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Now Trumka Wants A Waiver From Obama-Care

From an irony proof reporter at The Hill:

Trumka: ‘Mistakes’ made in ObamaCare

By Kevin Bogardus | August 29, 2013

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka on Thursday said “mistakes” were made in the writing of ObamaCare.

He not only looks like a fat Nixon, he sounds like one.

“It still needs to be tweaked,” said Trumka, who pointed to the possibility that union members will lose their health insurance because of the inability of some union plans to qualify for federal tax subsidies.

“ObamaCare is a major step in the right direction but yeah, I said, we made some mistakes,” Trumka told reporters at a Christian Science Monitor breakfast.

Maybe this gentleman should have have asked some kind person to read him the Obama-Care bill before demanding that Congress pass it.



2nd Qtr GDP Revised Up (Due To New Standard?)

From an unquestioning Associated Press:

US economy grew at 2.5 percent rate in spring

US economy grew at revised 2.5 percent annual rate in April-June quarter, double first quarter

By Martin Crutsinger | August 29, 2013

WASHINGTON (AP) — The U.S. economy grew at a 2.5 percent annual rate from April through June, much faster than previously estimated. The steep revision was largely because U.S. companies exported more goods and imports declined.

The Commerce Department said second-quarter growth was sharply higher than the initial 1.7 percent rate it reported last month. And the growth this spring was more than double the 1.1 percent rate from January through March…

Economists expect growth will stay at an annual rate of around 2.5 percent in the second half of the year, helped by steady job gains and less drag from federal spending cuts…

So much mendacity is packed into that one sentence.


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RNC Suggested ‘Dream’ Speakers, CORE Uninvited

From the Washington Post:

RNC recommended several speakers for March on Washington

By Ed O’Keefe | August 29, 2013

Officials with the Republican National Committee said Thursday that they recommended to organizers of the official commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington the names of several current and former black Republican elected officials who might have been available to speak at the event.

Despite the misleading headline and lead, the Post is actually trying to supply a little more cover for their bosses in the Democrat Party.

The RNC provided the organizers a list of suggested speakers via e-mail on Aug. 14 — just two weeks before the event at the Lincoln Memorial — after several other current and former Republican officials declined to attend and speak due to scheduling conflicts or ill health, according to RNC communications director Sean Spicer.



AP: Pvt. Chelsea Manning Says She Is Doing Well

From a relieved Associated Press:

Convicted Wikileaks soldier doing well in prison


BALTIMORE (AP) — A lawyer for Army Pvt. Chelsea Manning said in a blog post on Thursday the soldier is doing well as she goes through processing at the military prison at Fort Leavenworth.

David Coombs wrote that he spoke on Wednesday with Manning, previously known as Bradley Manning [sic], while she goes through the three-to-four-week period known as indoctrination at the Kansas prison…

Hasn’t ‘she’ been indoctrinated enough?

Coombs, who lives in Rhode Island, also said he plans to travel there in the coming weeks to meet with medical staff and the leadership in the quest to allow Manning to receive hormone therapy and other treatment for her gender dysphoria — the sense of being a woman trapped in a man’s body…

It is Army policy not to provide such treatment; soldiers diagnosed with gender dysphoria are administratively discharged.



Outrage At Gay To Underage Marriage Comparison

From an apoplectic Reuters:

Anger after Pennsylvania likens gay marriage to child nuptials

By Elizabeth Daley | August 29, 2013

PITTSBURGH (Reuters) – Gay marriage advocates expressed outrage on Thursday over a court document filed by lawyers for the state of Pennsylvania that likens same-sex marriage to a partnership between 12-year-olds.

Lawyers for the Pennsylvania Department of Health included the statement in their lawsuit against a county clerk who has been issuing marriage licenses to gay couples despite a state ban on same-sex nuptials.

"Had the Clerk issued marriage licenses to twelve-year-olds in violation of state law, would anyone seriously contend that each twelve-year-old has a legally enforceable ‘interest’ in his ‘license’ and is entitled to a hearing on the validity of his ‘license,’ else his due process rights be violated?" the state lawyers wrote.



Obama Sneaks Out Executive Actions On Busy Day

From an amused Politico:

With Syria looming, the White House has a busy news day

By REID J. EPSTEIN | August 29, 2013

The White House isn’t saying reporters shouldn’t be following the Syria news, but it made sure there were plenty of other developments to cover Thursday.

Facing a flood of tough headlines over its Syria policy, the White House chose Thursday as the ideal day to release major new policies on guns, gays and marijuana — three areas sure to excite President Barack Obama’s Democratic base…

Not to mention the quiet release of three more notorious terrorists from Guantanamo.

A senior administration official said the busy news day is a coincidence.

It is not, the official said, an intentional effort from the White House to distract attention away from Syria and the mounting opposition among lawmakers to using military force against President Bashar Assad without congressional approval

No, it’s an attempt to sneak out four more highly unpopular ‘executive actions’ while everyone is being distracted by Obama’s ‘wagyu the dog’ threats against Syria and Congress is out of town.


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Egypt Shuts Down Al Jazeera’s Egyptian Channel

From an outraged Reuters:

Egypt to clamp down on Al Jazeera’s Egyptian channel

By Omar Fahmy | August 30, 2013

CAIRO (Reuters) – Egypt’s military-backed government is to clamp down on Al Jazeera’s Egyptian television channel, accusing it of threatening national security, the state news agency MENA said on Thursday.

The channel this week aired statements from two leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood including a call for protests against Egypt’s new rulers…

They three ministers said unspecified legal measures would be taken against the Qatari-owned channel "given the threat it poses to national security"…

Its offices in Cairo have been closed since July 3, when they were raided by security forces hours after Mursi was toppled, although it has continued to broadcast from Qatar…

The Qatar that Obama endlessly praises for their devotion to democracy.


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Obama To Go It Alone (Said Would Be A Mistake)

From the UK’s Guardian:

Obama’s Syria plans in disarray after Britain rejects use of force

White House forced to consider unilateral strikes against Assad after British PM unexpectedly loses key motion

By Paul Lewis and Spencer Ackerman | 29 August 2013

Washington – Barack Obama’s plans for air strikes against Syria were thrown into disarray on Thursday night after the British parliament unexpectedly rejected a motion designed to pave the way to authorising the UK’s participation in military action.

The White House was forced to consider the unpalatable option of taking unilateral action against the regime of Bashar al-Assad after the British prime minister, David Cameron, said UK would not now take part in any military action in response to a chemical attack in the suburbs of Damascus last week.


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O-Care Tax Is A ‘Shared Responsibility Payment’

From the Daily Caller:

New Obamacare rule uses terms ‘shared responsibility payment’ and ‘penalty’ instead of ‘tax’

By Patrick Howley | August 28, 2013

The Internal Revenue Service’s (IRS) final rule on Obamacare’s individual mandate, released this week, uses the term “Shared Responsibility Payment” more than 50 times to describe the mandate’s non-compliance penalty, which the Supreme Court in 2012 defined as a tax.

The IRS also used the term “shared responsibility penalty” in the rule, which does not identify the individual mandate as a tax.

The 75-page rule published by the IRS, which is tasked with enforcing Obamacare as the law is fully implemented in 2014, is entitled “Shared Responsibility Payment for Not Maintaining Minimum Essential Coverage.” …

Okay then, so when are the 47% who pay no income tax going to start making their ‘shared responsibility payments’?


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Shocker: Affordable Care Is Looking Unaffordable

From a gob-smacked National Journal:

Obama’s Affordable Care Act Looking a Bit Unaffordable

Independent National Journal analysis finds premiums higher under Obamacare as employers weigh dropping coverage.

By Clara Ritger | August 29, 2013

Republicans have long blamed President Obama’s signature health care initiative for increasing insurance costs, dubbing it the "Unaffordable Care Act." Turns out, they might be right.

Has the Syrian Electronic Army hijacked the National Journal, too?

For the vast majority of Americans, premium prices will be higher in the individual exchange than what they’re currently paying for employer-sponsored benefits, according to a National Journal analysis of new coverage and cost data. Adding even more out-of-pocket expenses to consumers’ monthly insurance bills is a swell in deductibles under the Affordable Care Act.



2 New Obama Executive Orders Against 2nd Amend

From a cheering Associated Press:

Obama offers new gun control steps

By JOSH LEDERMAN | August 29, 2013

WASHINGTON (AP) — Striving to take action where Congress would not, the Obama administration announced new steps Thursday on gun control, curbing the import of military surplus weapons and proposing to close a little-known loophole that lets felons and others circumvent background checks by registering guns to corporations.

Oh, that must happen all the time. (Not.)

Four months after a gun control drive collapsed spectacularly in the Senate, President Barack Obama added two more executive actions to a list of 23 steps the White House determined Obama could take on his own to reduce gun violence.

We have been hearing a lot about civil rights over the last few days.



Gutierrez: Pass Amnesty Or Face Rapes, Orphans

From Breitbart:

Rep. Gutierrez: Amnesty Will Prevent Rapes, Deaths, Children’s Tears

By Matthew Boyle | August 28, 2013

Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) said at a town hall event in Chantilly, VA on Monday that women will be raped and others may die or be injured if Congress does not grant amnesty to America’s illegal immigrants.

Gutierrez said that if the Senate’s immigration reform bill, or legislation similar to it, does not pass into law soon, rape and death will happen as a result.

Democrats sure like to threaten women with rape a lot. Isn’t that what Joe Biden said would happen if we didn’t pass Obama’s ‘jobs bill’ back in October 2011?

“What we need to understand is today, someone is going to die in that desert trying to return to their families; women and men are going to die in that desert,” Gutierrez said in the video, captured by C-SPAN.



Mrs. King Opposed Employers Hiring Illegal Aliens

From Breitbart:

Coretta Scott King in 1991: Hold Employers Accountable for Hiring Illegal Aliens

By Matthew Boyle | August 28, 2013

Pro-amnesty activists trying to co-opt the civil rights messages of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. to push immigration reform through Congress seem to be directly contradicting the wishes of the late Dr. King and his wife, Coretta Scott King. Mrs. King carried on her husband’s civil rights activism after he was assassinated.

In a 1991 letter to Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-UT), Coretta Scott King and other black community leaders argued that illegal immigration would have a devastating impact on the black community. At the time, Hatch was working his U.S. Senate position to undo some enforcement measures laid out in Ronald Reagan’s 1986 amnesty agreement, attempting to weaken interior enforcement and sanctions against employers who hired illegal aliens.


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