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18 AP Reporters See No Shahzad ‘Motive’

From a Clouseau-like Associated Press:

NY car bomb suspect cooperates, but motive mystery


[Christoffersen reported from Bridgeport and Shelton, Conn. Contributing to this report were Associated Press writers Eileen Sullivan, Pete Yost, Matt Apuzzo and Julie Pace in Washington, Larry Neumeister, David Crary, Colleen Long, David B. Caruso and Sara Kugler in New York, Chris Brummitt in Islamabad, Adam Schreck in Dubai, Eric Tucker in Shelton, and Dave Collins, Stephen Singer, Pat Eaton-Robb and Stephanie Reitz in Hartford, Conn., and the AP News Research Center in New York.]

May 5, 2010

NEW YORK — A man accused of trying to detonate a car bomb in Times Square had found the stable, suburban life he had spent a decade working toward, then abandoned his house in Connecticut and decided to supplement his business degrees with explosives training in Pakistan, authorities say.

It sounds like the AP would like the motive to be Mr. Shahzad’s foreclosure.

Faisal Shahzad, the 30-year-old son of a retired official in Pakistan’s air force

Shahzad’s father, Baharul Haq, is a former Pakistan Air Vice Marshal, which is a very senior position. And, according to other reports, they are a wealthy family.

Until recently, his life in the U.S. appeared enviable. He had a master’s degree from the University of Bridgeport in Connecticut, a job as a budget analyst for a marketing firm in Norwalk, Conn., two children and a well-educated wife who posted his smiling picture and lovingly called him "my everything" on a social networking website.

But shortly after becoming a U.S. citizen a year ago, he gave up his job, stopped paying his mortgage and told a real estate agent to let the bank take the house because he was returning to Pakistan.

Within weeks of getting his citizenship papers. Which, by the way, he seems to have gotten much faster than usual.

The legal requirements for obtaining U.S. citizenship are 3 years of marriage to a US citizen or 5 years of permanent residence (that is, having a ‘green card’). Mr. Shahzad did not meet either requirement.

Mr. Shahzad was only given a green card in January 2006. Reportedly, according to Shahzad, he married Huma Asif Mian, an American citizen October 20, 2008. And yet he was granted US citizenship on April 17, 2009.

Once there, according to investigators, he traveled to the lawless Waziristan region and learned bomb making at a terrorist training camp

One wonders if Shahzad lied on his citizenship application. Which specifically asks whether you have ever been a member of a terror group or ever advocated the overthrow of any government by force.

Kifyat Ali, a cousin of Shahzad’s father, spoke with reporters outside a two-story home the family owns in an upscale part of Peshawar, Pakistan. He said the family had yet to be officially informed of Shahzad’s arrest, which he called "a conspiracy so the (Americans) can bomb more Pashtuns," a reference to a major ethnic group in Peshawar and the nearby tribal areas of Pakistan and southwest Afghanistan

Shahzad came to the U.S. in late 1998 on a student visa. Not long after earning his MBA, he took a job at the Affinion Group, which does brand-loyalty marketing, and stayed there until leaving voluntarily in May 2009, a company spokesman said.

Mr. Shahzad got his MBA in 2005. Unless he had worked while he was a student, it looks like he “worked” for all of about three and a half years at most. Which is not quite the “decade” the AP claimed in their lead paragraph.

His path to citizenship was eased by his marriage to an American, Huma Mian. Like her husband, Mian was well-educated, with a business degree from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

On her profile on the social networking site Orkut, she described herself as "not political," said she spoke English, Pashto, Urdu and French and listed her passions as "fashion, shoes, bags, shopping!! And of course, Faisal."

She posted a picture of Shahzad, smiling, with the caption, "what can I say … he’s my everything."

Never mind that Mr. Shahzad was willing to leave her behind when he returned to Pakistan after getting his citizenship papers. And he left her behind when he returned to the US.

By the way, according to their neighbors, his “well-educated wife” wore traditional clothes from the Middle East that covered much of her body, but not her face. That is to say, a burka without the veil.

So, yes, it sounds like the typical American family.

But do notice that the 18 reporters credited for this Associated Press report — as well as the and the AP News Research Center in New York – could not conceive of any possible motive for Mr. Shahzad’s actions.

There is no mention anywhere of Mr. Shahzad’s religious persuasion, and only a passing reference to the war going on in Shahzad’s native region and his terrorist training.

Just proving the adage: there are none so blind as those who will not see work for the AP.

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3 Responses to “18 AP Reporters See No Shahzad ‘Motive’”

  1. Right of the People says:

    He’s just your typical hardworking American success story. (sarc) The reporters from the Absolutely Pointless news service can’t fathom what motive he would have to do such a thing. Why isn’t that a surprise?

    This guy is your typical mole. Planted here years ago to blend into society then gets activated. The only problem seems to be they forgot to train him in all the skills he needed to accomplish his mission so he had to trash the identity he spent so long building to go back to the third world s**thole to learn how to make things go boom.

    He must not have been a very good student since his car bomb was a dud. Probably spent more time studying his Koran than the manuals. The geniuses back in Pockysthan figured nobody would notice his absence since we are all so busy with our decadent lifestyles. I’m sure that there are some intelligent people in the Taliban, but fortunately for us they are so blinded by their faith and intense hatred for us they keep screwing up.

  2. proreason says:

    18 Reporters – in-depth analysis.


  3. Mithrandir says:

    CNN empathizes with bomber….poor guy…

    MSNBC embarrassed bomber wasn’t one of those WHITE GUY militia-types picked up in Michigan. We don’t want to stereotype brown skinned people, but stereotyping whites seems to be Ok.

    Whites who hate, oppress, and demonize white people are still bigots.

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