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12 Million May Get Exemptions From Obama-Care

From the Politico:

Exemptions pose another big hurdle for Obamacare

By KYLE CHENEY | October 15, 2013

Think you’re exempt from Obamacare’s individual mandate? Good luck proving it.

The health law’s least popular component — the requirement to obtain insurance or face a tax penalty — also features a lengthy list of exceptions for people facing certain hardships like foreclosure, domestic violence or homelessness. Members of certain religious sects or Native American tribes also are exempt.

But if the online system for getting into Obamacare coverage is rickety, the system for getting out of the mandate doesn’t even exist yet. HHS says it will take another month at least for the administration to finalize the forms.

Notice that the Politico assumes we won’t be offended by all these people being exempted. No, we are supposed to be angry that it’s hard for them to get out, at least at the moment.

The Obama administration estimates that as many as 12 million people will seek exemptions through the federal enrollment system. But if they try now through HealthCare.gov, a customer service representative will tell them that applications aren’t available.

Funny how we have never heard this number before. Ironically, 12 million people might turn out to be a higher number than the number of previously uninsured people who end up being covered via Obama-Care. Which some are saying could be as low as 10 or even 7 million.

To make it even more confusing, not everyone who is exempt from the mandate will have to prove it via the exchange. Millions of people will have straightforward income-related exemptions — for example, low-income people in states that aren’t expanding Medicaid. Their exempt status will get wrapped into their annual tax filing.

Since HHS is not going to verify income, at least for the first year, how many people will be able to avoid the Obama-Care penalty just by lying?

But for those who want to start the exemption process online — or who incorrectly think they have to purchase health insurance or be fined despite their personal circumstances — the lack of a pathway has been another example that critics cite about how the White House bungled the rollout…

That’s no accident. The administration wants as many sign ups as they can get. And they don’t mind misleading people to get them.

There’s another political impact: Some of the people making headlines with critical claims of huge premium spikes and unaffordable policies under Obamacare may actually turn out to be eligible for hardship or affordability exemptions — or may be eligible for a slimmed-down catastrophic coverage plan…

Sure they will.

The Department of Health and Human Services says the exemption application should be posted to HealthCare.gov within weeks — after a 30-day public comment period and a review by budget officials.

And we believe them, too.

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4 Responses to “12 Million May Get Exemptions From Obama-Care”

  1. captstubby says:

    but those who know how to play the game will get it.
    on the other hand…

    the other day, my wifes 71 year old widowed Aunt told us when she applyed for aid to replace her broken furnace, she was denyed because her Gross income was 43 dollars over the poverty level.
    that will teach her that a lifetime of hard work doesen’t pay.

    • Noyzmakr says:

      Years ago a senior citizen that lived just down the street from my mother was arrested for shoplifting a small roast. Later, it was learned that she had swallowed her pride and had that very day applied for Food Stamps, but was denied because her SS check was $13 more than the level required to qualify for the program. The charges were dropped and she moved into her son’s home. He is a lifelong friend of mine who lived out of state at the time, and had no idea his mother was barely getting by. Nobody knew. She was too proud to ask her neighbors for help, but when she did ask the government, they turned their back on her. Her skin was the wrong color.

      These programs don’t exist for those who need them. They exist to repay the people who vote for democrats and the scammers who know how to work the system. All you have to do is look at what happened in Louisiana last weekend.

    • GetBackJack says:

      Damn shame they could speak English

  2. The house needs to stand firm on principles (No exemptions for Obama’s pals and delay of the personal mandate). Standing on principles means little if the polls are in your favor. Short term they are being skewered. If they are able to pull this off, they will be regarded as heroes comparable to Davy Crockett and Sam Bowie at the Alamo.

    The least we can do is help load the muskets.

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