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2 Muslim Doctors Arrested In UK Terrorism

From the UK’s Daily Mail:

terror arrests

Out of harm’s way: Police officers hold down one of the badly-burned men outside the Glasgow arrivals hall moments after he had set himself alight.

Two doctors held over bomb attacks

While police swoop on motorway to arrest woman in a veil


2nd July 2007

Two doctors were among five people being held as terror suspects last night after the bomb plots in London and Glasgow.

One was one of two men who tried to drive a blazing Jeep packed with petrol, gas canisters and nails into Glasgow Airport on Saturday.

Police are still investigating the precise links between that attack and the two Mercedes car bombs left in the West End of London early on Friday.

Both doctors were working at UK hospitals and were apparently here legally.

The revelation raises the horrifying prospect that Al Qaeda propaganda is reaching beyond disaffected young Muslims.

“These are highly-educated, articulate and intelligent people,” one security source said.

“They are men trained to heal but they were planning unbelievable atrocities.”

Two of the five people arrested were a woman of 27 and her 26-year-old husband, boxed in by unmarked police cars as they drove on the M6 in Cheshire. Other motorists said the woman was wearing a Muslim veil.

The fifth suspect, a man, was arrested at Liverpool’s Lime Street station shortly after the city’s John Lennon Airport was closed following the discovery of a suspicious vehicle.

One of the doctors, the man arrested on the M6, was said to be a Jordanian-born doctor at the North Staffordshire Hospital in Stoke-on-Trent.

He lived with his wife and baby in a rented house in Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire, where forensic officers were carrying out a detailed search last night.

The doctor is suspected of having played a key role in the planning of the terror strikes.

One of the two men overpowered as they attacked Glasgow Airport has 90 per cent burns and is too badly injured to be interviewed, but the second was being questioned last night.

Police believe they are all part of a previously unknown Al Qaeda-linked cell made up of people of Middle Eastern origin.

The doctor involved in the Glasgow attack is an Iraqi who is thought to have been granted asylum in the UK while a third suspect comes from Lebanon.

At least one other member of the cell was still being hunted last night.

The arrests came on a day of fast-moving developments as police acted on what they described as a “wealth of intelligence” found in the two Mercedes car bombs in London…

It also emerged that only “technical failure” stopped the bombs spreading carnage among late-night revellers.

Mobile phones in the cars were meant to trigger a blast when they were called.

The bombers called the Tiger Tiger car twice, and the other four times, but the bombs failed to detonate.

Traces on mobile phone calls were said to have led police to a series of addresses raided in Liverpool, Staffordshire and near Glasgow.

A bomb factory is believed to have been found at an address in Scotland and more arrests are expected

Saved: One of the would-be Glasgow suicide bombers is bravely hosed down with a fire extinguisher by a security guard as the Jeep Cherokee bursts into flames.

So much for the liberal myth that Muslim extremism is only born out of discrimination and deprivation.

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