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1/3rd Of Asylum Seekers Never Appear In Court

From Breitbart:

Asylum Crisis as Mexican Nationals Overwhelm System

By Lee Stranahan | August 13, 2013

According to a report from Eric Holder’s Department of Justice, nearly 1/3 of the immigrants making asylum claims last year who were released on bond or their own recognizance never even bothered to appear in immigration court.

The Executive Office for Immigration Review’s Statisical [sic] Yearbook for 2012 says that number is up sharply, with 66% more no-shows than in 2008.

Why not? The Obama administration wants all the new Democrat voters they can get.

The asylum system appears to be a magnet for abuse by those who make a claim to get into the country and then vanish. As Breitbart News reported, last week one border crossing near San Diego saw a sudden flood of asylum requests that resulted in the checkpoint being shut down.

There is a reason for this sudden uptick in asylum seekers from Mexico. Just the week before the Department Of Homeland Security had granted asylum to nine ‘immigration activists’ from Mexico on the grounds that they had a ‘credible fear’ of prosecution if they returned to Mexico.

As we noted, the surge last week involved many Mexicans who claimed they had a ‘credible fear’ of punishment from the Mexican drug cartels.

The numbers from the DoJ indicate a growing crisis in the system the United States uses to grant asylum to international refugees, as the immigration courts are overwhelmed by cases from Mexican immigrants that rarely result in asylum being granted.

In raw numbers, Mexican immigrants made 9,206 asylum claims in 2012 but were only found by the immigration courts to have 126 claims worthy of being granted.

After the DHS ground-breaking precedent two weeks ago, that number is bound to skyrocket.

Compare those numbers to immigrants from a country like China–often accused of human rights violations–11,197 asylum claims were made, 4,705 of which were granted.

There is no breakdown in the report by nationality for the people who make an asylum claim but don’t bother to show up in court, but in 2012, 29% of all asylum applicants released on bond or their own recognizance were "failure to appears."

The cost in court time for frivolous claims is also staggering. For the past five years, cases involving Mexican immigrants rank #1 in the amount of immigration court cases completed in terms of both normal decisions and appeals…

Over 65% of the asylum cases completed in the immigration courts in 2012 involved nationals from Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador, or Guatemala, with Mexicans being the vast majority of all cases completed at 42%. Additionally, 67% of all immigration court proceeding are completed in Spanish…

Again, the number of asylum seekers from Mexico is now bound to shoot up. Thanks to the DHS ruling.

By the way, would it be wrong to point out that Obama’s Aunt Zeituni has been allowed to stay in the US after courts had ordered her to be deported at least twice, simply by claiming asylum? Ms. Zeituni claimed it would be too dangerous for her to return to Kenya.

A country where Obama’s own cousin has recently served as Prime Minister. And he even ran for President just last year.

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2 Responses to “1/3rd Of Asylum Seekers Never Appear In Court”

  1. Enthalpy says:

    Holder has always been great at pushing the Progressive agenda. Asylum seekers’ rights and alleged fears trump our own concerns and the dangers their presence here create for U. S. citizens. Of course, Holder doesn’t give a damn about U. S. citizens-their rights or safety-that’s obvious when you consider the job he’s done in the Clinton and Obama administrations. Since these asylum seekers often fail to appear in immigration court, send them to an Arpaio tent city to wait for their court date-(pink underware, peanut butter sandwiches, clean air, etc, etc. ought to do the trick.) What will the percentage of no-shows be for the Syrians who have now been granted TSP (Temporary Protected Status) by our brain trust at DHS? Syrians will not assimilate into our culture ever and while there will be only 2000 initially, we can expect a flood of them. Pipe dreams of the Progressive nut jobs in our government should not serve as a justification for importation of more of these people. The ones who are here now are not dealt with in a proper manner. Barack and the gang have shown their unwillingness or inability to deal with those who are here now. No more. ( No mas)

  2. GetBackJack says:

    Laws are for little people

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