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1 Dead, 2 Injured In Hamas “Victory Parade”

From France’s AFP:

Gaza: 1 dead, 2 injured in Hamas victory parade


One Palestinian was killed and two others injured when masked gunmen opened fire during a Hamas victory parade in Gaza Friday.

Hundreds of Palestinians participated in the parade.

Somehow the headline just seems all too emblematic.

In other regional news from the Associated Press:

Hamas Offers Amnesty to Fatah Leaders

Friday June 15, 2007


GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) – On its first day of full rule in Gaza, the Islamic militant Hamas on Friday granted amnesty to Fatah leaders, signaling that it seeks conciliation with the defeated forces of moderate Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas…

Gazans awoke to the new reality of Hamas control Friday, fraught with uncertainty and fear that they’ll become even poorer and more isolated. Gaza’s crossings with Egypt and Israel – lifelines for the fenced-in territory – have been closed this week, and it was not clear if they would reopen. Extended closure could quickly lead to a humanitarian crisis.

A Hamas spokesman said Palestinian police, now under Hamas command, would take up positions at the crossings, but it’s unlikely Israel would acquiesce to such a deployment, after Hamas militants frequently attacked the passages in the past.

The Palestinian territories are in effect split in two. Gaza is now controlled by Hamas, which has close ties to Syria and Iran. The more populous West Bank, with about 2 million residents to Gaza’s 1.4 million, is dominated by the more moderate Fatah, which has ties to Israel and the West…

Yes, we must rush in humanitarian aid (money) to avoid any possible crisis.

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