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1.8B Barrel Oilfield Found In Afghanistan

From a concerned Reuters:

Afghanistan says finds 1.8 billion barrel oilfield

By Sayed Salahuddin – Sun Aug 15, 2010

KABUL (Reuters) – Afghanistan said on Sunday it had discovered an oilfield with an estimated 1.8 billion barrels in the north of the war-ravaged country, where U.S. and other foreign forces are trying to tame a Taliban-led insurgency.

The discovery of the basin between northern Balkh and Shiberghan provinces was made after a survey conducted by Afghan and international geologists, said Jawad Omar, a spokesman for the ministry of mines.

"I do not know its price in the market. But the initial survey says there are 1.8 billion barrels of oil and I think there will be more than what it is estimated," he told Reuters.

Various estimates of Afghanistan’s hidden wealth have been made in recent years, but the challenge of exploiting the resources in a country at war and with little mining infrastructure is daunting for most investors.

Omar gave no more details on how the estimates were made but said the country will offer the reserves for development along with other minerals in the coming months.

Afghanistan hopes that untapped mineral deposits valued at $3 trillion could help reduce the need to rely on Western cash for bankrolling its impoverished economy and for its soldiers to maintain security when foreign troops draw down numbers…

Yes, the fact that Afghanistan is sitting upon $3 trillion dollars worth of mineral wealth will certainly stop outside countries from trying encroach on that country once we leave.

But don’t worry. As with the rest of their recently discovered mineral treasures, the US will take a hands off policy about this oil. Just like we have done in Iraq.

After all, we don’t want to get in the way of our good friends, the Chinese and the Russians.

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14 Responses to “1.8B Barrel Oilfield Found In Afghanistan”

  1. proreason says:

    Peak Oil.

    Arriving any day now.

  2. jobeth says:

    As Steve said…we’ll continue to take hands off.

    The Taliban will probably try to capture the area, and since we will continue to create pathways for our “friends”
    we will continue to lose lives for what?

    Sorry, I get the war…IF we allow our soldiers to do their job. But that won’t happen and it irks me that we are losing our guys and gals in vain.

    We don’t drill our own oil anymore…of course. We are allowing the dismantling of the gulf oil fields. We have shut down Anwar…mustn’t disturb non existent moose in the area. (or actually compete with middle eastern oil)

    Ummm, sounds like yet one more way to cause America to be denuded of her superpower status.

    Once she is gone…there is no hope for anyone, anywhere.

    The bad guys then fully own the world.

  3. BannedbytheTaliban says:

    It would seems the Russians already knew of both of these reserves back in the 80s. Why else would they have wasted so much blood and treasure on what would otherwise be a worthless piece of dirt?

  4. bronzeprofessor says:

    The deeper we get into this, the less excited I feel about fighting this war. Sorry to say it so bluntly. But there it is.

    • jobeth says:

      Hey BP…long time…

      I think its all in who’s got the reins and what their goal is concerning this Afghanistan war.

      Who knows what our “dear leader” has as his goal?

      Bush made a ton of mistakes…but you could be assured his reasoning made sense where the military was concerned.

      Warts and all…I truly miss him.

    • bronzeprofessor says:

      Hi Jobeth, yes thanks for the shout out. I think Bush will make a comeback in the history books. Hope all is well in cali with you! Check out my blog when you get the chance (just click on my name here.) I am writing a lot more about culture these days instead of politics.

    • proreason says:

      bp, if I were you, I would stick to culture issues, and I wouldn’t ever post anything about military affairs or anything to do with islam, here or elsewhere. I would also never touch the issue of homosexuallity or race in any regard. I think you will be setting youself up for some big problems. You are smart enough to avoid red flags as far as the government goes, but it wouldn’t surprise me to hear that Media Matter or their numerous offshoots doesn’t one day take take it upon themselves to “expose” people like yourself, which, of course, means that they would try to destroy you. Their excuse will be that you are an official of the US government.

      And I am deeply embarrassed for our country to feel compelled to say so.

    • jobeth says:

      BP…Nice page! I took a peek and tried to leave a message but its been so long since I’ve used my google email I’ve forgotten my PW…So I’ll just tell you here.

      I agree with Pro…You are brave enough to allow your name on your page…the left would love to get you under their thumb. We want you safe…”grin”.

      Still…visit every so often…we miss you!

      BTW…I’m only a swamp wader from Fla…haven’t lived in Cali for years. :-D

    • bronzeprofessor says:

      Hi Jo & Pro, I don’t think there’s much to expose in my case. Media Matters is probably more worried about high profile fish to fry, and I don’t have any extreme views I’d be ashamed to air. I am staunchly opposed to racism of all kinds and support gay rights. I also am not virulently opposed to Barack Obama. I’m curious though, what do you envision as the worst that could happen to someone?

    • jobeth says:

      BP…with progressives one never knows. Perhaps nothing at all.

      But then they may pick one person to make an example of, if too many people are locking on to an idea or concept…Look at the little guy just trying to sell his wares when the purple goon squad got violent to scare him off…as well as warn anyone else off. Remember this was a black man…albeit a conservative one. This is but one example. One day he’s a nobody… botheriing no one…the next day he’s black and blue and the center of the day’s news…all for daring to do something the progressives don’t like.

      And then there is always the tax audits…for years to come.

      Don’t forget that progressives are sure to have a few hackers in their little tool bag. Working with a laptop…wireless? There are so many ways to get into your private info. Enough to cause you years of aggro…ID theft etc.

      Look at what they’ve done to Sarah Palin…and her daughter! Poor kid…all she did was be born to her family…but she was a great target to tell other mothers to pipe down.

      They won’t “kill” anyone at our level, but with you being military we need to remember that there are enough scumbags out there to know not everyone in the military are brave and honest…see leakapedia.

      If nothing else it will keep you busy enough to neutralize you. And be an example.

      So….maybe nothing…or maybe any number of things to divert our attentions. It’ better if they can somehow get it on TV like the guy selling his wares…sends a message.

      May God keep you save while on duty…and off.

      You are so honest you are too easy to get to ID for your thoughts by the progressive left.

      Just my humble opinion. Pro…your thoughts?

    • proreason says:

      You’re probably right bp.

      Iwon’s famous tolerance for opposing views and Soros Inc’s respect for the American military will make servicemen dissidents like youself immune from any harassment when the re-education centers are opened.

  5. oldpuppydixie says:

    Which means Hussein will spend American tax dollars to drill for it, process it and sell it, while turning all of the profits over to Afghanistan!!!

  6. pamypo says:

    Does mean that Obama’s “good war” is for oil?

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