No X-Ray Eyes – US Troops Kill Pregnant Woman

Get used to stories like this. (Though, in truth, they have been unrelenting since the war began.)

But anything that can be used to further the perception that US troops are blood-crazed murderers of civilians will be gleefully seized upon by our one party media.

This latest story about the lack of x-ray vision and omniscience in some US soldiers is just the latest from the DNC's Associated Press:

Mother-in-law Rabia Mohammed Hussein grieves the loss of Nabiha Nisaif Jassim, 35, a pregnant woman about to give birth, and her 57-year-old cousin Saliha Mohammed Hassan, who were killed as they were driving to a maternity hospital for Jassim to give birth in Samarra, Iraq Tuesday, May 30, 2006. U.S. forces apparently shot to death two Iraqi women, one of them pregnant, when they fired at a vehicle that failed to stop at an observation post in the town.



What Google Calls Haditha ‘News Sources’

Notice the organizations that Google considers to be reliable media outlets for news on the "Haditha massacre":


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Haditha Massacre Darting against Bush
Prensa Latina, Cuba – 56 minutes ago
Washington, May 31 (Prensa Latina) The indelible stain caused by the Haditha massacre continues to strongly shake the administration of US President George W.

Haditha Massacre : Was it an Isolated Event and Did the Military, Italy – 16 hours ago
[includes rush transcript]. We take a look at the Haditha massacre and the aftermath, which has continued to rock the military and political establishments.

Massacre at Haditha : how the occupation turned an Iraqi town into, UK – 23 hours ago
But this was not an isolated incident.



Last NYC Katrina Evacuees Still Hangs On

From New York magazine:

A Very Late Checkout

New York’s last Katrina evacuees prepare to depart (under duress) from the JFK Airport Holiday Inn.

By Matthew Philips

This winter, FEMA put up over 300 Hurricane Katrina evacuees in New York City hotels. Almost all of them have gone back to their lives, their jobs. But not Theon Johnson. He’s currently sprawled out watching Halloween 5 on one of the two full-size beds in his room at the JFK Airport Holiday Inn. He is one of four evacuees still living in a hotel in the city.

The others left in February and March, when, after spending more than $500 million, FEMA stopped paying for hotel rooms housing some 40,000 evacuees across the country. That left many scrambling for places to live.



Muhammad Guilty In 6 DC Sniper Deaths

From the DNC’s Associated Press:

Jury finds Muhammad guilty in sniper trial

By STEPHEN MANNING, Associated Press Writer

John Allen Muhammad was convicted of six of the Washington-area sniper killings Tuesday after the prosecution’s star witness, Muhammad’s young protege, portrayed him as the mastermind of an audacious terror scheme in which phase two would have been bombings against children.

Muhammad, 45, is already under a death sentence in Virginia for a killing there. The most he can get for the six murders committed in Maryland is life in prison without parole.

The jury took slightly more than four hours to convict him after a four-week trial in which he acted as his own attorney.

As the verdict was read, Muhammad stood grim-faced, his arms folded across chest.



Ex-Embed Has Doubts About Haditha Charges

An amazing article, considering it is from the DNC’s own CNN. But then again, the embeds are the closest we’ve gotten to real journalism in this war:

A reporter’s shock at the Haditha allegations

By Arwa Damon
Tuesday, May 30, 2006; Posted: 1:57 p.m. EDT (17:57 GMT)

BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) — It actually took me a while to put all the pieces together — that I know these guys, the U.S. Marines at the heart of the alleged massacre of Iraqi civilians in Haditha.

I don’t know why it didn’t register with me until now. It was only after scrolling through the tapes that we shot in Haditha last fall, and I found footage of some of the officers that had been relieved of their command, that it hit me.



Reid Got Boxing Tickets Worth Thousands

The DNC’s Associated Press do their best to spin this awkward development:

Senate Minority Leader Sen. Harry Reid of Nevada called for Republicans to clean up the tainted relationship between lawmakers and lobbyists in the wake of the scandal involving former lobbyist Jack Abramoff on Jan. 18, 2006. Meanwhile, Reid accepted free ringside tickets from the Nevada Athletic Commission to three championship boxing matches while that state agency was lobbying Reid.

Sen. Reid accepted free boxing tickets

By JOHN SOLOMON, Associated Press Writer

Tue May 30, 6:38 AM ET

Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid, who has criticized Republican ethics, accepted free ringside tickets to three professional boxing matches from Nevada officials who were trying to influence his federal legislation regulating the sport.

Reid, D-Nev., took the free seats for Las Vegas fights between 2003 and 2005 from the Nevada Athletic Commission as he pressed legislation to increase federal oversight of boxing, including the creation of a government commission.



Afghans Kill 8 In Riots Over Traffic Accident

From the DNC’s Associated Press:

An Afghan protester runs past a burning police vehicle in Kabul, Afghanistan, Monday, May 29, 2006. A deadly traffic accident Monday involving U.S. troops sparked the worst riot in the Afghan capital since the fall of the Taliban regime, with hundreds of protesters looting shops and shouting ‘Death to America!’ At least eight people were killed and 107 injured, an official said.

Brake failure on U.S. truck caused crash

By DANIEL COONEY, Associated Press Writer

KABUL, Afghanistan – A road crash that triggered deadly anti-American rioting in Kabul occurred because a military truck lost its brakes coming down a hill and plowed into a line of cars, the U.S. military said Tuesday.

Chanting "Death to America," rioters on Monday stoned the U.S.



AP Recycles 1 YR Story To Smear US Military

Once again our one party media is pretending to have uncovered a story that is years old so to forward their agenda and have a tie in to the alleged Marine atrocities at Haditha.

From the DNC’s Associated Press:

A South Korean soldier stands guard at the tunnels of No Gun Ri. The west tunnel walls were resurfaced and reinforced at some point to prevent them from collapsing.

U.S. Policy Was to Shoot Korean Refugees

By CHARLES J. HANLEY and MARTHA MENDOZA (Associated Press Writers)
May 29, 2006

More than a half-century after hostilities ended in Korea, a document from the war’s chaotic early days has come to light – a letter from the U.S. ambassador to Seoul, informing the State Department that American soldiers would shoot refugees approaching their lines.



The Nation: Jefferson Republican At Heart

From the laughable liars at the Communist rag, The Nation:

William Jefferson, D-Wall Street

By John Nichols

Nancy Pelosi has shown little interest in holding George Bush to account, as evidenced by House Minority Leader’s determination to distance herself from discussions of censuring – let alone impeaching – the president for the high crimes and misdemeanors that have characterized his tenure.

So it not all that surprising that Pelosi, despite her promise to "clean up" Congressional corruption, has been slow to demand genuine accountability from a member of the House Democratic Caucus. The minority leader has backed an ethics committee inquiry into charges against Congressman William Jefferson, D-Louisiana, the "star" of a Federal Bureau of Investigation tape in which what sounds like a bribe of $100,000 is accepted.



More Dana Priest Background – The Mott Trust

More dot-connecting from the indefatigable investigator, Jennifer Verner:

Miracle at 122 Maryland Ave NW

A little blurb from the Stewart Mott Trust homepage (cached version, since the original is on the blink):

Stewart Mott originally bought 122 to house the various activities and projects of the Fund for Peace. Over the years, the building has been the first offices of the Center for Defense Information, In The Public Interest, the Center for International Policy and the Center for National Security Studies.

The house was the birthplace of the Women’s Campaign Fund and Friends of Family Planning PACs. Other tenants of note include the Campaign Against Nuclear War, the Electronic Privacy Information Center, Pax Americas and the Military Families Support Network. The most recent tenant was the national DC office of the American Civil Liberties Union.



NY Times Begs For Tales Of “Marine Massacre”

The "Paper Of Treason," the DNC’s New York Times, is at it again:

Iraqis’ Accounts Link Marines to the Mass Killing of Civilians


BAGHDAD, Iraq, May 28 — Hiba Abdullah survived the killings by American troops in Haditha last Nov. 19, but said seven others at her father-in-law’s home did not. She said American troops shot and killed her husband, Rashid Abdul Hamid. They killed her father-in-law, Abdul Hamid Hassan Ali, a 77-year-old in a wheelchair, shooting him in the chest and abdomen, she said.

Her sister-in-law, Asma, "collapsed when her husband was killed in front of her eyes," Ms. Abdullah said. As Asma fell, she dropped her 5-month-old infant. Ms. Abdullah said she picked up the baby girl and sprinted out of the house, and when she returned, Asma was dead.



NYT Sobs Over Jefferson’s Poor Childhood

Get out your handkerchiefs. It’s time for another tear-jerker from the "Paper Of Treason," the New York Times:

The graves of William J. Jefferson’s parents, Angeline H. and Mose Jefferson, at Sweet Canaan Baptist Church in Lake Providence, La.

Target of F.B.I. Raid Had a Hard Path to Capitol Hill

May 29, 2006


NEW ORLEANS, May 27 — Representative William J. Jefferson has always liked to talk about growing up in an impoverished farm community, picking cotton for $3 a day and hitting the books hard enough to win his ticket out — a scholarship to Harvard Law School.

But even as Mr. Jefferson built a reputation as one of Louisiana’s brightest, most effective leaders, a less flattering view began to emerge, one signified by his nickname in political circles, "Dollar Bill."

Early in his career, as a state legislator, he was criticized for enriching his law firm with contracts from state and local agencies.


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BBC Falsely Claims Army Desertion Increase

The anti-Semitic America-haters at the BBC strike again with some more preposterous agit-prop:

British soldiers secure the site where a military vehicle (background) is buring in the southern city of Basra, on May 20. The BBC reported that at least 1,000 troops have “deserted” the armed forces since the US-led war was launched in Iraq three years ago.

At least 1,000 UK soldiers desert

More than 1,000 members of the British military have deserted the armed forces since the start of the 2003 Iraq war, the BBC has discovered.

It comes as Parliament debates a law that will forbid military personnel from refusing to participate in the occupation of a foreign country.

Some 900 have evaded capture since the Iraq war started, official figures say.

But the Ministry of Defence says the numbers going missing from the army have stayed constant in recent years.


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Iraqis Kill Tennis Players – Over Shorts

From the DNC’s Associated Press:

Ahmed, left, cries, as his mother, right, and aunt, left, attend to his grandmother who lies injured in Yarmouk hospital in Baghdad, Iraq Saturday, May 27, 2006 after a bomb in a parked car exploded near a busy bus station in the southern Baghdad neighborhood of Dora killing at least four civilians and wounding seven, according to police.

Iraqi athletes killed for wearing shorts

By KIM GAMEL, Associated Press Writer

BAGHDAD, Iraq – An Iraqi tennis coach and two of his players were shot to death this week in Baghdad because they were wearing shorts, authorities said Saturday, reporting the latest in a series of recent attacks attributed to Islamic extremists.

A U.S. Marine AH-1 Cobra helicopter, meanwhile, crashed Saturday and its two crew members were missing in Anbar province, a volatile area west of the capital where insurgents are active.



Casey Sheehan’s Grave Finally Gets Marker

From the Vacaville Reporter:

A gravestone now marks Casey Sheehan’s resting place at Vacaville-Elmira Cemetery in Vacaville.

Casey Sheehan’s grave receives its headstone

By Julie Kay/Staff Writer

Memorial Day will be different this year at the Vacaville-Elmira Cemetery, where Casey Sheehan, a soldier from Vacaville, lies buried.

Until this week, more than two years after his death in Iraq, Casey’s grave has been marked only by a small plaque. On Thursday, it received a headstone.

The elegant marble slab is thick and emblazoned with a cross and delicate thickets of trees on both sides.

"Our Casey," reads an inscription on the front. "Ever faithful, kind, and gentle, good son, beloved brother, brave soldier, dear friend, you loved your family and lived your life serving others to the end." Six icons grace the other side, representing a military insignia, the theater, Eagle Scouts, Van Halen, the World Wrestling Federation and Superman.



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