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19 Killed At Mexican Drug Rehab Center

From Mexico’s Notimex News Agency:

Mexican policemen outside a drug rehabilitation center in Chihuahua, northern Mexico, where some 30 gunmen stormed overnight and opened fire, killing 19 people and wounding four others, police said.

Nineteen inmates were shot in Chihuahua


Chihuahua (Mexico), 11 June (Notimex) – Last night an armed group entered to a rehabilitation center in this city for addictions and end with the life of 19 inmates and injuring four others, reported the Director of Police Intelligence Corps (Cipol) Saul Hernandez.

He explained that the incident took place around 23:00 pm yesterday in a rehabilitation center called "Faith and Life", located in the vicinity of the Tarahumara and Belisario Dominguez Street, in the colony Revolution.

He added that according to eyewitnesses, at least 30 men with rifles entered in the rehabilitation center and brought out 23 people and then set them and shoot them.

He said the four injured were rushed to various hospitals in the city guarded under tight security, composed of federal, state and municipal police.

Another preview of coming attractions.

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3 Responses to “19 Killed At Mexican Drug Rehab Center”

  1. morninggloryseed says:

    >Another preview of
    >coming attractions.

    Drug legalization is useless simultaneously abolishing all Federal Laws that prohibit coca and poppy products from being grown, manufactured, and distributed in the US.

    Remember, legalizing and allowing legal distribution doesn’t have to mean promoting a lifestyle of drug use. Drugs can and should continue to be demonized. Criminal penalties should be steep for public intoxication.

    As a fiscal conservative as well. The US spends more than 16 billion a year ‘fighting’ the normal human desire to alter consciousness. In total, the United States is 40 years into its “War on Drugs” at a price tag of $1 trillion. U.S. drug czar, Gil Kerlikowske, admits the campaign has been a failure. “In the grand scheme, it has not been successful,” he said. “Forty years later, the concern about drugs … is, if anything, magnified, intensified.”

    Solution? Legalize all drugs and regulate/tax their distribution. That means ‘dopers’ would pay for their drug in a store, just like an alcoholic does. Americans send over $40 billion a year out of the country into the hands of criminals. My plan would keep all of that money in the country, and because we would grow our own poppy and coca…it would put em all of these criminal gangs like the ones this article speaks of out of business for good.

    The government to condone two dangerous and addictive drugs (alcohol and nicotine) to be sold, but they criminalize other dangerous and addictive drugs that are proven to be less dangerous and addictive in the long run. All while wasting trillions fighting normal human behavior, and jailing otherwise law-abiding people.

    Conservatives (and I am one) have it right on nearly everything. Yet, most are so completely wrong on the drug issue, it is beyond me. It is so clear and plain as day what the solution is. All we need to do is look at the history of alcohol prohibition to see where we go next.

    • Steve says:

      You are a broken record. Where has legalizing drugs ever worked in the history of the world?

      Hint: It hasn’t. Ever.

  2. Liberals Demise says:

    I guess nobody likes a quitter.

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