AP: Iraqi Locals Are Rising Up Against Al-Qaida

From a shocked and dismayed Associated Press:

U.S. soldiers secure the site of a bomb attack near a Sunni mosque in Baghdad May 28, 2007.

Iraq residents rise up against al-Qaida

By SINAN SALAHEDDIN, Associated Press Writers

A battle raged in west Baghdad on Thursday after residents rose up against al-Qaida and called for U.S. military help to end random gunfire that forced people to huddle indoors and threats that kept students from final exams, a member of the district council said

U.S. forces backed by helicopter gunships clashed with suspected al-Qaida gunmen in western Baghdad’s primarily Sunni Muslim Amariyah neighborhood in an engagement that lasted several hours, said the district councilman, who would not allow use of his name for fear of al-Qaida retribution.



Tubercular Man Eluded Border Controls

From those lovers of open borders at the Washington Post:

Tuberculosis bacteria. A tuberculosis patient held under the first U.S. isolation order in more than 40 years was on his honeymoon abroad and decided to ‘run’ when he heard authorities wanted to lock him up and force treatment, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported on Wednesday.

Man With Rare TB Easily Eluded Safeguards

By David Brown
Thursday, May 31, 2007; Page A03

The Atlanta man with extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis who sparked an international health alarm by flying to Europe and back for his wedding twice ignored requests to stay put and not travel, officials said yesterday.

He apparently also shortened his honeymoon — which included stays in both Greece and Italy — and returned home early in order to avoid the complicated procedure being put together to get him back to the United States in a way that would not expose other people to his dangerous microbe.



Tennesse Paper Says Fred Thompson Is Running

From the Tennessean:

Thompson is in the race

He’ll step up fundraising, announce for president in July


Thursday, 05/31/07

Fred Thompson’s red campaign pickup truck, made famous by his successful 1994 U.S. Senate run, is ready once again to leave the driveway. This time, it’s pointed toward the White House.

The actor and former Republican Senator plans to form an exploratory committee in Tennessee, possibly as early as Friday, that will let him start raising funds for a presidential bid, longtime friend and political advisor Tom Ingram said Wednesday.

Thompson confirmed in an interview with USA Today published online Wednesday that he would seek the GOP nomination for president, setting the wheels in motion to transform the Law & Order star from a shadow campaigner into a viable candidate.



Thai Outlaws, Disbands Overthrown Party

From those champions of the fair elections at the Associated Press:

Supporters of Thailand’s Thai Rak Thai party listen to the court verdict at the party’s headquarters in Bangkok.

Thai Court Disbands Party of Ex-Premier

By Ambika Ahuja
Thursday, May 31, 2007; A15

BANGKOK, May 30 — A court disbanded the political party of Thailand’s ousted prime minister Wednesday, barring him and 110 party executives from politics for five years for violating election laws.

The ruling by the Constitutional Tribunal followed a guilty verdict against the Thai Rak Thai party for financing obscure parties to run against it last year to get around election turnout rules. The court also disbanded three smaller parties, two of them hired by Thai Rak Thai.

The ban is a stunning end for a party that two years ago was the most powerful in Thailand.


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Muslims Kills 25 Muslims – In Muslim Fallujah

From those defenders of the faith at the Associated Press:

Residents gather near a burnt vehicle after an air strike by U.S. forces in Baghdad’s Sadr City May 31, 2007. In a statement, the U.S. military said they arrested two suspected insurgents during a raid on Thursday in Sadr City.

25 killed in suicide bombing in Fallujah

By SINAN SALAHEDDIN, Associated Press Writer

BAGHDAD – A suicide bomber hit a police recruiting center in Fallujah on Thursday, killing at least 25 people and wounding 50, police said. U.S. forces backed by helicopter gunships clashed with suspected al-Qaida gunmen in western Baghdad in an engagement that lasted several hours.

At least 10 policemen were among the dead in the Fallujah attack, which occurred about 11 a.m., according to a police official in the city who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to release the information…

Police said the bomber detonated his explosives vest at the third of four checkpoints as he stood among recruits who were lining up to apply for jobs on the force.


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Bush Invites Putin To Kennebunkport

From those lovers of thuggish Communist dictators at the Washington Post:

Bush Reaches to Putin as Relations Continue to Slide

By Peter Baker and Peter Finn
Thursday, May 31, 2007; Page A01

President Bush yesterday launched a high-stakes effort to repair the dramatically deteriorating U.S. relationship with Russia by inviting President Vladimir Putin to visit the family compound in Kennebunkport, Maine, after weeks of rhetoric reminiscent of the Cold War.

The White House has grown increasingly alarmed lately with the harsh tone coming out of Moscow and its hardening positions on issues that include Iran’s nuclear program, Kosovo statehood and missile defense. Administration officials said privately that the situation has reached a crisis stage and needs to be reversed before it gets worse.

Although the president’s aides do not expect to resolve the stickiest issues dividing the two sides during the visit to the Bush family retreat on the rocky Maine coast July 1-2, they hope the relaxed setting will restore U.S.-Russian relations to a more constructive footing.



Fitzgerald Now Claims Plame Was A Covert Agent

From the DNC’s house magazine Newsweek:

Was She or Wasn’t She?

Arguing that Libby deserves jail time, Fitzgerald says Plame was a covert agent.

By Michael Isikoff and Mark Hosenball

May 29, 2007 – In new court filings, special counsel Patrick Fitzgerald has finally resolved one of the most disputed issues at the core of the long-running CIA leak controversy: Valerie Plame Wilson, he asserts, was a “covert” CIA officer who repeatedly traveled overseas using a “cover identity” in order to disguise her relationship with the agency.

Fitzgerald cites Wilson’s covert status as part of his argument—advanced in two strongly worded memos filed in recent days—that I. Lewis (Scooter) Libby, Vice President Dick Cheney’s former chief of staff, should be sentenced to up to three years in prison…

“It was clear from very early in the investigation that Ms.



Syria’s Assad Wins “Re-Election” – 98% Of Vote

From Syria’s own one party media, SANA:

Speaker announces Dr. Bashar al-Assad as President of Syria for a new term

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

DAMASCUS, (SANA) – Speaker of the People’s Assembly on Tuesday officially announced Dr. Bashar al-Assad as the President of Syrian Arab Republic for a new 7-year constitutional term.

The people’s Assembly held today a session for declaring al-Assad as the President of the country following final results of the popular referendum in which the President won 97.62 of votes.

And of course the people showed their joy in a spontaneous demonstration:

President al-Assad greets people who expressed feelings of joy on re-election

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

DAMASCUS, (SANA)-Syrian people on Tuesday marched the streets of Damascus expressing joy, happiness and showing amity to President Bashar al-Assad on re-electing him for a new seven-year constitutional term.



ABC: Mexicans Heckled Miss USA Over “Policy”

From those celebrants of the gorgeous mosaic at ABC News:

Boos for Miss USA Aimed at U.S. Lawmakers

Heckling Rachel Smith Was a Reaction to the Proposed Immigration Legislation

May 30, 2007 — Hey, Miss USA: Don’t take it personally.

Miss Universe officials and observers say the Mexico City audience’s incessant booing of Miss USA Rachel Smith during Monday night’s pageant was not personal. Instead, they say it was a sign of the increasingly tense relationship between the United States and Mexico at a time when the immigration debate is hot.

The boos started as soon as Smith stepped forward for the interview round. And it continued, along with chants of “Mexico,” as Smith launched into a history of her volunteer work in South Africa.

“I don’t think they are booing because of Rachel,” said Donald Trump, co-owner of the Miss Universe pageant.



Iran Now Links Iraq To Its Nuclear Program Talks

From those lovers of diplomacy at BBC NEWS:

Iran links Iraq and nuclear issue

A senior Iranian official has said that direct Iran-US talks about security in Iraq will have an impact on the dispute over Iran’s nuclear programme.

Senior nuclear negotiator Ali Larijani said the talks on Iraq could not be separated from the nuclear issue…

While much of the hardline media in Iran has been playing down the importance of the talks with America, Mr Larijani said the talks were obviously not a tiny event in the region or the world.

“We have said the nuclear issue and the Iraq talks are two different things but in the political world you cannot really separate them,” Mr Larijani said…

Mr Larijani said if the Americans acted prudently they could benefit from Iran’s proposals on Iraq, but if they made a huge noise in the media than nothing would be achieved.



ACLU Sues Boeing Over “CIA Transfers”

From those defenders of the rule of law at Reuters:

Rights group sues Boeing unit over CIA transfers

Wed May 30, 2007

NEW YORK (Reuters) – The American Civil Liberties Union said on Wednesday it is suing a unit of plane maker and defense contractor Boeing Co. for providing flight services to the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency as it secretly flew abducted foreigners to overseas prisons where they were held and interrogated.

The rights group said it would file a lawsuit against Jeppesen Dataplan Inc. in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California later on Wednesday on behalf of three people it said had been abducted by the CIA.

How hilarious. But note how Reuters insists on calling this anti-American communist front organization a “rights group.”

Were any of the three people who claim to have been “abducted” American citizens?



Bush Attacks Republican Critics Of Amnesty Bill

From those lovers of open borders at the Washington Post:

President Bush greets trainees for the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol agency at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Glynco, Ga.

Bush Chides GOP Critics of Immigration Plan

President Says Opponents ‘Haven’t Read the Bill’ and Are Trying to Frighten Americans
By Peter Baker

Wednesday, May 30, 2007; Page A01

GLYNCO, Ga., May 29 — President Bush lashed out at critics within his own party Tuesday, accusing Republican opponents of distorting the immigration deal he negotiated with leading congressional Democrats and playing on the politics of fear to undermine public support.

In stern tones normally reserved for the liberal opposition, Bush said conservatives fighting the immigration proposal “haven’t read the bill” and oppose it in some cases because “it might make somebody else look good.” Their “empty political rhetoric,” he said, threatens to thwart what he called the last, best chance to fix an immigration system that all sides agree is broken.



Pelosi: The US Must Accept Global Warming

From those devotees to Gaia at Reuters:

Merkel, Pelosi say world should unite on climate

By Louis Charbonneau

BERLIN (Reuters) – Climate change is a global problem that requires unity and “multilateral” agreements if it is to be defeated, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi said on Tuesday

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is hosting a Group of Eight (G8) summit in the Baltic resort of Heiligendamm next week, but has so far failed to convince President George W. Bush to sign up to firm targets to combat global warming.

Pelosi is in Germany as part of a European tour to highlight congressional concern about climate change.

“I emphasized that we are of the opinion that we need multilateral agreements in the future if we are to combat this global challenge on a global level,” Merkel told reporters after meeting Pelosi and a bipartisan delegation of key House members.



Hillary Clinton Announces Collectivist Vision

From the collectivists at the DNC’s Associated Press:

Clinton promotes shared responsibility

By HOLLY RAMER, Associated Press Writer

Presidential hopeful Hillary Rodham Clinton outlined a broad economic vision Tuesday, saying it’s time to replace an “on your own” society with one based on shared responsibility and prosperity.

The Democratic senator said what the Bush administration touts as an “ownership society” really is an “on your own” society that has widened the gap between rich and poor.

“I prefer a ‘we’re all in it together’ society,” she said. “I believe our government can once again work for all Americans. It can promote the great American tradition of opportunity for all and special privileges for none.”

That means pairing growth with fairness, she said, to ensure that the middle-class succeeds in the global economy, not just corporate CEOs.



Iran Charges 3 US-Iranian Citizens With Spying

From those lovers of crazy theocratic dictatorships at Reuters:

Iran charges three U.S.-Iranian citizens with spying

By Hossein Jaseb

Iran has charged three Iranian-Americans with spying, officials said on Tuesday, just a day after Washington and Tehran held their most high-profile talks in nearly 30 years.

Under Iran’s Islamic sharia law, the charge could carry the death sentence. Judiciary spokesman Alireza Jamshidi said the three were academic Haleh Esfandiari, social scientist Kian Tajbakhsh and journalist Parnaz Azima…

Tehran accuses Washington of using intellectuals and others inside the country to undermine the Islamic Republic through what it calls “velvet revolution.” The United States has dismissed the accusation.

Iran has arrested, detained or prevented a number of U.S.-Iranian citizens from leaving the country, including Esfandiari, director of the U.S.



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