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12 On Dutch Plane Unsophisticated, Not Terrorists

From the "Paper Of Treason," the New York Times

Incident Aboard Plane Not Linked to Terrorism


August 24, 2006

Dutch authorities said today that an incident aboard a Northwest Airlines jet on Wednesday that led to a panicked early landing and the detention of 12 passengers probably had nothing to do with terrorism…

Today, the Dutch Justice Ministry said terrorism does not seem to have been a threat.

“Up until now, it does not appear to be terror related,” the Dutch news agency ANP quoted Justice Minister Piet Hein Donner as saying

As it happened, one of the 149 passengers on Flight 42 was Tim Nelson, the man who tipped off the Federal Bureau of Investigation about Zacarias Moussaoui. Mr. Nelson was a manager at the flight school where Mr. Moussaoui was receiving training at the time of his arrest in Aug. 2001; Mr. Moussaoui has since been convicted of failing to warn American authorities about the Sept. 11 attacks.

Mr. Nelson told McClatchy Newspapers in an interview that it was not clear what was actually happening aboard the plane on Wednesday, as air marshals and the flight crew confronted the suspicious passengers.

He said he could not tell if the crew was responding to a serious threat or “ it was just a misunderstanding, where you had unsophisticated people flying,’’ according to the McClatchy report.

Note that the Dutch Justice Ministry said terrorism "does not appear to be terror related." And that the suspects were confronted by onboard air marshals. And that apparently the suspects are still being held for questioning.

The Times wants to insist on how harmless it all was.

By the way, here is the list of the names of the suspects, from NDTV.com:

List of Detainees:
(1) Mohammad Iqbal Batliwala (2) Noor Mohammad Habeeb Batliwala
(3) Yusru Haji Gaffar Memon (4) Yousuf Mohammad Salman Mohammad
(5) Imran Mohammad Yousuf (6) Shakeel Osman Chhotani
(7) Sohail Abdul Aziz Nizami (8) Ayub Abdul Qadir
(9) Sajid Abdul Qadir (10) Ghulam Mustafa
(11) Mohammad Ayub Khan (12) Mohammad Farooq Hasham

I wonder what they all might have had in common. Besides being all born in Mumbai, India, the scene of last month’s Muslim terrorist bombing of a train.

And all being "unsophisticated," as this article from China's OhmyNews further explains:

'Unsophisticated' passengers with cell phones cause terror scare

2006-08-25 00:21 (KST)

A terror alert over "suspicious behavior" by passengers aboard a passenger flight that returned to its point of departure in Amsterdam escorted by two Dutch F-16 fighter jets appears to have been false and may have been sparked by little more than what one eyewitness called "unsophisticated people" unaware of their alarmingly inappropriate conduct on-board, which included cell-phone use during and after take-off

Just innocents abroad.

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