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100K Revive Moscow May Day, Putin To Go To Crimea

From the Associated Press:

100,000 march as Moscow revives May Day tradition

May 1, 2014

MOSCOW (AP) — About 100,000 people have marched through Red Square to celebrate May Day, the first time the annual parade has been held on the vast cobblestoned square outside the Kremlin since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991.

In keeping with Soviet-era traditions, Thursday’s parade was organized by trade unions and honored the working man. But it also celebrated Russia’s annexation of Crimea and was seen as part of President Vladimir Putin’s efforts to stoke patriotic feelings.

Marchers held up signs saying "Let’s go to Crimea for vacation" and "Putin is right." Russian flags fluttered through the crowd.

In past years, Communists and others have tried to keep up the May Day tradition with parades and rallies in central Moscow, but their numbers have steadily dwindled.

But, thanks to Obama, Communism is on the march all around the world. For the record,  in 1958 President Eisenhower proclaimed May 1 to be Law Day in the US. as a counter to the Communist May Day. Law Day was meant to reflect on the role of law in the foundation of our country and to recognize its importance for our society. But it rings a little hollow now, again thanks to Obama.

Meanwhile, Putin is planning another parade in Crimea.

From the Agence France Presse:

Putin ‘to visit Crimea’ for May 9 military parade

April 30, 2014

Moscow (AFP) – President Vladimir Putin will make his first visit to the Crimean peninsula since Russia annexed the territory in March, reports said Wednesday, in a move to bolster public support amid simmering tensions in Ukraine.

Russian dailies Kommersant and Gazeta.ru reported Putin could attend a May 9 military parade marking victory in World War II in Sevastopol, which hosts the Black Sea fleet…

Russia and the other ex-Soviet states celebrate victory in World War II on May 9. Putin has often used Soviet Union’s World War II victory to boost patriotism and domestic support…

May 9th is called ‘Victory Day’ in Russia. It is celebrated to commemorate the Red Army’s victory over the Nazi forces. It was first inaugurated following the signing of the surrender document on the 9th May (Moscow Time) 1945.

But the modern day thugs in Moscow will never see the irony.

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