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1/3 Of DNC Panel Have Donated To Candidate

From, of all places, USA Today:

Donors among those ruling on delegates

More Than a Third of the Committee Deciding Delegate Fate Has Made Campaign Donations

By Fredreka Schouten, USA TODAY

WASHINGTON — More than a third of the Democratic Party committee charged with deciding the fate of Michigan and Florida delegates have donated to the campaigns of Hillary Rodham Clinton or Barack Obama, a USA TODAY analysis shows.

Most of the money more than $23,000 has gone to Clinton, who wants the delegates counted to boost her uphill presidential bid, the analysis shows. Obama has received nearly $6,000.

“It’s another example of the noxious mix of money and politics,” said Ellen Miller, executive director of the Sunlight Foundation watchdog group. “To the general public, it has to be a surprise that people in a position to make such a critical decision are bound by their pocketbooks to particular candidates.”

Donald Fowler, a committee member who has given $1,000 to Clinton, said it was “ridiculous” to suggest his donation would influence him. Fowler, a former party chairman, said the stakes are too high for panel members “to throw away the party’s interests or their own integrity to placate a candidate.”

The Rules and Bylaws panel of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) meets Saturday to decide how to apportion Florida’s 211 delegates and Michigan’s 157…

The 30 panel members are superdelegates. Thirteen have endorsed Clinton; eight back Obama. Nine are undeclared.

Overall, 11 have contributed campaign cash, according to the USA TODAY analysis.

Harold Ickes donated $4,600 to Clinton and serves as her campaign’s chief delegate counter. He said it is hard to expect panelists to disavow their Clinton or Obama connections. “We are a political organization,” he said. “I don’t think you can, in all of America, find 30 Democrats who have not committed to a candidate.”

Allan Katz has donated $2,300 to Obama and is one of his top fundraisers. “We are all Democrats who want to win the White House,” he said…

This is interesting of course.

But the real scandal here is not that these political creatures have given money to the candidates of their choice. That is certainly to be expected.

The real scandal is that so many of the superdelegates have received money from the candidates themselves, through their political action committees.

And, if past reports are accurate, Mr. Obama has given them more money than Mrs. Clinton.

According to that report from February, “since 2005 Obama has given 52 of the undecided superdelegates a total of at least $363,900, while Clinton has given a total of $88,000 to 15 of them.”

And lo and behold Mr. Obama is in the lead among superdelegates.

Of course that may just be a coincidence.

By the way, as we have noted before, (the aptly named) Mr. Ickes, who is now trying to change the rules for his candidate Mrs. Clinton is the selfsame man who wrote the rules to begin with.

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