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$2 Billion A Year Spent On Medicaid For Illegals

From the Daily Caller:

Report: $2 billion spent annually for Medicaid emergencies, largely for illegal immigrant baby deliveries

By Caroline May | February 15, 2013

Even though federal law largely bars illegal immigrants from obtaining Medicaid coverage, the program annually pays out more than $2 billion in free emergency coverage that mostly goes to illegal immigrants, according to Kaiser Health News.

The vast majority of the total emergency care reimbursements cover delivering babies, Kaiser reports.

Anchor babies. — Sorry, we mean, newly minted American citizens. But who can be against babies?!

Based on a Kaiser data analysis of the states believed to have the greatest populations of illegal immigrants — including California, New York, Texas, North Carolina, Arizona, Illinois and Florida — more than 100,000 people annually receive emergency care that is reimbursed by Medicaid. California, Kaiser’s analysis showed, receives approximately half of the annual $2 billion Medicaid expenditure category.

That category of Medicaid also covers some homeless people and legal immigrants who have been in the country less than five years — and are therefore mostly ineligible for Medicaid, according to Kaiser.

That is simply not possible. We are constantly told that illegal aliens do not use welfare services or stress our social safety net. They are not eligible for Medicaid.

“We can’t turn them away,” Joanne Aquilina, the chief financial officer of Bethesda Healthcare System in Boynton Beach, Fla., told Kaiser. Nearly one-third of Bethesda Hospital East’s annual 2,900 births are paid for by emergency Medicaid funding.

According to a 2007 Journal of the American Medical Association report, an analysis of claims reimbursed by Emergency Medicaid over a four-year period in North Carolina revealed that 99 percent of the 48,391 individual cases went toward services for illegal immigrants.

But we don’t have to worry. Illegals won’t be allowed to get Obama-Care, either.

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One Response to “$2 Billion A Year Spent On Medicaid For Illegals”

  1. platypus says:

    Well, the obvious solution is to refuse to buy insurance. When they demand you pay the penalty/tax/fee, tell them you are an illegal. What are they going to do — argue with you? How in the world are they going to prove you were born here if you deny it?

    Here’s the best part — if they don’t leave you alone, tell them you are going to complain to La Raza.

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