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22 Killed In Fight 18 Miles From US Border

From an unfazed Associated Press:

22 gunmen killed in battle with Mexican soldiers

By Mark Walsh, Associated Press Writer Thu Sep 16, 2010

MONTERREY, Mexico – A gunbattle between Mexican soldiers and suspected drug cartel members left 22 dead at ranch near the U.S. border, the Defense Department said Thursday.

All the dead were suspected gang members, the department said in a statement. One soldier was injured.

And yet we are not even allowed to ask them for their driver’s license.

The military said the drug suspects provoked the gunbattle Wednesday morning, opening fire on soldiers conducting reconnaissance patrols at a ranch on the outskirts of Ciudad Mier, a northeastern town about 18 miles (30 kilometers) south of the border with Texas.

“18 miles south of the border”? Then what are we worried about?

Soldiers seized 55 grenades, 18 rifles, four handguns guns, 99 ammunition clips, 1,540 rounds of ammunition and vehicles at the ranch, the statement said. They also found military style uniforms, which are frequently used by drug gangs staging attacks.

The fighting erupted hours before celebrations started across Mexico for the bicentennial anniversary of its independence from Spain

Mexico has never had any independence from anyone.

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3 Responses to “22 Killed In Fight 18 Miles From US Border”

  1. proreason says:

    It’s going to take another big incident to wake this country up again about the national security threats that are plainly evident to 30% of us….while 70% pretend they live peace and love communes.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      Sadly, Pro, should another big incident happen and then discovered that the terrorists made their way through the porous US/Mexico border, it will never come to light.

      1)There’s no way they could pin it on Bush.
      2)It would embarrass the petulant adolescent president.
      3)It would be the truth.

      And for those reasons it would not make it on the alphabet media. Although, eventually, as always, the truth would have to come to light. Then the citizens would be furious. But would it cause an epiphany to occur in DC? Where his majesty would suddenly have a “revelation” and do a 180 and seal the US/Mexico border? Unlikely. He needs the sharia vote too.

    • proreason says:

      “Sadly, Pro, … it will never come to light. ”

      Six months ago, I would have agreed. But today, I’m much more hopeful that we are really in the midst of a transformational change. Not 100% sure by any means, but hopeful.

      Maybe we won’t have the will to go far enough. Maybe the people will stop short of evicting the msm as well as the criminal politicians. Maybe, because of the relentless adolescent whinings of liberals, we will weaken and say, “shit, I just can’t take it anymore. It’s easier to give into the whining of deranged children than it is to resist this new insane demand.”

      But things are definitely looking up. There appears to be at least a glimmer of a chance that common sense might once again prevail in this country.

      The defeat of the Delaware pretend-Republican by the lovely, but very flawed Christine O’Donnell is a significant event, bigger even than Scott Brown’s election, I think. The people loudly said….”we don’t care if she isn’t perfect, she will do things that make sense. We want one of us in the Senate, not one more greedy, grasping self-styled Ruler.”. If O’Donnell wins the general election, it will be even more significant. Actually, just her coming close will be significant in that brainwashed state.

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