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Thousands Line Up For Subsidized Housing

From a tear soaked Miami Herald:

Thousands in Fort Lauderdale line up for shot at affordable housing


The hope that drove thousands to sleep outside overnight in Fort Lauderdale to apply for subsidized housing turned to outrage Saturday morning as throngs were sent home empty-handed, even though some applications were still available.

Authorities were stocked with 3,000 housing applications at the Robert P. Kelley building on West Sunrise Boulevard and Northwest Fifth Street.

But more than 5,000 arrived hours earlier than expected and began pushing against metal guardrails and police when an announcement came that there were not enough documents to go around.

"There are no more applications," a Fort Lauderdale police officer called out over a megaphone at 8:15 a.m. "Your presence here is a waste of your time."

In fact, 200 applications were still available when officials sent everyone home, according to Tam English, executive director of the Fort Lauderdale Housing Authority.

That infuriated those who showed up at the advertised 7 a.m. opening only to learn they were too late.

"What kind of mess is this?" said Betty Outlaw, who arrived about 6:45 a.m. with two nieces. Unemployed and living with her sister, Outlaw stood in line anyway.

"Every one of us is struggling," she said. "Cheap rent would help a lot. I feel like they tricked us. Don’t put our hopes up and then step on us."

Thousands of men, women and children in line began jostling for better positions before sunrise. One person was arrested for trespassing, according to Sgt. Frank Sousa, a police spokesman. Three people suffered minor injuries and one pregnant woman, reporting labor pains, was taken to a hospital, said Fort Lauderdale city spokesman Matt Little…

The applications are part of the federal Section 8 subsidy program in which applicants with low incomes spend only 30 percent of their monthly wages on housing. The housing authority pays the remaining rent.

English said the Department of Housing and Urban Development will pick 2,500 of the filled-out applications, which will then be assigned a number at random during a lottery. The first on the list will likely be called in three to six months. The last could wait more than two years.

He said it has not been decided how or whether the remaining applications will be made available.

Veronica Lindsay was one of thousands who arrived before midnight.

Walking away from the center with a gold-colored voucher in hand and a lawn chair slung around her shoulder, the 25-year-old cosmetologist and mother of two said she can’t afford the $1,200 monthly rent on her apartment.

While she said it may seem a little excessive to wait 10 hours in 55-degree temperatures for a chance simply to make a waiting list, the potential of finding cheaper housing made enduring the hectic line worth it.

There is always hope,” she said.

For many, optimism turned to frustration as the night wore on.

By 5 a.m., people began to push and shove, leading to scuffles, according to Olivia Fears, a Bradenton woman who drove to Fort Lauderdale Friday night.

"I didn’t know the line would be like this," she said, tucking an application into her purse as officers warned that someone may try to steal the document. "I’m relieved, but I’ll feel better when I get a letter that I have been accepted."

After the crowd left, Northwest Fifth Avenue was littered with McDonalds bags, Gatorade bottles, strollers, plastic lawn chairs, coolers and comforters — enough to fill three dumpsters, English said.

Teddy Jacobs, a 27-year-old, unemployed Miami Gardens man stood across the street without an application and watched in disappointment.

"It was crazy," said Jacobs, who along with his wife and their 2-month-old baby, is basically homeless. "People were pushing. I thought it was unorganized."

Yet another entry in the annals of the triumph of the indomitable human spirit.

Remember, unemployment has rocketed up from 5% (full employment) to a staggering 7%.

Surely all of these people simply could not find work and had no other options but to get government housing.

After the crowd left, Northwest Fifth Avenue was littered with McDonalds bags, Gatorade bottles, strollers, plastic lawn chairs, coolers and comforters — enough to fill three dumpsters, English said.

Alas, that pretty much says it all.

This article was posted by Steve on Sunday, February 22nd, 2009. Comments are currently closed.

30 Responses to “Thousands Line Up For Subsidized Housing”

  1. brad says:

    How many times have I read about some sort government filing somewhere, (black) people show up early, shove each other around (they like to cut in front of other people a lot), run out of applications, the police disperse the crowd, people are angry, yadda yadda…. Can’t black people wait in line properly like everyone else? Remember the Christmas Wal*Mart crush?

    Yeesh! Sometimes they be actin’ worse den animals!

    • Steve says:

      Other reports about this incident noted that the same thing happened just a few years ago when they tried to pass out applications.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      Careful…careful….you might get ol’ uncle Al’s attention with that “animals” reference.

      But to answer your questions:
      No, they cannot. And yes, I do remember and somehow, it all fits.

  2. Confucius says:

    Do you think these people are mad at Obama? After all, this is a federal program.

    And don’t forget, He did get Henrietta Hughes a home.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      No, no….Clearly this is *sigh* once again, Bush’s fault. See, W SHOULD have stopped the democrats from fronting such a candidate. He SHOULD have told them they must not do that. He SHOULD have see, cuz he was the president and could do that. See?

      How could THEY let them trick us like dat?

      THEY should have known this was comin’

      THEY are to blame. THEY THEY THEY!!!!!!!

      (it’s not MY fault)

  3. nascarnation says:

    I thought Obama was going to pay everybody’s gas & mortgage?
    I think Florida has a RINO governor, all this must be his fault……..

  4. proreason says:

    We are the descendents of giants who set a continent free.
    Our forefathers are the only people to free another with their own blood.
    Our grandparents arose from poverty to save the world and locked arms for 50 years to save it again.
    Our uncles and aunts bled in Vietnam and Iraq to set tens of millions of people free.

    Our hands show the labor of decades.
    We are the ones whose word is bond. We have paid for our homes. Our creditors are whole.
    We built the enterprises that feed our countrymen.
    We love our children by teaching right from wrong, and justice and honor.
    We love our country and obey its laws.
    We live honorable lives, worship God, love our families and protect the weak.
    We pay our taxes, serve when asked, and support our government.
    We live humbly to secure our familys’ futures.
    We invest in an America that we have trusted always to be fair and honest.
    We have given our time and resources to people less fortunate than ourselves.
    We pay attention to the world and the challenges that change brings to our shores.

    But we are not blind.

    We saw a fool ushered through events of 3 lifetimes in 2 months, and emerge with the power of a god.
    We see him treat the honor he was given as if it were a throne.
    We see a government of charlatans and cheats who care for nothing but their own power and wealth.
    We see a government that lies to us and confiscates our belongings to pacify the dishonest.
    We see our futures devastated by transfers of the fruits of our work to unworthy neighbors.
    We see true neighbors lose their work, their homes and their prospects through unexplained events.
    We see our parents impoverished and doomed in their failing years to poverty.
    We see insurmountable debts for our children and their children and theirs.

    We hold our Constitution is the framework that enables our freedom and our prosperity.
    We see the sly portrayal of that work of genius as flawed and obsolete.
    We see talking heads proclaim that Night is Day, that Up is Down, and that Wrong is Right
    We hear the braying calls to silence our voices.

    We are coming to the Crossing soon.

    In the forest, we hear the footsteps of honorable men.
    In the valleys, we see proud women with burdens they should not have to carry.
    In the river we see the sly and gleaming eyes.
    In the reeds we hear the hungry breath.
    But we are strong.
    We are righteous.
    We are together.
    And we are armed.

    Night is not Day.
    Up is not Down.
    And Wrong is not Right.

    We will cross the river.

    • brad says:

      Exactly. I WAS a flag-waving Republican, but more and more in my life, I have become so disgusted with just about everything the government touches turns to crap! Why would I pretend our nation isn’t hopelessly broken anymore?

      I can see why Republicans stayed home last November, SO DID I! I don’t care enough about American to convince people to save it. Let it fall. I now root for the evil person hell-bent on taking over American and the world—GOOD! you can have it–it’s so broken, no one wants to stop you. It’s all yours. Let the leftists and the Islamists collide head-on.

    • MinnesotaRush says:

      Proreason …. Simply and sincerely ..Thank You!!! I salute your words and embrace the sentiment! May God Bless us, all!

      p.s. I’m headed to a town hall meeting here in town this week .. may I take and share your words with that gathering?

    • proreason says:

      MR, thanks for your kind words. I’d be honored if you shared my thought with others. That’s why I wrote them down.

    • Colonel1961 says:

      Truly exquisite, PR. And worthy of print – hope you send it to your local paper, as well.

  5. MinnesotaRush says:

    I’m wondering (not) if these folks invest as much energy in looking for work???

    “Every one of us is struggling,” she said. “Cheap rent would help a lot. I feel like they tricked us. Don’t put our hopes up and then step on us.” …

    “Tricked us” .. “tricked us” .. Everybody else can go without that “cheap rent” so long as they’re subsidizing ours and not “trickin” us (I guess). The arrogance of this ingrained entitlement posture and sickness continues to be absolutely extreme and bizaare!

    Guess their (insatiable) HOPE’s got smashed right before it got stepped on – see no CHANGE either. Bwah wah wah!

    Of course their entitlement belief is only matched by their uncanny ability to demonstrate just how ungrateful they are for any of it. To wit:
    “After the crowd left, Northwest Fifth Avenue was littered with McDonalds bags, Gatorade bottles, strollers, plastic lawn chairs, coolers and comforters — enough to fill three dumpsters, English said.”

    • 1sttofight says:

      If I had a wife and young baby to look out for, you damned right I would be out looking( and not just looking, FINDING) for a job( or 2 or 3) instead of a handout.

      The world and the US TAXPAYER DOES NOT OWE YOU A LIVING.

      Another thing, don’t get married and have kids until you can provide for them.


  6. Kilmeny says:

    I think that just the fact that people left behind as garbage such things as comforters, strollers, coolers and chairs perfectly demonstrates why they “struggle” with rent.

    • curvyred says:

      I thought that as well.

      Everything is disposable to these people

      I guess that is what happens when you haven’t had to work hard to provide for things for yourself and your family – nothing holds meaning or respect.

  7. proreason says:

    “”It was crazy,” said Jacobs, who along with his wife and their 2-month-old baby, is basically homeless. “People were pushing. I thought it was unorganized.”

    But I thought we elected an organizer to the Presidency?

    Was he on vacation again yesterday?.

  8. GuppyNblue says:

    I’m betting that the majority of these folks have no plan in life and will always expect a government handout. Unfortunately, I started life in the welfare wastelands and know that reality has little to do with what the media portrays. The harm it does far outweighs any perceived benefit. Right now I’m working two jobs and very grateful for them.

    BTW, those last 200 hundred applications were probably reserved for Charlie Rangel.

    • Steve says:

      “BTW, those last 200 hundred applications were probably reserved for Charlie Rangel.”

      Good one!

      But what this article fails to make clear is that the remaining applications were not passed out because the crowd had become too unruly and the police had to close everything down.

      Which is pretty ironic.

      But a minor detail that should have been mentioned in all of the reports, I think.

    • Howard Roark says:

      But a minor detail that should have been mentioned in all of the reports, I think. Of course, you’re correct, SG. But how would that decision get made with the current crop of cowards and sanctimonious fools we know as “editors”, “program directors”, and “producers” in the offices of practically ALL of America’s newsrooms?

  9. 12 Gauge Rage says:

    If the selection process does indeed take months and years to let the applicants know they have a home, and these applicants are lazy enough to do nothing but wait for it to happen, then I say these people deserve nothing but the sloppy, mediocre seconds that life tosses their way. You will live in the reality you create for yourself.

  10. Icarus says:

    This is what the Miami Herald distinguishes as a line-up?

    If this paper was at all concerned with truth; even in the slightest – as it is in this case; the headline line should have read…

    Thousands in Fort Lauderdale jostle for shot at affordable housing

    If the MH can’t be honest with trivialities even when our own eyes can discern; what are they in Business for?

    Oh that’s right… never mind!

  11. pinandpuller says:

    That looks like a perfect opportunity to film another zombie movie.

    I remember delivering pizzas to the “projects” in Tennessee. Things really picked up the first of every month. Every door jamb looked like it had been kicked in at one time or another. But hey, everyone had a really nice car except me.

  12. canary says:

    I thought this was a protest in the middle east, at first glance. My next thought was this will no doubt be on the front cover of middle-eastern news, warning middle-easterns of life in the U.S. What I would like to see is Americans come out in numbers and peacefully protesting for the next 4 years. Ollah Obama has halted Bushs measure for the right to have firearms in National Parks. Who is going to camp in a National Park, when the bandits wait til dark, slaughtering unarmed families. Ollah Obama is as the democrats brag working fast and swifter then any president. When Holden makes a historical statement that “we are cowards” it reminds me of the terrorists constantly calling their people cowards for not killing Americans. If we don’t keep up in speed, strength, and numbers, for the next 4 years, then we can expect a new America that won’t stand.

    • Steve says:

      “I thought this was a protest in the middle east, at first glance.”

      What is odd (or maybe not so odd), is that photos of this are very few and far between.

      There are none on the wire services. And very few on the local news sites.

      Even though there was obviously plenty of video footage.

      But if you go to the Miami Herald — linked at the top — you can see a slide show.

      It’s quite appalling.

    • Howard Roark says:

      Honestly, just glancing at the pics on the Herald’s site…I first thought, “UN food drop for Haitian refugees.”

      It wasn’t that encouraging for our society as a whole, methinks. How do you teach a person who refuses to learn the simplest of concepts like courtesy and “no pushing when you’re an adult”? For having been on this continent for 400 years, observing how these things produce what is known as a civilized society, one would think that more recent cultures/races to America would be far behind them, but it isn’t even close, is it?

      Everyone here gets it, though. At least we aren’t alone.

  13. jrmcdonald says:

    Give these folks thoese FEMA trailers from Katrina…

  14. rightrules says:

    Can’t…..the original deatbeats are STILL using them.
    And probably will for at least another year!

  15. navymom says:

    I’m confused. I was taught, by my parents, that slavery was a hideous thing. Television tells me it was all the “white man’s” fault the black man was enslaved, conveniently leaving out the fact that it was Africans that sold them to the slave traders to begin with, but that is a different story. Why then are many black people running with arms wide open, yelling and screaming, tearing each other apart, back to slavery? The Massa (Government) controls where you live, (Government subsidized housing, the projects), how much food you can have each month (EBT cards/food stamps), how much money you can have each month,(disability, SSI, Welfare or whatever government check you choose to sit on the porch and wait for), the standard of education you receive and we all know how poor that is in the inner cities so essentially he is keeping you too dumb to move out. Basically, Massa is controlling every aspect of your life and keeping you on “the plantation”. If slavery was so bad, why are they embracing it now? All of this is being pushed by so called black “leaders” such as Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, Obama, etc. If any of you reading this are black, please, I am interested in your opinion. I don’t mean this to be racist. I realize that not all who are on the government subsistence are black. I personally have family members who receive some of these “benefits”, although for the life of me I can’t see the benefits of this type of life. I am honestly concerned about this. Not only are you enslaving yourself, you are taking the entire country with you. I am constantly hearing the gap between poor blacks and rich whites is getting wider. Ever stop to consider that it might be because so many blacks (certainly not all) choose to live off what the Massa doles out? He only gives you enough to keep you coming back each month. He will NEVER give you enough to get ahead. Not only are you dooming yourself to a life of poverty, you are dooming you children, their children, and their children, etc.
    As a white person looking in, I honestly don’t think your so called black “leaders’ have your best interest as their priority. Why then do they do this to their own people? Votes, power! They are using you to get what they want. Massa gets ahead off the backs of the “slaves”. You seem to be getting poorer and they are getting richer. Since the black leadership is pushing it so forcefully, I’m curious how they are going to blame it on the white population? Though I’m sure they will find a way. I already know how they will make the working population (of all races) pay for the “unfairness”….more taxes. That will lead to fairness? Once we are all taxed in to equal poorness, then that will be fair? I have a novel idea. How about we all work and earn our own way. It took a war to stop slavery in this country one time. Can’t it be stopped with common sense this time??? A rising tide raises all boats. An ebbing tide strands all boats. PLEASE!!! Wake up and educate yourself. Don’t enslave your self. Get off the plantation before it’s too late. Those who think Obama is their Messiah…. there are only a few short letter changes from Messiah to Massa!!!!!

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