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1000s Of UK Students Protest Tuition Hike

From an outraged (at the British government) Associated Press:

Demonstrators attack the windows of Millbank Tower, housing the headquarters of the Conservative Party, during a protest in London Wednesday Nov. 10, 2010, against an increase in university tuition fees.

Thousands of UK students protest tuition fees hike

By Jill Lawless [sic] And Gillian Smith, Associated Press
November 10, 2010

LONDON – Tens of thousands of students marched noisily through London on Wednesday against plans to triple university tuition fees, and some tried to occupy the headquarters of the governing Conservative Party, in the largest street protest yet against the government’s sweeping austerity measures.

Organizers said 50,000 students, lecturers and supporters were demonstrating against plans to raise the cost of studying at a university to 9,000 pounds ($14,000) a year — three times the current rate.

Talk about hitting the left ‘where they live.’ Just like in our country, these universities are the left’s factory.

Violence flared as a handful of people smashed windows in a high-rise building that houses Conservative headquarters, as others lit a bonfire of placards outside the building.

Office workers were evacuated as several dozen protesters managed to get into the lobby, chanting "Tories Out," while outside police faced off against a crowd that occasionally hurled food, soda cans and placards

"Soda cans"? That sounds like a hate crime.

Still, what is wrong with these kids? Whatever happened to the tradition of occupied the buildings on campus and burning them down?

"We will not tolerate the previous generation passing on its debts to the next, nor will we pick up the bill to access a college and university education that was funded for them," said union president Aaron Porter


While British tuition fees are modest compared to those at some U.S. colleges, British universities are public institutions. Opponents of the tuition increase have pointed out that Prime Minister David Cameron and other members of the government attended elite universities such as Oxford and Cambridge at a time when university education was free.

Earth to students: it was never "free."

The previous Labour government of Prime Minister Tony Blair introduced the first fees for students soon after it was elected in 1997. Scotland abolished tuition fees in 2000, and in the rest of Britain the cost is capped at about 3,000 pounds ($4,800) a year

Here’s a thought. Maybe Britain’s government funded colleges and universities should be privatized. That way these little darlings would never run the risk of being overcharged by the bastions of socialist thinking.

After all, you would never catch Harvard or Yale overcharging their students.

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12 Responses to “1000s Of UK Students Protest Tuition Hike”

  1. spudmom says:

    My son is attending University of Edinburgh and we pay nearly $20,000. His dorm mates from Scotland attend for free. They spend their time partying and have no plan for why they are there, other than getting away from parents.
    On the other hand, my son is studying like crazy so he can get a BS/MS in 4 years. I hope the dollar doesn’t drop so much that we can no longer afford to send him.

    • Liberals Demise says:

      For the love of Christ……..wait………….a local School of Islam will help you out.
      You are being taken over and you know it! But hey, if we have a dollar left, our gubbamint will send it to some climate warming area where you will never notice it was sent there. Hell……we are still in the ‘Summer of Recovery’.
      Much luck to you and yours.

  2. Petronius says:

    Not only is tuition at British universities heavily subsidized by the taxpayers, but also rooms and meals as well. Each student is assigned to a private room at a cost of about £75 ($120) per week, or £80 to £100 ($130-160) for a room with en suite bathroom. The room price includes utilities, internet, and cleaning. Meals cost only a few pounds, and are all-you-can-eat cafeteria style on most days.

    No student has to pay tuition while he is studying at university, but can defer payment until graduation. Student loans are available from the government at generous terms for tuition, rooms, and living costs.

    For the British taxpayer, the real outrage is that these subsidized rates also extend to international students from the European Union. On the other hand, however, British nationals who live outside the UK or EU must pay full international rates, which are extremely high. As in the USA, scholarships are widely available for non-white students.

  3. tranquil.night says:

    Socialism at work.

  4. BannedbytheTaliban says:

    Other outlets have pictures of the little bastards carrying pre-printed signs from “socialist workers.” Where ever there is unrest in the western world, there are always communists.

  5. canary says:

    could happen here. Obama has 2 years to hand out free pot to students so they become docile, and don’t notice they didn’t anything he promised. Free computers & internet for each student. How about the software? Obama and his wife milked paying back their student loans til he ran for President. He got free private schools, scholarships, pot, drugs, and loans, and he still came out bitter.

  6. Media_man says:

    Higher education costs are a serious issue in the US. Average student loan balances for graduating seniors are now running @ $25k, with a comatose job market and a dim liklihood of obtaining employment.

    If the objective of higher education is specialized knowledge in a given field, it would seem in the age of internet based training, there is a much cheaper way to learn than brick & morter colleges. There isn’t a subject taught in classrooms that can’t be done better online for a fraction of the cost. I’ve taken internet based courses from my local community college on a variety of technical subject like Dreamweaver (HTML programming), Visual Basic for Applications, etc. that cost under $100. These type of courses at a standard university run $3,000, which teenages finance thru student loans. It’s a ripoff and needs to end.

    You can study all of this stuff for dirt cheap. Some college professors might have to find some honest work but to hell with them.

    • Liberals Demise says:

      But mummy and doddy want to give their offspring a taste of pardy hardy where T & A with puff, puff, pass are the true studies of the times. There in the U.K. I have to ask the question……WHY? For what?
      Bust your ass and pay for the immigrants well being and the overthrow of the Crown. (at $20,000,00 per)

    • canary says:

      Media_man, are you saying that colleges give courses on the internet which give credits towards a degree? What kind of colleges offer this, what kind of classes.

      Our public schools in my town are perfect examples to show children the diffrence between socialism and communism. Here it’s communism. Like former Soviet Union.

    • Media_man says:

      Canary, community colleges typically offer 3 credit course in the $400 per course range ($133 / credit hour) for classes that are every bit as good as what is taught at private colleges for $4000 (w/ room & board figured in).

      These courses are offered on the internet & count toward a degree.

      The $100 courses I refer to are technical training (i.e. – computer programming) which I have actually taken.

      However, any subject could be taught online at a fraction of the brick & mortar school cost.

      The market place (i.e. – all of us) needs to decide what is more important: letting people earn college degrees without incurring massive debts or maintaining universities w/ public money via the student loan scam so some college professors & administrators can make a comfortable living doing nothing useful.

    • canary says:

      Media Man, thank you. The few Computer classes in my towns highschool are worthless smokescreens where the children are forced to perform community service for their grades.
      The public schools have high school computer classes but they are very expensive; as much as attending a private school.

  7. NoNeoCommies says:

    Pull every face you can from video of the protests and pull in the people ID’d breaking the law.
    Tell them “No College for you!” and send them on their selfish, infantile, ignorant way.

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