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Sunnis Kill 22 In Iraq, Beheading Some

From an unfazed Associated Press:

in this photo taken Tuesday, Feb. 16, 2010, Iraqi man walks past a campaign poster for Shiite Dawa Party reading in Arabic ‘Oh, Hussein, here we come to your aid,’ in Baghdad, Iraq.

Iraq police: 8 killed in village south of Baghdad

By Rebecca Santana, Associated Press Writer

February 22, 2010

BAGHDAD – Assailants killed eight members of a Shiite family in a village outside Baghdad on Monday, shooting some and beheading others, just one of a series of pre-election shooting and car bombing attacks that swept the country, killing 22 people in all.

Attacks on civilians were commonplace at the height of the sectarian fighting in 2006 and 2007. The targeting of civilians on Monday, especially the beheadings considered a hallmark of Sunni insurgents, raised concerns that the vicious sectarian violence that nearly tore the country apart could resurface…

“Could resurface”? We have been treated to a steady stream of stories mass murders for several months now.

Iraq only seems to have quieted down because our watchdog media have gotten bored with the story, since they can no longer use it to bash Mr. Bush.

The Baghdad-area security command said in a statement that a "terrorist group" using silencers shot and beheaded eight members of a single family. Authorities did not say how many were shot and how many were beheaded, and provided few other details of what they described as an "ugly crime."

But aren’t these victims civilians? Surely there will be an in depth investigation.

A Baghdad police officer and witnesses said the family belonged to Iraq’s Shiite Muslim majority. They all spoke on condition of anonymity due to the sensitivity of the incident

In other violence Monday, two police officers and three civilians died after a booby-trapped car blew up outside the Internal Affairs office in Ramadi, the capital of Anbar province, 70 miles (115 kilometers) west of Baghdad, two police officials said.

In Baghdad, police [sic] broke into the home of a family, killing a couple and their two daughters, police said. While the family was Shiite and living in a Shiite neighborhood, authorities said the motive might have been robbery, noting that the gunmen took the family’s car.

Elsewhere in the capital, a sniper shot and killed a policeman manning a downtown checkpoint, and gunmen opened fire on a group of street cleaners, killing one, authorities said. Six other people were hurt and homes and cars were damaged after three mortar rounds struck the Green Zone, the neighborhood housing the main Iraqi government compound and the U.S. Embassy

In two separate incidents in northern Iraq, gunmen killed a policeman manning a police official in Kirkuk and two soldiers stationed at a checkpoint in the northern city of Mosul, authorities said.

Yes, is does sound like there is a danger that sectarian violence “could resurface.”

But it’s best not to dwell on it.

After all, we don’t want to undercut one of the great achievements of the Obama administration.

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4 Responses to “Sunnis Kill 22 In Iraq, Beheading Some”

  1. U NO HOO says:

    Northern Ireland comes to mind.

    And that was wrong.

  2. proreason says:

    Despite Obama’s magnificent achievement, traces of Bush remain.

  3. GetBackJack says:

    Wow. It really is The Religion of Pieces.

  4. Right of the People says:

    And you would think them being Sunnis they’d be so happy. Isn’t that what Sunni stands for, bright, sunny people?

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