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2 Cars Explode In Mexico At Massacre Site

From a mildly curious Associated Press:

2 cars explode in Mexico where 72 bodies found

By E. Eduardo Castillo, Associated Press Writer
August 27, 2010

REYNOSA, Mexico – Two cars exploded early Friday in a northern state where officials are investigating the killing of 72 Central and South American migrants, and a prosecutor investigating the massacre has disappeared.

Don’t you hate it when cars just explode? And people just disappear?

The prosecutor, Roberto Jaime Suarez, vanished Wednesday in the town of San Fernando, where the bodies of the migrants were found, the Tamaulipas state attorney general’s office said in a statement. A transit police officer in the town was also missing.

President Felipe Calderon, speaking during a forum on security, said Suarez, a Tamaulipas state prosecutor, was involved in the initial investigation into the massacre, which authorities have blamed on the Zetas drug gang. The federal attorney general’s office has since taken the lead in the case.

The two car explosions occurred less than 45 minutes apart in Ciudad Victoria, the Tamaulipas state capital, the attorney general’s office said. The first exploded in front of the offices of the Televisa network and the second in front of transit police offices.

There were no injuries, though both blasts caused some damage to buildings and knocked out the signal of the Televisa network for several hours. The explosion outside Televisa was felt for several blocks.

The network described the explosion as a car bomb, but the state attorney general’s office said the cause of the explosions had not been determined…

No, perhaps we’ll never know.

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2 Responses to “2 Cars Explode In Mexico At Massacre Site”

  1. Mithrandir says:

    Now we know how ISRAEL feels to have the Palestinians on their border.

    Ours is worse of course……that is until the Mexicans buy and start launching missiles into our country.

  2. Right of the People says:

    How’s that legalizing drugs working out for you Mexico?

    The third world, coming to your neighborhood soon. Brought to you by the Obamanation.

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