Media Admits Castle Run Would Help COD

From a relieved Politico:

With Castle out, advantage to Coons

By: David Catanese
September 30, 2010

Rep. Mike Castle’s decision against a third-party bid in the Delaware Senate race delivers Democrats some of the best news they’ve had in weeks.

While polling on the possibility is sparse, the consensus among national and state leaders is that a Castle candidacy would have carved into the coalition supporting Democratic candidate Chris Coons, peeling away moderates and even a chunk of Democrats who remain loyal to the nine-term congressman.

Ironically, a three-way race – dividing First State centrists – may have offered Republicans their best shot at winning the seat

Which, of course, is what the Castle people meant, when they said that their write-in effort appeared to be ‘backfiring.’

But isn’t it odd how neither the Politico nor the rest of the Democrat media complex admitted this before Mr.


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Extinction From Habitat Loss Exaggerated

We almost missed this surprisingly balanced report from the Agence France-Presse:

One fifth of world’s plants threatened by extinction: study

Tue Sep 28, 2010

LONDON (AFP) – More than a fifth of the world’s plant species faces the threat of extinction, a trend with potentially catastrophic effects for life on Earth, according to research released on Wednesday.

But a separate study cautioned that extinction of mammals had been overestimated and suggested some mammal species thought to have been wiped out may yet be rediscovered.

Stephen Hopper, director of the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew, London, said the report on plant loss was the most accurate mapping yet of the threat to the planet’s estimated 380,000 plant species.

"This study confirms what we already suspected, that plants are under threat and the main cause is human-induced habitat loss," Hopper said at the launch of the so-called Sampled Red List Index…

The study comes ahead of a meeting in Nagoya, Japan, from October 18 to 29, where members of the UN’s Biodiversity Convention will set new targets to save endangered wildlife…

Would it be too cynical to question the timing of this report?



New Jobless Claims ‘Plunged’ Last Week

From an elated Reuters:

US jobless claims fell sharply last week

WASHINGTON, Sept 30 | Thu Sep 30, 2010

WASHINGTON, Sept 30 (Reuters) – New U.S. claims for unemployment benefits plunged by 16,000 last week to 453,000, the Labor Department said on Thursday, a steeper fall than had been anticipated in a sign that labor markets may be strengthening modestly.

Analysts polled by Reuters had forecast that claims would come in at 460,000.

16,000 jobs – when we are talking about almost a half million unemployed — does not sound like much of a "plunge" to us.

Especially since the number of new claims will probably be revised upward next week. Speaking of which:

The government revised the prior week’s figure up to 469,000 claims.



McDonald’s Might (Not) Drop Health Plan

From the Wall Street Journal:

McDonald’s May Drop Health Plan

SEPTEMBER 30, 2010

McDonald’s Corp. has warned federal regulators that it could drop its health insurance plan for nearly 30,000 hourly restaurant workers unless regulators waive a new requirement of the U.S. health overhaul

Trade groups representing restaurants and retailers say low-wage employers might halt their coverage if the government doesn’t loosen a requirement for "mini-med" plans, which offer limited benefits to some 1.4 million Americans.

The requirement concerns the percentage of premiums that must be spent on benefits.

While many restaurants don’t offer health coverage, McDonald’s provides mini-med plans for workers at 10,500 U.S. locations, most of them franchised. A single worker can pay $14 a week for a plan that caps annual benefits at $2,000, or about $32 a week to get coverage up to $10,000 a year.



Times Sq Bomber Planned Second Attack

From the New York Post:

Faisal wanted 40 dead

September 30, 2010

Failed Times Square bomber Faisal Shahzad bragged that he hoped to murder at least 40 innocent victims, and would have attempted a second attack two weeks later if he hadn’t been busted, the feds revealed yesterday.

The terrorist wannabe also told of watching real-time video feeds over the Web to plan his botched blast at the Crossroads of the World, court papers said.

"According to Shahzad, he wanted to select the busiest time for pedestrian traffic in Times Square because pedestrians walking on the streets would be easier to kill and injure than people driving in cars," prosecutors wrote

And, as we have previously noted, Mr. Shahzad put his bomb right at the entrance to the theater where ‘The Lion King’ was having a Saturday matinee, so that many of the victims would be children.



Whitman’s Maid Claimed She Was ‘Legal’

From a (feigned) outraged Reuters:

Ex-maid says Whitman knew she in the U.S. illegally

By Dan Whitcomb Wed Sep 29, 2010

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – A former housekeeper to California Republican gubernatorial nominee Meg Whitman surfaced on Wednesday to say that the former eBay executive knowingly employed her illegally and treated her poorly.

The Whitman campaign moved quickly to counter the allegations by Nicky Diaz, saying the housekeeper from Mexico lied about her immigration status when she was hired in 2000, providing a Social Security card and other documents that appeared to show she could legally work in the United States.

Whitman also said that in coming forward with the potentially explosive allegations 35 days before the November 2 election, Diaz was being "manipulated" by attorney Gloria Allred, who has been a friend and supporter of Democratic rival Jerry Brown.



Trumka: Anger Due To Tea Party’s Lies

From the AFL-CIO’s Now Blog:

Trumka: Working-Class Anger Fueled by Right’s ‘Deeply Dishonest’ Message

By Mike Hall On September 27, 2010

With the economy continuing to stagger and job creation not moving quickly, “working people are justifiably angry and frustrated” as they approach the Nov. 2 elections, says AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka.

Trumka and Working America Executive Director Karen Nussbaum, New York Times columnist Bob Herbert, Eric Alterman, journalist and senior fellow at [Soros front] the Center for American Progress, and moderator Katrina vanden Heuvel, editor and publisher of the Nation, led a panel discussion—Which Way for the Working Class? Elections 2010 and Beyond—Friday afternoon in New York City.

What a nicely balanced ‘panel.’

More than 400 people attended the event at the Great Hall at Cooper Union.



Spain Is Crippled By ‘Anti-Austerity’ Strike

From the UK’s Telegraph:

General strike in Spain to protest against austerity measures

Across Spain picketers took to the streets to protest against government austerity measures in a 24-hour general strike called by the nation’s main labour unions.

By Fiona Govan in Madrid
29 Sep 2010

Air travellers were worst hit by the strike, with an estimated two-thirds of all flights to and from Spanish airports disrupted…

Ryanair cancelled all its internal flights and most of its international flights, while Easyjet grounded half of its flights through Spain.

British Airways and Iberia warned of delays and said flights were likely to be cancelled at short notice. An estimated 30 per cent of flights only were expected to operate.

The pain in Spain falls mainly on the planes.



Pentagon Says: Cut Our Spending, Please

From the DNC’s handmaidens at the Washington Post:

Pentagon officials: Spending is bloated

By Walter H. Pincus
Wednesday, September 29, 2010; A19

Top Defense Department officials told Congress Tuesday that Pentagon overspending must be curtailed in order to maintain the current size and strength of the armed forces.

Explaining the reasons for Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates’s ambitious program to reduce costs, Deputy Defense Secretary William J. Lynn III told the Senate Armed Services Committee that "headquarters and support bureaucracies, military and civilian alike . . . have swelled to cumbersome proportions, grown over-reliant on contractors and become accustomed to operating with little consideration of costs."

This is the payoff from that series of articles that the Washington Post did a few weeks ago, "exposing" the supposed overlaps in ‘Homeland Security’ and intelligence agencies since 9/11.



Dem ‘Protectionism’ Bill Fails In Senate

From a dejected Washington Post:

Anti-outsourcing bill fails in Senate

By Lori Montgomery
Wednesday, September 29, 2010; A17

The latest jobs bill from Senate Democrats – a plan to punish firms that ship jobs overseas – failed to clear a key procedural hurdle Tuesday after some Democrats complained that the measure would hamper the ability of U.S. companies to compete in foreign markets.

Four Democrats and Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman (I-Conn.) voted with a united Republican caucus to block the bill, which was crafted to address the 9.6 percent unemployment rate in the run-up to November’s midterm elections. On a vote of 53 to 45, the measure failed to garner the 60 votes needed to overcome a GOP filibuster.

Senate Majority Leader Harry M. Reid (D-Nev.) defended the bill as a "simple, common-sense" effort to "keep American jobs here in America" and to "stop forcing taxpayers in Nevada and across the nation to pay for giveaways that reward companies for sending American jobs overseas."

What does more to drive jobs overseas than high taxes and onerous government regulations?



Reuters: Raise Taxes, Don’t Cut Spending

From the Democrat media operatives at Reuters:

Deficit-cut panel convenes amid skepticism

By Kevin Drawbaugh [sic] and Donna Smith Wed Sep 29, 2010

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – With just two months left before it has to issue a final report, a U.S. commission looking at ways to cut the federal deficit was to meet again on Wednesday amid questions about its hard-headedness.

Is Reuters worried that the committee might not be stubborn enough about insisting on raising any and all taxes? They have nothing to fear on that score.

Getting the government’s budget out of the red and back into the blackafter years of costly wars, tax cuts and recessionwill require spending reductions and tax increases, according to most analysts looking at the issue.



Germany Makes Last Reparations Payment

From Der Spiegel:

Germany Closes Book on World War I With Final Reparations Payment

By David Crossland
September 28, 2010

Germany will make its last reparations payment for World War I on Oct. 3, settling its outstanding debt from the 1919 Versailles Treaty and quietly closing the final chapter of the conflict that shaped the 20th century.

Oct. 3, the 20th anniversary of German unification, will also mark the completion of the final chapter of World War I with the end of reparations payments 92 years after the country’s defeat.

The German government will pay the last instalment [sic] of interest on foreign bonds it issued in 1924 and 1930 to raise cash to fulfil [sic] the enormous reparations demands the victorious Allies made after World War I.



New EPA Boiler Rule Could Kill 800K Jobs

From Fox News:

Inhofe Says EPA’s New Boiler Rule Could Kill Nearly 800,000 Manufacturing Jobs

Published September 28, 2010

The top Republican on a Senate environmental panel released a scathing report Tuesday that he contends shows that the Environmental Protection Agency’s new proposed rule on cleaning up boilers nationwide could devastate America’s manufacturing base and imperil hundreds of thousands of jobs without providing any real public health or environmental benefits.

In June, the EPA issued a proposal that would force industrial, commercial and institutional boilers and heaters to use "maximum achievable control technology" to reduce harmful emissions that erode air quality and pose a public health risk.

The proposed rule covers industrial boilers used in manufacturing, processing, mining, refining and commercial boilers used in malls, laundries, apartments, restaurants and hotels, the report from Sen.



Terror Attack On European Cities Is Foiled

From the UK’s Sky News:

Terror Plot To Attack European Cities Foiled

Alex Watts
Wednesday September 29, 2010

Intelligence agencies have intercepted a terror plot to launch Mumbai-style attacks on Britain and other European countries, according to Sky News sources.

Sky’s foreign affairs editor Tim Marshall said militants based in Pakistan were planning simultaneous strikes in London, as well as cities in France and Germany.

He said the plan was in an "advanced but not imminent stage" and the plotters had been tracked by spy agencies "for some time".

Marshall said an increase in drone attacks in Pakistan in the past few weeks was linked to attempts by Western powers to disrupt the plot.

He said the planned attacks would have been similar to the commando-style raids carried out in Mumbai by Pakistan-based gunmen in 2008.



Why Obama Decided To Become Christian

First we have this from his acolytes at the Associated Press:

Obama tells questioner he’s ‘Christian by choice’

By Charles Babington And Darlene Superville, Associated Press Writers Tue Sep 28, 2010

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – President Barack Obama, in a rare discussion about his religious beliefs, described himself on Tuesday as a "Christian by choice" who arrived at his faith in adulthood because "the precepts of Jesus Christ" helped him envision the kind of life he wanted to lead.

Obama talked about his beliefs when he was asked, "Why are you a Christian." The question was posed by a woman at a backyard conversation here, part of a series of meetings Obama is holding to talk informally with Americans…

"I’m a Christian by choice," Obama told his audience here.



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