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17% Of Food Stamp Recipients Are Above Poverty

From the Washington Free Beacon:

Study: Food Stamps Most Rapidly Growing Welfare Program

Expert: ‘There’s very little bang for all this increased buck’

By Elizabeth Harrington | October 17, 2013

Food stamps are the most inefficient, vastly expanding social welfare program in the country, according to a new study. Forty-seven million people participate in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), commonly known as food stamps, and costs have increased over 358 percent since 2000.

The increase in recent years cannot be attributed to the economic recession, according to Michael Tanner, a senior fellow at the Cato Institute, but lax eligibility requirements and an aggressive campaign by governments to boost their rolls…

Not to mention the fact that Obama stripped out the work requirement. A detail that our media guardians and even this article never mention.

Tanner’s report, “SNAP Failure: The Food Stamp Program Needs Reform,” finds that in 2000 the cost of the food stamp program was just $17 billion. It has risen in cost to $78 billion today.

Spending on advertising and outreach for food stamps by federal and state governments has also increased, now amounting to $41.3 million a year.

They even advertise in Mexico.

States like Florida have hired “food stamp recruiters,” who have a quota of signing up 150 new recipients each month. Rhode Island hosts “SNAP-themed bingo games,” and the USDA tells its field offices to throw parties to get more people on their rolls

Food stamps have become the second most costly means-tested program behind Medicaid…

Obama’s goal is to have more than half of the voters depend one way or another on the government for something. Having that majority will allow him and the Democrats to do everything else they want to do.

Under Obama, enrollment has surged to almost 48 million. While some chalk up the increase to the recession, Tanner finds little evidence that is the case…

During the recession in the early 1980s enrollment only increased by 635,000, and spending rose by $124 million. In contrast, the latest recession saw enrollment jump by 12 million and spending increase by $30 billion.

“SNAP is no longer a program targeted at the poorest Americans who may need some temporary help, but it has become part of an ever-growing permanent welfare state,” the report said.

Nearly 17 percent of recipients have income levels above the poverty line due to weak eligibility standards. Furthermore, a majority of recipients (56 percent) are on the program longer than 5 years, and fewer than 10 percent are on food stamps for six months or less.

All of which is music to Obama’s ears.

Tanner said Congress has an opportunity to reform the program when reauthorizing the farm bill this year. House Republicans already passed a bill that would cut the program $39 billion over 10 years and create stricter work requirements…

Those evil Republicans want to starve people.

SNAP is an “inefficient, fraud-ridden, and deeply troubled program,” according to the report, with $858 million in direct fraud in 2012 and $2.2 billion a year in erroneous payments.

But if it makes more people dependent on the government and buys votes, it’s well worth it.

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3 Responses to “17% Of Food Stamp Recipients Are Above Poverty”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    If I was starving, I would – no kidding – rather die than take any form of government help.

  2. Enthalpy says:

    The work requirement that Obama removed should be restored and welfare recipients should be drug tested to qualify.

  3. canary says:

    Fox Breit Bart just showed a special about SNAP and Mountain Pride. He interpreted in English the characters speaking in Spanish, and all the scenarios were telling someone to get on SNAP. They made each recipient in the scenarios saying things like “I don’t need help. I’m doing fine.” and the person trying to convince them to get food stamps focused said they could get “healthier foods to have healthier bodies.

    One of the favorites he did was the reluctant women saying “I don’t need food stamps. Look at me. I am fat. I eat fine.” and the perky solicitor says, “yes, but if you get on SNAP you can get healthier foods and lose weight”. Argue argue, and “no” is the overweight one’s final decision.
    Then she calls the soliciting friend and says “oh, Maria! [name example]. I was in the store and had a heart attack! I almost died. Now I know to go on SNAP so I can get healthy foods for my heart. Thank you so much.” “oh Maria” says the solicitor. “I am so glad you are okay and am getting on SNAP. I will help you.” “yea! yea! I kid you not.

    Then the news special went on to say some Latinos were insulted by these programs being solicited to them. It hurt their pride. But, those are the ones the solicitors go after. “Be proud you can get on SNAP!” Literally, and on and on. Sorry if I reported this before. sigh…

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