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100s Of NY Teamsters To Bus To Wisc

From an approving New York Daily News:

New York’s Teamsters Local 237 to bus in support to union protestors in Wisconsin

By Corky Siemaszko   
Monday, February 21st 2011

The Wisconsin workers who have staged a week-long protest against their union-busting governor are getting some Big Apple reinforcements.

Teamsters Local 237, which represents various city workers, intends to "bus a couple hundred" members to Madison – possibly this week, Deputy Director Pete Gutierrez told The Daily News.

"This governor has awakened a sleeping giant," Gutierrez said of Gov. Scott Walker, a Republican. "We’re going to bring down as many people as possible. It’s an important issue and legitimate cause."

Well, we can easily believe that the teamsters were sleeping, anyway. (Q: How can you tell when a teamster is dead and not just asleep? A: The doughnut rolls out of his hand.)

Don’t these union thugs ‘workers’ ever work? How is it that they have so much time to flit all over the country to protest? Aren’t there snow-covered streets in New York City that need to be ignored in a ‘work stoppage’?

Outside the state capitol, tens of thousands of Wisconsin public workers braved freezing winds and temperatures barely in the 20s march again, waving signs that read "Stop the attack on Wisconsin families" and "Solidarity."

What a testament to the indomitable human spirit that these "public workers" would brave to cold to fight for their princely benefits and retirement plans – paid for by the Wisconsin taxpayers who have no such benefits.

They were fired up some more by guitarist Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine, who declared: "You’re making history here."

Is Mr. Morello a member of the musicians union, the American Federation of Musicians (AFM)?

If not, why not?

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2 Responses to “100s Of NY Teamsters To Bus To Wisc”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    How come there are no organized labor collective bargaining processes among the staff and employees of Law Firms? Can the employees of Unions organize and enter collective bargaining with their employer, the Union? And why can’t “management” of businesses organize and enter into collective bargaining with the Unions? Can farmers organize and enter into collective bargaining with their ultimate customers, the Union members who eat the food they grow? Surely, public employees owe the farmers their right to a proper retirement with full pay and benefits if the public employee is sustained by the fat of the land the farmer provided for him. And then there’s those of us who ranch the meat they eat …

    This is all so confusing to this cornpone country boy.

  2. artboyusa says:

    “Yuh? Local Two Tree Seben; whadda youse wand?”

    “Um, hi. Its Corky Siemaszko from the Daily News. Can I speak with whoever is in charge please?”

    “Dat’s me. Whazzup?”

    “Hello Mr, um, Hoffa. I wonder if…”

    “Hey hey hey! Youse tryin’ ta crack wise wid me, pally?”

    “No, no sir.; not at all. I just understood th\at Mr Hoffa was the…”

    “Look; Jimmy stepped out for lunch and he’ll be back whenever, okay? Until den youse can talk ta me, okay? Da name’s Gutierrez. Depudy Direcdor Pete Gutierrez”.

    “Fine, sir. Good to speak with you. And how are you spelling your name, sir?”

    “Hey hey hey! Don’ youse tryin’ ta trip me up wid no trick quextions, pally. Now, wadda youse wand, huh?”

    “Well, I understand that you’re busing several hundred of your members to Wisconsin to show support for your fellow workers and I wanted to ask a few questions and get some more information for my editor, if that’s okay”.

    “Huh? We are? Oh, okay; yeah, we’re definitely doin’ that. Youse got quextions? Go ahead; axe away”.

    “Well sir, would it be fair to say that events in Wisconsin have awakened a dormant colossus?”


    “A sleeping giant, sir. Its a metaphor”.


    “Metaphor, sir; a figure of speech in which an implied comparison is made between two unlike things that actually have something in common. I’m comparing you to a sleeping giant”.

    “Hey! How’d youse know I was sleepin’? I was on my break! But anyways, yeah, dat’s true, um, what youse said”.

    “And would you say that you’re going to bring down as many people as possible and that it’s an important issue and a legitimate cause, sir?”

    “Um, why yeah Corky I would say dat, yeah”.

    “Thank you, sir. Its good to get your thoughts!”

    “No problemo, pally”.

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