Sheehan Gets New “Hero” Army Deserter

From Cindy Sheehan's love slave, Angela Brown at the DNC's Associated Press:


Colorado soldier to surrender to Army

By ANGELA K. BROWN, Associated Press Writer

… On Thursday, a year and a half after going absent without leave before his second deployment to Iraq, Army Spc. Mark Wilkerson plans to return to Fort Hood to face his fellow soldiers and superiors.

"I just could not in good conscience go back to a war I felt was wrong," Wilkerson, 22, of Colorado Springs, Colo., said Thursday at Cindy Sheehan's protest camp site.

About 50 protesters joined Wilkerson at Sheehan's site near President Bush's ranch. Roughly a dozen in the group planned to travel with him about 40 miles south to the central Texas Army post near Killeen

Simple desertion has been decreasing in the military in recent years — about 2,500 troops last year simply didn't show up for work, down from almost 5,000 in 2001, according to the Pentagon public affairs office.



Rising Tide Of Fascism In The (Pet) World

If you think all this talk about the rising tide of Nazism in the world is a lot of bunk, you just need to look around.

It's happening everywhere. Even in the animal world.


Does your cat look like Adolf Hitler? Do you wake up in a cold sweat every night wondering if he's going to up and invade Poland? Does he keep putting his right paw in the air while making a noise that sounds suspiciously like "Sieg Miaow"?

Latest Kitlers

Neighborhood Cat (owned by Cara)
Wed Aug 30 2006 at 18:29:23

Kate (owned by Kristine) (347)
Wed Aug 30 2006 at 13:47:21

Granby (owned by Kathy) (346)
Tue Aug 29 2006 at 21:43:11

Ella (owned by Mo) (345)
Tue Aug 29 2006 at 16:44:51

Sometimes the resemblance is a little too much:

My current favorite:

This is what comes of appeasement.



Miss UK: Stereotyping Causes Terrorism

From the UK’s Daily Mail:

Stereotyping is leading to terror, says first Muslim Miss England

31st August 2006

The first Muslim to be crowned Miss England has warned that stereotyping members of her community is leading some towards extremism.

Hammasa Kohistani made history last year when she was chosen to represent England in the Miss World pageant.

But one year on, the 19-year-old student from Hounslow feels that winning the coveted beauty title last September was a "sugar coating for Muslims who have become more alienated in the past 12 months.

She said: "The attitude towards Muslims has got worse over the year. Also the Muslims’ attitude to British people has got worse.

"Even moderate Muslims are turning to terrorism to prove themselves. They think they might as well support it because they are stereotyped anyway

But at the same time, she said, "there is this hostility, which comes "mainly from the Government

Miss Kohistani said: "Tony Blair addressed Muslims in particular, telling them that they need to sort out the problem within.



Turks Turn Pinocchio, Tom Sawyer Muslim

From the UK's Telegraph:

The front page of the liberal Turkish newspaper Radikal, which first reported the story.

Pinocchio and friends converted to Islam

Malcolm Moore in Antalya
(Filed: 31/08/2006)

Pinocchio, Tom Sawyer and other characters have been converted to Islam in new versions of 100 classic stories on the Turkish school curriculum.

"Give me some bread, for Allah's sake," Pinocchio says to Geppetto, his maker, in a book stamped with the crest of the ministry of education.

"Thanks be to Allah," the puppet says later.

In The Three Musketeers, D'Artagnan is told that he cannot visit Aramis. The reason would surprise the author, Alexandre Dumas.

An old woman explains: "He is surrounded by men of religion. He converted to Islam after his illness."

Tom Sawyer may always have shirked his homework, but he is more conscientious in learning his Islamic prayers.



Still More On Murtha’s Ignored Abscam Past

From the latest issue of the American Spectator:

From the FBI surveillance tape, Murtha: "I’m not interested. I’m sorry… at this point."

The Full Murtha

Washington is a forgiving town, at least to Democrats. Generally, scandal-tainted Republicans are given little quarter. John McCain is the most outstanding exception, and campaign finance reform is his ongoing penance. In the absence of such surrender to the Democratic agenda or a retreat from Washington altogether, the disgraced politician does the smart thing: lies low. Congressman John P. "Jack" Murtha (D-PA) did precisely that for almost 25 years after his entanglement in "Abscam," an FBI investigation in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

Then last November, Murtha re-emerged as the Democrats' main spokesman on the war in Iraq, loudly advocating the withdrawal of American forces.



“Temporary Marriages” Spread In Muslim World

From the heroic site, MEMRI:

'Pleasure Marriages' in Sunni and Shi'ite Islam

By: Aluma Dankowitz August 31, 2006 No.291


For over a decade, the phenomenon of marriage without commitment, called misyar marriage, has been spreading throughout the Sunni Muslim world, particularly in Saudi Arabia and the other Gulf countries. In such marriages, the woman relinquishes some of the rights that Islam grants her, such as the right to a home and to financial support from her husband, and, if he has other wives, the right to an equal part of his time and attention. In most cases, these marriages are secret, without the knowledge of the man's other wives – even though a marriage contract is drawn up in the presence of witnesses, and although consent is commonly obtained from the woman's guardian, and the marriage is registered and documented at the courthouse.



Sheehan Arrested “For Failure To Appear”

From Waco’s KWTX:

File photo

Sheehan Arrested For Unpaid Traffic Ticket

(August 30, 2006)—Anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan’s stay this month in Central Texas has not been a pleasant one.

First she was admitted to a local hospital for treatment of exhaustion and dehydration and to undergo gynecological tests. Last week she underwent a hysterectomy.

Then Tuesday night police from the Waco suburb of Woodway arrested her near Crawford on traffic warrants.

She was cited for following too closely and failure to appear.

Sheehan was released after she paid a $400 fine….

Hey, aren’t celebrities — especially America-hating celebrities — supposed to be above the law?

And speaking of "failure to appear," didn’t Mother Sheehan claim to be so sick she couldn’t attend the big pro-terrorism rally in Salt Lake City?



CBS Airbrushes New News Reader Couric

From the DNC's Associated Press:

The left photo is the original photograph. The right photo is an edited version from the September issue of Watch magazine, which is owned by CBS.

CBS magazine slims down Couric in photo

NEW YORK – No, Katie Couric didn't suddenly lose 20 pounds. The incoming "CBS Evening News" anchor appears significantly thinner in a network promotional magazine photo thanks to digital airbrushing.

The touched-up photo of Couric dressed in a striped business suit appears on the inside of the September issue of Watch! which is distributed at CBS stations and on American Airlines flights…

The original picture was snapped in May and was widely circulated to the media as an official photo of Couric.

Couric, 49, said she hadn't known about the digitally reworked version until she saw the issue.



Democrats Decry Rumsfeld’s “Partisan Attacks”

This message was so important the DNC bypassed their usual mouthpieces in the media and just issued a press release:

DNC: America Needs Real Leadership From Rumsfeld, Not Political Attacks


News from the Democratic National Committee:

Washington, DC – With President Bush’s foreign policy blunders becoming clearer with each day, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld again engaged in partisan political attacks today at the American Legion national convention in Salt Lake City, despite a promise by the Commander-in-Chief that the White House would not question the patriotism of their opponents.

"There is a lesson of history that clearly the Bush Administration and his political henchmen haven’t learned: tell the truth and face the facts," said Democratic National Committee Communications Director Karen Finney. "The truth is that under Republican watch, five years after 9/11, our nation is neither safer nor better prepared because of the blunders of the Bush Administration.



Red Cross: Israeli Ambulance Attack Not Faked

From the Australian:

Red Cross slams Downer hoax claim

Mark Dodd and Martin Chulov
August 30, 2006

The International Committee of the Red Cross has rebuked Foreign Minister Alexander Downer for relying on an unverified internet blog to claim an Israeli missile strike on one of its ambulances in southern Lebanon was a hoax.

A spokeswoman for the ICRC in Geneva said yesterday there was no evidence to support Mr Downer’s assertion that the international media had been duped in reporting that Israel had deliberately targeted the ambulance.

An image of the roof of the ambulance showed what was purportedly an entry hole allegedly made by an Israeli rocket which had pierced the centre of the red cross symbol.

The July 23 incident, in which two ambulances were fired on, injuring six people – including one man who lost his leg in the attack – provoked worldwide condemnation of Israel’s apparent direct targeting of an ambulance in breach of the Geneva convention.



15 Indicted In AL For Katrina Relief Fraud

From a US Department Of Justice press release:

Justice Department: Fifteen Individuals Indicted for FEMA Fraud in Alabama

8/29/2006 2:56:00 PM

BIRMINGHAM, Ala., Aug. 29 /U.S. Newswire/ — Fifteen individuals have been indicted by a federal grand jury in Alabama on allegations of fraud and theft resulting from claims filed with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), U.S. Attorney Alice H. Martin, Special Agent in Charge J. Christopher Murphy and Assistant Special Agent in Charge Roy Sexton, both of the U.S. Secret Service, announced today. The indictments filed allege fraud and theft of federal disaster relief funds from Hurricanes Katrina and Rita which devastated parts of the south in 2005.

"The defendants are charged today with consciously setting out to steal money meant for Hurricane victims," U.S.



College Board Scores Are Starkly Lower/Higher

From the NEA's Associated Press:

Drop in SAT scores biggest in 31 years

By JUSTIN POPE, AP Education Writer Tue Aug 29, 2006

The high school class of 2006 recorded the sharpest drop in SAT scores in 31 years, a decline that the exam's owner, the College Board, said was partly due to some students taking the newly lengthened test only once instead of twice.

Fatigue wasn't to blame, the College Board insisted, even though this year's class was the first to take a new version of the exam which added an essay. It now takes an average of three hours and 45 minutes to complete the test, not counting breaks, up from three hours previously…

The average critical reading score fell from 508 to 503, while math dropped from 520 to 518.



Propaganda Photos From Jackson, Reuters

Reuters does it again. A classic propaganda Kodak moment courtesy of Reverend Jesse Jackson (and son):

US civil rights leader Jesse Jackson (R) inspects buildings in Beirut's southern suburbs that were damaged by the recent conflict between Israel and Lebanon's Hizbollah, August 29, 2006. REUTERS/Mohamed Azakir.

And to think some say Reuters "stages" their photos.

It turns out that the "Made In USA" sign was put up by the Hezbollah in advance. This has become a popular propaganda tool for them:

Even the red banner has gotten around:

But certainly Jesse Jackson is media savvy enough to notice to have noticed the sign and realize how it and he were being used for the photos.

Jackson was at least complicit, if not eagerly willing to help advance Hezbollah's and Reuters' anti-American propaganda.



Report: Hezbollah Hit 12,000 Israeli Buildings

This is from the rabidly pro Hezbollah site in Iran,


A house and school hit by Hizbollah rockets in the northern Israeli town of Kiryat Shmona.

Twelve Thousand Buildings in Israel Hit by Hezbollah

Some 2,000 buildings destroyed during war in north; compensation to cost government tens of thousands of shekels

Some 12,000 buildings, including 4,000 public structures, were damaged by rocket attacks waged by Hizbullah from Lebanon during 35 days of confrontation with the Israel Defense Forces, a report by the Ministry for the Environment showed.

The Ministry for the Environment is drafting plans to get rid of tons of rubble from destroyed buildings, as the Prime Minister`s Office estimates that 2,000 buildings and apartments were destroyed during the war.

Grinding and disposing of the rubble in an environmental friendly manner will cost the government between NIS 80-115 (about USD 18-26) per ton of rubble.



Book: Armitage Is Leaker, Fitzgerald Knew

From the DNC's house magazine Newsweek:

The Man Who Said Too Much

A book coauthored by NEWSWEEK's Michael Isikoff details Richard Armitage's central role in the Valerie Plame leak.

By Michael Isikoff

Updated: 11:12 a.m. ET Aug 28, 2006

Sept. 4, 2006 issue – In the early morning of Oct. 1, 2003, Secretary of State Colin Powell received an urgent phone call from his No. 2 at the State Department. Richard Armitage was clearly agitated. As recounted in a new book, "Hubris: The Inside Story of Spin, Scandal, and the Selling of the Iraq War," Armitage had been at home reading the newspaper and had come across a column by journalist Robert Novak. Months earlier, Novak had caused a huge stir when he revealed that Valerie Plame, wife of Iraq-war critic Joseph Wilson, was a CIA officer.



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