Soros: BHO Should’ve Taken Over Banks

From CNN and the Wall Street Journal:

Soros Criticizes Obama’s Bailouts

By Luca Di Leo

MARCH 1, 2010

WASHINGTON—Billionaire investor George Soros, who helped U.S. President Barack Obama raise money for his presidential campaign in 2008, said Sunday he wasn’t happy with Mr. Obama’s handling of the financial crisis.

Mr. Soros said the government should have taken over U.S. banks instead of bailing them out, a move he suggested would have been more popular with Americans.

Mr. Soros is thinking of Central or South Americans, maybe Venezuela.

Though, actually, nationalizing banks isn’t even all that popular down there.

"The solution that he found to the financial crisis, which was to effectively bail out the banks and allow them to earn their way out of the hole, was, in my opinion, not the right solution," Mr.



Obama Still Addicted To Tobacco Nicotine

From a selective Associated Press:

Medical checkup: 48-year-old Obama `fit for duty’

WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama’s doctor says the commander in chief’s first medical checkup since he took office finds the 48-year-old is in "excellent health" and is "fit for duty."

The physician, Navy Capt. Jeffrey Kuhlman, says he saw nothing in his examination of the president on Sunday that would prevent Obama from fulfilling his term as president.

He recommends that Obama "continue smoking cessation efforts" and modify his exercise regimen to strengthen his leg muscles to overcome occasional pain from chronic tendinitis in his left leg.

Obama uses a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory for the tendinitis and "nicotine replacement therapy" — believed to be nicotine gum — in his bid to quit smoking.



Pelosi To Dems: Sacrifice Job For O-care

From a cheering Associated Press:

Pelosi to Dems: back health bill even if it hurts

February 28, 2010

WASHINGTON (AP) — House Speaker Nancy Pelosi urged her colleagues to back a major overhaul of U.S. health care even if it threatens their political careers, a call to arms that underscores the issue’s massive role in this election year.

Lawmakers sometimes must enact policies that, even if unpopular at the moment, will help the public, Pelosi said in an interview being broadcast Sunday the ABC News program "This Week."

"We’re not here just to self-perpetuate our service in Congress," she said. "We’re here to do the job for the American people."

It took courage for Congress to pass Social Security and Medicare, which eventually became highly popular, she said, "and many of the same forces that were at work decades ago are at work again against this bill."

Her comments to ABC, in the interview released Sunday, seemed to acknowledge the widely held view that Democrats will lose House seats this fall — maybe a lot.



Pelosi: GOP Has Hijacked The ‘Tea Party’

From from her starry-eyed fans at the Associated Press:

Pelosi says GOP has hijacked ‘tea party’ movement

Sun Feb 28

WASHINGTON – House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is questioning whether the conservative "tea party" coalition truly represents a grass-roots movement.

In a broadcast interview, Pelosi calls tea party voters the "astroturf" movement. She says many of those voters have good intentions but that the Republican Party has hijacked the movement for its gain.

The San Francisco Democrat says the tea party coalition shares some common ground with Democrats, such as their dislike of special interests in Washington. She cited public disdain for the recent Supreme Court ruling on campaign finance that allows companies and unions to spend freely on ads that promote or target particular candidates by name.



Indians Reject $2M Bribe For Wind Farm

From the Boston Herald:

Supporters and opponents of Cape Wind protest outside the U.S. Coastguard Station in Woodshole, Mass. on Tuesday, Feb. 2, 2010.

Tribes reject wind-fall

By Christine McConville  |   Saturday, February 27, 2010 

Cape Wind developer Jim Gordon has offered two Native American tribes millions to halt their opposition as the clock runs down on the review period for the controversial wind power project slated for Nantucket Sound.

Sources told the Herald that Gordon, through a middleman, offered to pay the two tribes a total of $50,000 a year for 20 years if they would support the project.

Cape Wind spokesman Mark Rodgers said the offer represented “financial mitigation.”

Cedric Cromwell, chairman of the Mashpee Wampanoags, which is one of the two tribes involved, said the offer was rejected “out of hand.”

“This issue has never been about money for us,” Cromwell said.



Liberalism, Atheism, Linked To High IQ

We almost missed this scientific study from those famous brainiacs at CNN:

Liberalism, atheism, male sexual exclusivity linked to IQ

By Elizabeth Landau, CNN

February 26, 2010

(CNN) — Political, religious and sexual behaviors may be reflections of intelligence, a new study finds.

Evolutionary psychologist Satoshi Kanazawa at the the London School of Economics and Political Science correlated data on these behaviors with IQ from a large national U.S. sample and found that, on average, people who identified as liberal and atheist had higher IQs. This applied also to sexual exclusivity in men, but not in women. The findings will be published in the March 2010 issue of Social Psychology Quarterly.

The IQ differences, while statistically significant, are not stunning — on the order of 6 to 11 points — and the data should not be used to stereotype or make assumptions about people, experts say.



Obama: Accept Plan Or ‘Reconciliation’

From the ‘healthcare reform’ lobbyists at the (UK based) Reuters:

A [AFP] graphic comparing the average per capita health care cost and life expectancy in the developed world.

Obama: Healthcare reform can’t wait a generation

By Matt Spetalnick Sat Feb 27

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Barack Obama sought on Saturday to spark momentum for a final push to revive his stalled healthcare overhaul, insisting that Americans "cannot wait another generation for us to act."

Two days after a healthcare summit that produced no Republican converts, Obama used his weekly radio address to try to rally public support for a Democratic bid to press ahead with reform legislation, with or without bipartisan agreement.

The White House said Obama would announce a decision next week on "the way forward" on healthcare, signaling his patience is running thin with Republicans who have demanded he scrap his year-old approach and start over.



NV Senate Passes Four Day Workweek

From a joyous Associated Press:

Southern Nevada Paving workers listens as Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev. touts his jobs bill, Thursday, Feb. 18, 2010 in Las Vegas.

No NV Budget Yet; Senate Passes 4-Day Workweek Plan

Nevada Gov. Jim Gibbons and state lawmakers still haven’t reach an accord on how to plug a nearly $900 million budget hole, and they’ll try again Saturday, which is Day 5 of the special legislative session.

Feb 27, 2010

CARSON CITY, Nev. (AP) – Nevada Gov. Jim Gibbons and state lawmakers still haven’t reach an accord on how to plug a nearly $900 million budget hole, and they’ll try again Saturday, which is Day 5 of the special legislative session.

One possible piece of progress: The Senate passed a plan for four-day workweeks, with state offices closed Fridays.



Shocker: Noose Stokes Anger At UCSD

From the San Diego Union-Tribune:

UCSD Chancellor Marye Anne Fox addressed about 300 students at noon yesterday and read from a prepared statement regarding the investigation of a noose that was discovered in the Geisel Library on campus.

Noose stokes racial anger at UCSD

Students take over chancellor’s office


Saturday, February 27, 2010

Discovery of a noose hanging in the University of California San Diego library set off a fresh round of student demands and demonstrations yesterday that climaxed with the takeover of the chancellor’s office for several hours.

Addressing about 300 distraught students and others gathered on campus, Chancellor Marye [sic] Anne Fox promised to get to the bottom of the “dastardly” crime.

“This is truly a dark day in the history of this university,” Fox said through a bullhorn.



Shocker: Berkeley Protest Turns Violent

From a cheering Associated Press:

Late-night protest at UC Berkeley turns violent

By Terence Chea, Associated Press Writer Fri Feb 26

BERKELEY, Calif. – A late-night demonstration over budget cuts turned violent in Berkeley when protesters broke into a campus building, torched trash cans, smashed windows and threw rocks and bottles at police, authorities said Friday.

Police arrested two people near the University of California, Berkeley campus, said Officer Andrew Frankel, a spokesman for the Berkeley Police Department.

The unrest began around 11 p.m. Thursday after a crowd of more than 100 people gathered on campus for an open-air dance party to build support for an upcoming statewide protest over education funding cuts.

Ah, yes. Dance party protests really show how you are down for the struggle.



NYT/Obama Win – Paterson Won’t Run

From the New York Post:

Gov. Paterson drops election bid; announcement expected soon


February 26, 2010

Gov. David Paterson has told Democratic leaders that he won’t seek election to a full term amid a roiling scandal over whether he and his troopers intimidated a woman who’d reported domestic violence against one of his top aides, The Post has learned.

Paterson communicated his intentions to top advisers and supporters, saying he’ll make an announcement today, multiple sources said — confirming a Post report.

Paterson, who took over the state’s top spot when Eliot Spitzer resigned after it was disclosed that he had sex with a prostitute, is expected to say he won’t resign.

Just last night Paterson said he intended to continue his campaign, which he launched this past weekend.



Obama Demands Total Say On 9/11 Trials

From an irony-proof Reuters:

A portrait of U.S. President Barack Obama at the U.S. Naval base in Guantanamo Bay.

Obama aides push back on venue for terrorism trials

By Jeremy Pelofsky

February 26, 2010

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The Obama administration bluntly urged the Congress on Thursday to steer clear of directing where terrorism suspects should be prosecuted, pushing back against efforts to require military rather than civilian trials.

A bipartisan group of senators has offered legislation aimed at forcing the administration to prosecute terrorism suspects, like the self-professed mastermind of the September 11, 2001 attacks, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, in special military commission trials instead of traditional criminal courts.

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder ordered Mohammed and four alleged co-conspirators to be tried in a criminal court in Manhattan.



AP: 5.9% GDP Growth Will Likely Fade

From a suddenly downcast Associated Press:

Brisk 5.9 percent growth in Q4 will likely fade

By Jeannine Aversa, AP Economics Writer

February 26, 2010

WASHINGTON – The economy rocketed ahead at a 5.9 percent pace in the final quarter of 2009, stronger than initially estimated. But the growth spurt isn’t expected to carry over into this year.

The fresh reading on the nation’s economic standing, released by the Commerce Department on Friday, was better than the government’s initial estimate a month ago of 5.7 percent growth. It would mark the strongest showing in six years.

Even so, it didn’t change the expectation of much slower economic activity in the current January-to-March quarter.

Roughly two-thirds of last quarter’s growth came from a burst of manufacturing — but not because consumer demand was especially strong.



4th Quarter GDP Is Revised Up To 5.9%

A press release from the US Bureau Of Economic Analysis:

Gross Domestic Product: Fourth Quarter 2009 (Second Estimate)

February 26, 2010

Real gross domestic product — the output of goods and services produced by labor and property located in the United States — increased at an annual rate of 5.9 percent in the fourth quarter of 2009 (that is, from the third quarter to the fourth quarter) according to the "second" estimate released by the Bureau of Economic Analysis. In the third quarter, real GDP increased 2.2 percent.

Note that the third quarter GDP had been initially estimated to be 3.5%.

The GDP estimates released today are based on more complete source data than were available for the "advance" estimate issued last month. In the advance estimate, the increase in real GDP was 5.7 percent (see "Revisions" on page 3).



Obama To Use Contracts To Boost Unions

Buried in the ‘Business’ section of the New York Times:

Plan to Seek Use of U.S. Contracts as a Wage Lever


February 25, 2010

The Obama administration is planning to use the government’s enormous buying power to prod private companies to improve wages and benefits for millions of workers, according to White House officials and several interest groups briefed on the plan.

By altering how it awards $500 billion in contracts each year, the government would disqualify more companies with labor, environmental or other violations and give an edge to companies that offer better levels of pay, health coverage, pensions and other benefits, the officials said.

What exactly are “labor” violations? For that matter, what are “environmental” violations?

Anything the unions or greens object to?



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