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Wages Drop As Immigration Surges, Asylum Expanded

This can’t be due to immigration. This has to be another problem caused by global warming.

From the Daily Caller:

CRS Report: Wages Declined As Immigration Surged

By Rachel Stoltzfoos | April 23, 2015

Wages and share of income for the bottom 90 percent of American wage-earners declined over the past 40 years, as the foreign-born population increased dramatically, data requested by the Senate Judiciary Committee shows.

Since 1970, the foreign-born population of the U.S. increased 325 percent, the Congressional Research Service found, while wages for the bottom 90 percent of earners decreased by 8 percent and their share of income by 16 percent…

The CRS charted the correlation between wages and the number of foreign-born workers in the U.S. between 1945 and 2010. Before 1970, wages rose sharply as the number of foreign-born persons declined.


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Hillary Attacks GOP, Talk Radio On Amnesty, Equal Pay

Maybe it’s Freudian. Maybe, deep down, Hillary doesn’t really believe that she should offer herself as a leader.

From Time magazine:

Hillary Clinton Makes First Attacks on GOP

By Sam Frizell | April 23, 2015

… Hillary Clinton aimed the first substantial attacks of her new candidacy at Republican policies during a speech in New York City on Thursday, criticizing the GOP on immigration, health care and the delayed nomination of Loretta Lynch to Attorney General… “There are those who offer themselves as leaders who would deport mothers working to give their children a better life rather than risk ire of talk radio,” Clinton said at the annual Women in the World conference in Manhattan…

Wow. Hillary is pulling out all of the stops. Well, maybe not all.



New Yorker: Foundation Scandal Could Benefit Hillary

You see? Once again the Republicans are going to over-reach and prove they cannot relent in their ‘War On Women.’

From NewsBusters:

New Yorker: Clinton Foundation Scandal ‘Could End Up Benefitting Hillary’

By Kyle Drennen | April 23, 2015

In a desperate attempt to spin the escalating Clinton Foundation scandal as a positive for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, The New Yorker’s John Cassidy argued in a Wednesday article that bombshell revelations about the controversy in the new book Clinton Cash "could end up benefitting Hillary."

Cassidy argued that with "conservative media figures piling on" the story, "the Clinton campaign will be able to portray questions about the Clinton Foundation and the family’s finances as a political witch-hunt rather than a legitimate exercise in vetting Presidential candidates."

He further declared: "And if that happens, many Americans may end up dismissing the whole thing as a partisan squabble." …

That should keep Republicans and the conservative media from talking too much about this outrageous scandal.



Most Voters Don’t Trust Hillary, Especially Millennials

And this poll was conducted before the barrage of articles on Hillary and the shady dealings of the Clinton Foundation from the NYT, the WP and Reuters.

From the New York Post:

Majority of voters think Hillary is untrustworthy: poll

By Aaron Short | April 23, 2015

A majority of US voters — 54 percent — say Hillary Clinton is not honest or trustworthy according to a Quinnipiac University poll released Thursday. Only 38 percent said they trust the Democratic frontrunner…

Specifically, the Quinnipiac poll found that: "American voters say 54 – 38 percent that Clinton is not honest and trustworthy, a lower score than top Republicans. And it was conducted between April 16 and April 21.

Which was before the New York Times revelation that Hillary let the Russians buy 20% of America’s uranium capacity after a total of $2.35 million dollars in donations to the Clinton Foundation, and after a payment of $500,000 to Bill for ‘a speech.’

But most of the other news in the poll was upbeat for Clinton.



Politico: Bribery-Gate Hits Hillary’s NYC Donor Kickoff

This is where these revelations could really hurt Hillary. Who wants to donate to a campaign where you will be assumed to be buying influence? (Cough.)

From a deeply concerned Politico:

Book blowback hits Clinton’s NYC donor kickoff

By Annie Karni and Gabriel Debenedetti | April 23, 2015

Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, John Podesta, had hoped to spend Thursday morning rallying fundraisers in a midtown office building in Manhattan — but he also found himself fielding concerns about a spate of unsettling investigations into the Clinton family’s personal fundraising…

"Unsettling"? Boy, the Politico doesn’t mince words, do they? If this just ‘unsettling,’ then Watergate must have been almost amusing. (After all, nobody helped the Russians buy uranium in Watergate.)

[D]uring a question-and-answer period, the most pointed query from donors to Podesta was, how do we respond to questions raised by a new book linking millions in Bill Clinton speaking fees to wealthy foreign donors angling for influence with the highest-ranking officials of the U.S.


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Clintons Lied About Meeting Russians, A Photo Exists

Imagine the Clintons being caught in a lie. And imagine them being caught by the NYT!

From the Washington Free Beacon:

NYT Reporter: Clinton Officials Lied About a Meeting Taking Place, Unaware of Photo Evidence

By Daniel Bassali | April 23, 2015

In a Fox News preview of “The Tangled Clinton Web,” a New York Times reporter accused the Clinton Foundation of lying to her about a meeting Bill Clinton had with Kazatomprom officials regarding the sale of uranium to Russia. “Frank Giustra arranged for officials to go to Bill Clinton’s house in Chappaqua,” reporter Jo Becker said.

According to the New York Times, the Canadian uranium ‘financier,’ Mr. Giustra, has already given the Clinton Foundation $31.3 million dollars. And he has pledged to give it $100 million more.



Obama Is ‘Not Unsettled’ By Hillary’s Conduct At State

Of course Obama isn’t unsettled. He signed off on the Russian uranium deal, too.

From the Washington Examiner:

Obama not ‘unsettled’ by Clinton’s conduct at State

By Brian Hughes | April 23, 2015

The White House Thursday said President Obama had no reason to be "unsettled" by allegations that Hillary Clinton used her former post as the nation’s top diplomat to benefit her family’s charitable organization.

Would it be too cynical to wonder if Obama didn’t finally announce the two botched drone attacks from three months ago just to divert from the news of the Russians buying 20% of the US’s uranium capacity? Not to save Hillary. But to save his own skin.

After all, Obama also had to sign off on the Russian deal.



22 Clinton Donors Got State Dept Awards From Hillary

We’re sure this was just a coincidence. By the way, how many of these award winners also gave Bill $500,000 a pop for his speeches?

From the Washington Examiner:

Many Clinton charity donors also got State Department awards under Hillary

By Sarah Westwood | April 23, 2015

Twenty-two of the 37 corporations nominated for a prestigious State Department award — and six of the eight ultimate winners — while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State were also donors to the Clinton family foundation.

The published donor records of the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation don’t give exact dates or amounts of its contributors —

Isn’t that kind of odd for a tax exempt foundation? (And maybe even illegal?)

But it is possible to create a general timeline for when many of the corporations donated and when they were either nominated or selected for the award.


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Politico: Obama Now Has The US In At Least Five Wars

What’s this? Is Obama going to have to give back his Nobel Peace Prize?

From a suddenly sitting up and taking notice Politico:

World War O

Obama took office vowing to end America’s wars. Now we’re in at least five, and U.S. officials are unsure what to do about it.

By Michael Crowley | April 23, 2015

President Barack Obama’s expression of remorse on Thursday for the death of two hostages in a U.S. drone strike underscored one of the great frustrations of his presidency: His dream of extricating the U.S. from messy foreign conflicts remains just that.

Are we sure that was Obama’s dream? We suspect that his real goal was to make America’s foreign policy as ‘messy’ as possible. In order to prove that we no longer can be, nor should be, the ‘the world’s policeman.’

Obama pledged in his 2013 inaugural address that “a decade of war is now ending,” but the numbers suggest otherwise.


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WH: Congress Has Important Oversight Role On Drones

Funny, but we distinctly remember the White House leaking to the New York Times that Obama alone made up the drone ‘kill list.’

First, from the Agence France Presse:

US drone war under scrutiny after botched strike

By Dan De Luce | April 23, 2015

President Barack Obama’s admission that a US drone strike accidentally took the lives of two hostages has raised fresh questions about the limits and the risks of the country’s "targeted killing" campaign… [T]he botched strike revealed that the US had no idea an American aid worker, Warren Weinstein, and an Italian humanitarian, Giovanni Lo Porto, were in the same compound as Al-Qaeda militants when the drone raid was launched in January.

The White House also admitted that US intelligence was flawed for another drone strike at about the same time, which killed two US citizens who were Al-Qaeda operatives but who Washington did not know were present…

Gee, why would that be?



Obama Warns About Climate, Colleges Give Condoms

Someone needs to tell Obama that Bill Clinton must have solved the problem of global warming 18 years ago. Since the earth’s temperature has not gone up since then.

From an unquestioning Washington Post:

Obama issues stark warning on climate change in South Florida on Earth Day

By David Nakamura and Chris Mooney | April 23, 2015

EVERGLADES NATIONAL PARK, Fla. — Missing was the usual crowd of supporters behind him and the red-white-and-blue bunting of a typical presidential rally. When President Obama arrived at this federally protected tropical wetlands Wednesday, he took his place at a lectern with only a vast, marshy field as a backdrop…

And only a handful of people in the audience. Most of whom were federal and state employees who had to be there.


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Obama Won’t Help Americans In Yemen, But CAIR Will

Obama moved heaven and earth to get back a deserter. But he won’t help these Americans trapped in Yemen?

From Bloomberg:

Americans Trapped in Yemen? U.S. Says ‘Good Luck’

By Josh Rogin | April 22, 2015

The announced end of Saudi Arabia’s bombing campaign in Yemen may provide a window for thousands of U.S. citizens to leave the war-torn nation. Yet the State Department shows no sign it will begin rescuing the thousands of Yemeni-Americans there, drawing ire from the Arab-American community.

For weeks, the Obama administration has maintained that using U.S. government resources to evacuate its citizens in the middle of the Yemeni crisis would be too dangerous for the U.S. personnel sent to help  as well as for the citizens themselves.

How many lives were lost trying to get back a known deserter?



Daily Beast Claims The Left Thinks Hillary Is ‘A Phony’

You see? Hillary is actually a moderate. Just like Bill Clinton was actually a ‘conservative’ Democrat.

From the Daily Beast:

Left to Hillary: You’re a Phony

By David Freedlander | April 22, 2015

Try as she may, Hillary Clinton has a long way to go before the left wing of the Democratic Party embraces her as their own. Liberals have spent much of the past year trying to pull Hillary Clinton to the left, even betting behind a phantom Elizabeth Warren candidacy to exert pressure on her.

What a laugh. Diane Rodham (her preferred name as a youth) was penning love notes to Saul Alinsky while Elizabeth Warren was still in her papoose.

But now that Clinton in the early going of her campaign sounds a lot like the senator from Massachusetts, progressives should be pretty pleased.


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Hillary Camp Says The GOP Is Politicizing Benghazi

Our media guardians are focusing on the real news of the day. The Republicans are once again over-reaching. They are even trying to politicize Benghazi!

First, there is this via NewsBusters:

Top Clinton Foundation Donor May Have Violated Iran Sanctions; Networks Ignore

By Curtis Houck | April 23, 2015

On Saturday, Newsweek reported that the number one donor to the Clinton Foundation “may be in breach of US sanctions” on Iran due to his business dealings with the authoritarian regime in his capacity as the billionaire head of a Ukrainian pipe-making business. Since the article went public, the “big three” of ABC, CBS, and NBC have yet to even acknowledge this new development…

The Clinton Foundation scandal is not the only one being skipped by the liberal media.



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