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2 BP Agents Shot, 1 Killed At ‘Brian Terry’ Post

From an irony proof Associated Press:

Border Patrol agent shot, killed on duty in Ariz.


NACO, Ariz. (AP) — Investigators were scouring a rugged area near the U.S.-Mexico line looking for evidence in the fatal shooting of a Border Patrol agent.

Nicholas Ivie and a colleague were on patrol in the desert near Naco, about 100 miles from Tucson, when gunfire broke out shortly before 2 a.m. Tuesday, according to the Border Patrol.

Ivie, 30, was killed. The other agent, whose name hasn’t been released, was hospitalized after being shot in the ankle and buttocks.

It was the first fatal shooting of an agent since a deadly 2010 firefight with Mexican bandits that spawned congressional probes of a botched government gun-smuggling investigation.

The AP can’t even bring itself to call it by it’s name, ‘Fast & Furious.’

At a news conference Tuesday afternoon in Naco, an FBI official said the agency was still processing the crime scene and that it might take several days to complete. The FBI and the Cochise County Sheriff’s Office, which was also investigating, declined to say whether investigators have recovered guns or bullet casings.

No arrests have been made, but authorities suspected that more than one person fired at the agents…

If they find that these guns were given to the murderers by the US government, do you think we will ever hear about it?

President Barack Obama called Ivie’s family Tuesday to offer condolences and to express his gratitude for Ivie’s "selfless service to his nation," a White House statement said.

It really is an election year.

Obama made it clear that the administration "was doing everything it could to locate those responsible."

Just like he is doing in Libya.

The last Border Patrol agent fatally shot on duty was Brian Terry, who died in a shootout with bandits near the border in December 2010. The Border Patrol station in Naco, where the two agents shot Tuesday were stationed, was recently named after Terry.

An ironic detail that the AP buries in its 12th paragraph.

Terry’s shooting was later linked to the government’s "Fast and Furious" gun-smuggling operation, which allowed people suspected of illegally buying guns for others to walk away from gun shops with weapons, rather than be arrested.

Authorities intended to track the guns into Mexico…

This is a blatant lie from the AP. In fact, there was no effort whatsoever made to track the guns. That was not the purpose of ‘Fast & Furious.’

Its purpose was to get more US guns into Mexico so that the Obama administration could re-institute the so-called ‘Federal Assault Weapons Ban,’ and clamp down on guns sales in general.

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5 Responses to “2 BP Agents Shot, 1 Killed At ‘Brian Terry’ Post”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    The reason is we antagonized the Bad Guys.

    It’s simple really. If you antagonize Bad Guys they’ll shoot. So, following The Protocols Of The Elders of Foggy Bottom what you do is … you don’t antagonize the bad guys.

    Problem solved.

  2. Astravogel says:

    This will continue as long as it is of benefit to the current Administration.

  3. Chrispbass says:

    Pathetic and sad. I feel for the men and women that patrol down there. Morale must be as low as it’s ever been.

  4. canary says:

    Time to drone Mexico’s drug cartel and make it safe so the proud Mexican’s can fly their own flag in their own country.

  5. canary says:

    The Mexican border is another reason not to cut Defense. We have a seasoned National Guard with experience fighting the devil overseas.

    If Obama wins another 4 we will need alert U.S. Soldiers who can give the cartel a hand over the board and give them tea and biscuits.

    If he doesn’t we will need a alert U.S. Soldiers to shoot them as they cross over.

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