HuffPo Poll: Fox More Reliable Than CNN, MSNBC

From NewsBusters:

New Poll Finds CNN Far Less Believable Cable Channel Than Fox News

By Randy Hall | April 29, 2013

It used to be that whenever an important news story broke, cable television viewers would quickly turn to CNN for must-see coverage of what was happening. However, according to a poll conducted regarding the five-day coverage of the Boston Marathon bombing, that is definitely no longer the case.

The survey, which was conducted by the liberal Huffington Post website and the international marketing agency YouGov, determined that former titan CNN came in as far less trustworthy than Fox News over which was the most believable cable news channel.

During the poll, which was based on interviews of 1,000 adults last Friday and Saturday, the bad news for CNN began when people were asked how believable the news was from that channel during the Boston bombings.


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Pew Poll: 35% Of Mexicans Want To Move To US

From the Pew Global Attitudes Project:

Fewer See Better Life North of the Border, but 35% Would Migrate

U.S. Image Rebounds in Mexico

April 29, 2013

On the eve of President Barack Obama’s visit to Mexico, the United States is enjoying a resurgence of good will among the Mexican public, with a clear majority favorably inclined toward their northern neighbor and more now expressing confidence in Obama.

What a relief. We would hate to think what would happen if Mexicans stopped loving the US.

A national opinion survey of Mexico by the Pew Research Center, conducted March 4-17 among 1,000 adults, finds that roughly two-thirds (66%) of Mexicans have a favorable opinion of the U.S. – up from 56% a year ago and dramatically higher than it was following the passage of Arizona’s restrictive immigration law in 2010, when favorable Mexican attitudes toward the United States slipped to 44%…

Thank goodness they are forgiving us for one of our states wanting to actually enforce our immigration laws.


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Naked Girl Dressed As Pope Hands Out Condoms

From CBS Pittsburgh affiliate, KDKA:

CMU Parade Controversy Over Naked Woman, Dressed As Pope

April 29, 2013

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Students at Carnegie Mellon say it’s freedom of expression, but the Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh calls it inappropriate and disrespectful.

At an annual art school parade, a female student dressed up as the pope, and was naked from the waist down while she passed out condoms. Even more, witnesses say the woman had shaved her pubic hair in the shape of a cross.

This is how the left respects diversity. This is how they show their tolerance for other points of view. Respect for other religions.

Speaking of which, Islam is fair more opposed to abortion and birth control than the Catholic Church has ever been.



Obama Called Jason Collins To Offer His Support

From the Associated Press:

Obama calls Collins, offers support on coming out


WASHINGTON (AP) — A groundbreaking pronouncement from NBA veteran Jason Collins — "I’m gay" — reverberated Monday through Washington, generating accolades from lawmakers on Twitter and a supportive phone call from President Barack Obama.

Hours after Collins disclosed his sexuality in an online article, Obama reached out by phone, expressing his support and telling Collins he was impressed by his courage, the White House said.

Is this the same Barack Obama who never picked up the phone to check on the American personnel being attacked in Benghazi? Maybe if Ambassador Steven had been openly gay, he would have bothered.

Collins, 34, becomes the first active player in one of four major U.S.



Toensing: Benghazi Whistleblowers Threatened

From Fox News:

Is Obama Admin Threatening Benghazi Whistleblowers?

By James Rosen | April 29, 2013

At least four career officials at the State Department and the Central Intelligence Agency have retained lawyers, or are in the process of doing so, as they prepare to provide sensitive information about the Benghazi attacks to Congress, Fox News has learned.

Victoria Toensing, a former Justice Department official and Republican counsel to the Senate intelligence committee, is now representing one of the State Department employees. She told Fox News her client and some of the others, who consider themselves whistleblowers, have been threatened by unnamed Obama administration officials.

“I’m not talking generally, I’m talking specifically about Benghazi – that people have been threatened,” Toensing said in an interview Monday.



Eric Holder Warns Against Anti-Muslim Backlash

From the Politico:

Holder warns against Boston bombing backlash

By JOSH GERSTEIN | April 29, 2013

Attorney General Eric Holder declared Monday that the Justice Department is on the lookout for acts of violence or discrimination that signal a backlash to the Boston Marathon bombings earlier this month in which three people were killed and scores wounded…

Shouldn’t Eric Holder have apologized for his department, which includes much of the US counter-terrorism forces, letting this attack happen in the first place? Perhaps if they weren’t so worried about offending Muslims, they might have been keeping closer tabs on the Tsarnaev family.

And shouldn’t Mr. Holder be spending his time trying to figure out how his department screwed up again?

"Our investigation into this matter remains ongoing – and I want to assure you that my colleagues and I are determined to hold accountable, to the fullest extent of the law, all of those who were responsible for this attack," Holder said, according to the prepared text of a speech delivered Monday to the Anti-Defamation League.



Ex-Girlfriend Claims Tamerlan ‘Hated America’

From the UK’s The Sun:

My boyfriend the bomber

By RYAN PARRY | April 28, 2013

Boston – AN ex-girlfriend of dead Boston bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev has told how he tried to brainwash her into becoming a Muslim fanatic who hated America. Nadine Ascencao, 24, said Tamerlan made her wear an Islamic hijab and pray to Allah and slapped her when she wore Western clothes.

But she was so blindly in love with the handsome boxer [sic!] who had taken her virginity, she did her utmost to make him happy. Nadine said: “I went to his mosque a couple of times and even looked into converting to make him happy. I thought, ‘This is crazy’ — but I still did it for him.

“Tamerlan had taken my virginity and said he loved me because I was pure and hadn’t been with any other guys.



Female DNA Found On One Of Boston Bombs

From the Wall Street Journal:

Female DNA Found on Bomb in Boston

Investigators Unsure Whether Evidence Means a Woman Aided in the Attack


Investigators have found female DNA on at least one of the bombs used in the Boston Marathon attacks, though they haven’t determined whose DNA it is or whether its presence means a woman helped the two brothers suspected in the bombings, according to U.S. officials briefed on the probe…

Speaking Monday about the DNA discovery, the U.S. officials cautioned that there could be multiple explanations for why genetic material from someone other than the two bombing suspects—Tamerlan Tsarnaev and his younger brother, Dzhokhar—could have been found on remnants of the exploded devices.


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Tamerlan Linked To Two Terrorists In Dagestan

From the UK’s Telegraph:

Canadian boxer William Plotnikov (left), in Dagestan, Winter 2012.

Boston bombs: the Canadian boxer and the terror recruiter who ‘led Tsarnaev on path to jihad’

A Canadian boxer who was killed while fighting with jihadists in Russia has emerged as a key contact who may have set the elder Boston bomber on his path to violent extremism.

By Tom Parfitt | 28 April 2013

Moscow – In what could be a breakthrough in the attempt to understand how Tamerlan Tsarnaev – himself a skilled boxer – became radicalised and turned to violence, Moscow’s respected Novaya Gazeta [‘Know-VIE-a Gas-YET-a’] newspaper revealed his links with William Plotnikov, who was killed in a battle with security forces in the troubled southern Russian republic of Dagestan last year.



Tsarnaev Family Got Over $100,000 In Welfare

From the Boston Herald:

Tsarnaev family received $100G in benefits

By Chris Cassidy | April 29, 2013

The Tsarnaev family, including the suspected terrorists and their parents, benefited from more than $100,000 in taxpayer-funded assistance — a bonanza ranging from cash and food stamps to Section 8 housing from 2002 to 2012, the Herald has learned.

That is more than a $100,000 in tax free benefits.

“The breadth of the benefits the family was receiving was stunning,” said a person with knowledge of documents handed over to a legislative committee today.

No wonder the Tsarnaevs hate America so.

The state has handed over more than 500 documents to the 11-member House Post Audit and Oversight Committee, which today met for the first time and plans to call in officials from the Department of Transitional Assistance to testify.


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Oz Firm Launches Women’s Underwear For Men

From the UK’s Metro News:

Lingerie firm launches women’s underwear for men

27 April 2013

If you’re a man and have ever wanted to dress in women’s lingerie a firm has come up with the perfect product for you.

HommeMystere are hoping their new range of lingerie for males, which includes thongs and padded bras, will change the landscape of men’s underwear.

There doesn’t seem to be too much mystery here.

The Australian firm said their under garments include ‘comfortable men’s panties that really do fit, bra straps that don’t fall off the shoulder, teddies that don’t ride up halfway through the night and quality soft fabrics that feel great for all day wear’.

The label already has a UK seller so men this side of the world can look forward to more ‘enjoyable’ pants.



AP: Black Turnout Surpassed White For 1st Time!

From a cheering Associated Press:

In a first, black voter turnout rate passes whites

By HOPE YEN | April 29, 2013

WASHINGTON (AP) — America’s blacks voted at a higher rate than other minority groups in 2012 and by most measures surpassed the white turnout for the first time, reflecting a deeply polarized presidential election in which blacks strongly supported Barack Obama while many whites stayed home.

Of course, there was no ballot stuffing or anything. Some heavily black districts were just so enamored of Obama that they just naturally cast more votes for him than there were residents.

Had people voted last November at the same rates they did in 2004, when black turnout was below its current historic levels, Republican Mitt Romney would have won narrowly, according to an analysis conducted for The Associated Press.



$2.2B Stolen Via Unemployment Benefits Fraud

Via the Wall Street Journal:

Fraud in Unemployment Benefits

By Phil Izzo | April 27, 2013

$2.2 billion: Amount of unemployment benefits paid to people who were employed and earning wages in 2011.

Unemployment insurance keeps people in the labor force and acts as an important bridge between jobs, but billions are spent on undeserved overpayments.

More than $108 billion was paid out in unemployment benefits in 2011, and the Department of Labor estimates that just under 3% of that was due to fraud. The most common type of overpayment is what’s called concealed earnings fraud, according to David L. Fuller, B. Ravikumar and Yuzhe Zhang in an article for the St. Louis Fed. Individuals who are employed but still collecting benefits account for two-thirds of all fraud cases, according to the authors.



Dems Seek Pro-Gun Candidates For Swing States

From The Hill:

Dems push gun control agenda in DC, but not in battleground states

By Alexander Bolton | April 29, 2013

Democratic leaders are wooing staunchly pro-gun candidates to run in pivotal Senate races at the same time they are discussing a strategy for bringing gun control legislation back up for debate.

The two-pronged effort has prompted Republicans to accuse the Senate Democratic leadership of hypocrisy, but Democrats say it is simply smart politics.

Accusing the Democrats of hypocrisy is like accusing the Pope of being Catholic.

The question is whether two of the Democrats’ most promising potential candidates in Montana and South Dakota will pay a price for the leadership’s political maneuverings in Washington. Or will recruiting candidates who do not support President Obama’s gun control agenda have any effect on Democratic fundraising efforts?


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DHS Training Video Features ‘Militia’ Terrorists

From the

DHS training video depicts gun owners as ‘militia members’ planning terrorism

By Ryan Keller | April 26, 2013

The YouTube channel Patriot News Organization on Thursday uploaded a training video from the Department of Homeland Security that depicts a fake news broadcast about a police SWAT team raiding an American house and arresting "extremist" members of a “local militia group” for possession of illegal firearms and planning to commit terrorist attacks.

“Very disturbing video straight from DHS website – they use it to help train all of the deputized agencies during a crisis, even hospital administrators, media faces, everything and everyone that would be involved in such an event,” reads the Patriot News Organization’s description of the video.

Exactly when the video was made is unclear, but the video description links to a DHS website featuring documents that were uploaded in 2009 and 2012.



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