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2 Reporters Caught Mocking McCain, Get Facts Wrong

From Mediaite:

Chuck Todd and Ed Henry Caught Mocking McCain on Hot Mic

By Matt Wilstein | June 19, 2014

Ever wonder what all those White House correspondents talk about while they are waiting for President Barack Obama to step up to the podium? Well now thanks to a live feed and a hot mic, we know what MSNBC’s Chuck Todd and Fox News’ Ed Henry really think about Sen. John McCain (R-AZ).

Before Obama entered the briefing room to make his statement on Iraq, Todd leaned over to Henry to ask him what McCain, who supports air strikes in Iraq, must think now that General David Petraeus has come out against further military action…

Todd asked if anyone had “checked on” McCain since Petraeus made his statements. “I’ve got to think McCain must have had heart palpitations,” Todd joked.

“What’s funny is that McCain was on our air an hour ago saying we should send Petraeus to Iraq,” Henry remarked, referring to an earlier appearance the senator did on Fox. But meanwhile, Petraeus gave a speech a day earlier saying the U.S. “can’t be the air force for Iraq.”

“That’s what’s amazing,” Todd replied. While McCain seems to want Petraeus to take charge on Iraq, the general appears to have no interest in doing so…

What a surprise. It would seem that Chuck Todd doesn’t know what he is talking about.

From the UK’s Telegraph:

US should launch targeted military strikes on ‘terrorist army’ Isis, says General David Petraeus

By Con Coughlin, Defence Editor, and Tom Whitehead | 19 June 2014

America should launch "targeted" military attacks against an emerging "terrorist army" in Iraq if it jeopardises the security of the West, the former head of Coalition forces in the country said.

In an exclusive interview with The Daily Telegraph, David Petraeus, one of the most senior figures in the American military over the past decade, said that he would now support limited strikes against the leadership of Isis…

In today’s interview with the Daily Telegraph Gen Petraeus said: "If President Obama and other leaders conclude that the threat posed by Isis is significant then I would support actions to target high value Isis elements. If Isis is seen as a terrorist organisation with the potential to engage in terrorist acts beyond the Middle East, then that could warrant the targeting of high value targets.” …

What a sad situation it is when our ‘journalists’ are even less informed than John McCain. God knows that McCain is easy to mock. But who are the idiots here?

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