President Hillary Clinton who once said: "We’re going to take things away from you on behalf of the common good"? (Hint: it was. She announced that to a room full of cheering Democrat fat cats in San Francisco in 2004.)

The plan, which puts the Internet in the same regulatory camp as the telephone and bans business practices that are "unjust or unreasonable," represents the biggest regulatory shakeup to the industry in almost two decades.



Dad Of Teen Murdered By Illegal: Do Black Lives Matter?

From the Daily Caller:

Father Of Black Teenager Murdered By Illegal Alien Asks ‘Do Black Lives Really Matter?’

By Chuck Ross | February 25, 2015

The father of a black teenager murdered by an illegal immigrant asked “do black lives really matter?” in a House hearing to review the Department of Homeland Security’s policies towards “non-citizens unlawfully present in the United States.”

That father, Jamiel Shaw, and Michael Ronnebeck, the uncle of another man murdered earlier this month by an illegal immigrant, testified at Wednesday’s hearing in front of a subcommittee of the U.S. House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform…

Shaw told of his son, Jamiel Shaw II, who in May 2008 at the age of 17 was gunned down by Pedro Espinoza, a 19-year-old illegal Mexican immigrant.



AP Warns Once Again SCOTUS Could Kill O-Care Subsidies

From the Associated Press:

If Supreme Court says no, they’d lose health insurance help

By CARLA K. JOHNSON | February 26, 2015

CHICAGO (AP) — Millions of Americans have a big personal stake in next Wednesday’s Supreme Court challenge to the nation’s health care law: Can they legally continue to get subsidies to help pay for their insurance? If the court says no, people across more than 30 states could lose federal subsidies for their premiums.

Are you listening Justices? The AP is whipping up the people with the pitchforks.

The legal arguments the justices will hear are complex. Opponents who brought the lawsuit argue the law’s literal wording only allows the government to pay subsidies in states that have set up their own insurance markets, or exchanges.



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