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20 Gitmo Terrorists May Be Freed In US

From a delighted Reuters:

Some Guantanamo prisoners could be released in U.S. 

By James Vicini – Wed Mar 18

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Some of the Guantanamo Bay prisoners could be released into the United States while others could be put on trial in the American court system, Attorney General Eric Holder said on Wednesday…

Holder told reporters at the Justice Department that the administration’s review, made on a case-by-case basis, would determine whether the prisoners need to be put on trial or whether they can be released.

"For those who are in that second category, who can be released, there are a variety of options that we have. Among them is the possibility that we could release them into this country," he said.

Holder said it was possible the 17 Chinese Muslims who have been held for years at Guantanamo, and two or three others prisoners, could be freed in the United States.

The 17 members of the Uighur ethic group have been cleared for release but have nonetheless remained at Guantanamo while the United States tries to find a country willing to take them. The U.S. government has said it cannot return them to China because they would face persecution there.

"We’ve been trying to come up with places for them," Holder said of the Uighurs. Their lawyers have asked Obama to bring them to the United States…

Who is surprised at this development, after all of the assurances from our watchdog media to the contrary?

Say what you will, Mr. Obama has been remarkably consistent in rewarding his constituents.

Speaking of which, maybe they could all be sent to Mr. Murtha’s district.

(Thanks to everyone who sent this in.)

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24 Responses to “20 Gitmo Terrorists May Be Freed In US”

  1. BillK says:

    From the Wall Street Journal:

    Guantanamo Detainees May Be Released in U.S.

    By Evan Perez

    WASHINGTON — Attorney General Eric Holder said some detainees being held at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, may end up being released in the U.S. as the Obama administration works with foreign allies to resettle some of the prisoners.

    Mr. Holder, in a briefing with reporters, said administration officials are still reviewing individual cases of the approximately 250 detainees to determine which will be put on trial and which may be released to comply with plans to close the detention facility by next year.

    Six weeks into his tenure, Mr. Holder is still trying to assemble much of the Justice senior leadership, with several nominees awaiting Senate confirmation. He said he has reviewed the department’s handling of white-collar criminal cases in response to the financial crisis and is considering ways to increase coordination on financial fraud among federal prosecutors and state officials. He said he is trying to increase the budget dedicated to white-collar crime, while maintaining funding for national security.

    European justice ministers met with Mr. Holder earlier this week and pressed for details on how many Guantanamo prisoners the U.S. planned to release domestically, as part of any agreement for allies to accept detainees. Mr. Holder said U.S. officials would work to respond to the questions European officials have over U.S. Guantanamo plans.

    For “people who can be released there are a variety of options that we have and among them is the possibility is that we would release them into this country,” Mr. Holder said. “That process is ongoing and we’ve not made any determinations or made any requests of anybody at this point.”

    Among the detainees whose fate remains undetermined are 17 ethnic Uighurs, from the Central Asian region of China, who have been ordered released by a judge. The U.S. has refused to turn the men over to China, which considers them part of an separatist group. …


    So Holder is willing to let these dangerous people loose inside the U.S. just to “comply with plans to close the detention facility by next year.”

    The safety of the American public?

    Who cares about that?

    • Odie44 says:

      This seems to be as a result of the Euro’s saying “hey man, we may take them – but how about doing your part”.

      “European justice ministers met with Mr. Holder earlier this week and pressed for details on how many Guantanamo prisoners the U.S. planned to release domestically, as part of any agreement for allies to accept detainees. Mr. Holder said U.S. officials would work to respond to the questions European officials have over U.S. Guantanamo plans.”

      In the sophmoric foreign / AG policy world of Bambi – you better believe they formulated this “idea” in a knee jerk reaction to appease our Euro “friends”, who famously bow down to radical Muslims within their own country’s and cry about the Geneva Convention every day…

      Feel safe folks?

      Janet Reno in black face…

  2. Odie44 says:

    It’s amazing how cavaliere Holder and the admin is about this. They seem to think we rounded up some kids for loitering near the QT mart and don’t kow what to do.

    If this is an indication of the Bambi “judicial system” – can’t we just go to Marshall Law where at least people have a chance?

    Not like there are any splinter cells here in America… I imagine the ACORN census will find these guys in a Minn Imam’s house…

  3. proreason says:

    I think this is today’s flak being thrown up to distract the enemy (us) from the main battle plan, which is:

    1) overwhelming debt and inflation to destroy the economy,
    2) creation of near-total dependency via Universal Health care,
    3) destruction of private business via Cap and Trade,
    4) complete take-over by the Authoritatians.

    • MinnesotaRush says:

      Couldn’t agree more, pro! Between o-blah-blah, his administration, and the chinese fire drill called Congress ..it’s something new EVERY DAY!

      I’m truly wondering when that ‘tip over day’, that ‘tip over issue’, will arrive and what it will be.

      How can there be any confusion about the dangerous paths were headed down?

  4. Consilience says:

    Exhausted by objecting to vet’s paying for their care, we are now faced with yet another ridiculous proposal. This is a pattern. Ambiguity and deception are at the heart of a radical—looks like the thug picked a complicit AG…

  5. Confucius says:


    Do you think they’ll get welfare, Medicaid and a cellphone? Maybe even tuition-assistance, voting rights and a house?

    • caligirl9 says:

      I’m hoping TCO does the ultimate right thing and offer these poor misunderstood human beings a job on the White House staff. Preferably in the presidential living quarters. As TCO’s personal security. ‘Cause no way the Secret Service can do it any better …

      (You all do hear my LOL, right?)

    • Consilience says:

      The cellphone will have to have a camera to take happy-snaps of Michelle-my-bell and her thug-in-chief…

  6. electionhangovervictim says:

    What I don’t understand is the complete and total hypocricy on the part of the bleeding hearts. They are screaming for Bush to be tried and convicted for his “war crimes”, his “crimes against humanity”. But they don’t have a problem with freeing these psychotic killers from Gitmo? It’s ok for them to kill our fellow Americans and not pay any price for doing so, but Bush isn’t allowed to interrogate with force or send our troops into an already war-torn country to attempt to bring them freedom??
    Sometimes I think I’d like to climb into the mind of a bleeding heart liberal just so I could see how something like this is logical to them. Then I think again.

    • proreason says:

      “Sometimes I think I’d like to climb into the mind of a bleeding heart liberal ”

      Their minds are controlled by emotions not logic. They are more like animals than humans in that respect. You can beat a dog and he will still wag it’s tail when you open the can of food. Think of liberals as dogs and government hand-outs as the can of food.

      That’s why they are so easily manipulated by the propaganda spewing from the The Moron’s puppet-masters.

    • electionhangovervictim says:

      now THAT’s logic!

  7. MinnesotaRush says:

    New ACORN members.

    • catie says:

      Exactly! Here’s an idea let’s put them up at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, the Holder residence, Barney Frank’s townhome and the Kennedy compound. That’s a great place for these people. Let the Obama’s take care of them.

    • OneMoreRound07 says:

      Catie, now that’s a good idea.

  8. TwilightZoned says:

    “The U.S. government has said it cannot return them to China because they would face persecution there.”

    And the problem with this is what?

  9. Liberals Demise says:

    Watch you backs people because they attack from the rear. So you won’t see it coming.
    Thanks to the MSM for helping our elected enemies do us all in!!

  10. yellarcan says:

    20 more jobs that will go to non or un Americans. Whatever fits the bill. Do ya think that these prisoners will have to hang a sign that reads “I hate America and Americans” the same as a sex offender has to?

  11. pdsand says:

    20 more welfare recipients, more likely. Or as the democrats would put it, payment of a debt that is rightly owed for their false imprisonment all this time.

    • canary says:

      I’m guessing they chop heads their first day of freedom, and it will be millions while the civil liberties union defends them in trials, that America made them that way.

  12. TickTock says:

    These reptiles will be compensated for their “unjust misery”. I have no doubt Obama will find a way to make it up to them with our tax dollars.

    Obama is inept and ignorant, and a very dangerous character to have running America.

  13. canary says:

    Obombya is going to do his best to bring as many terrorists over here, because if they attack us, they will do his dirty work form him, and easier to make the country communist. I won’t apologize for my rhetoric.

  14. imnewatthis says:

    Will they get welfare, a cellphone, a free house, etc? Of course! Once again, “Up is down and down is up”.
    Lately, I become so unspeakably enraged when I read about the antics of Barack Hussein Alinsky Wright Ayers Obama that I’m usually rendered incapable of even commenting, because my comment would be two words, in caps, and would include a four letter word followed by Obama. Now I have to add Eric Holder to the sentiment. And I’m angry at all the morons who voted for him but are now surprised that he’s not a moderate. MORONS!!!
    Reading this site is not good for my blood pressure.

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