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22% Of Registered Voters Are Still Up For Grabs

From ABC News:

Persuadable Voters

September 20, 2012

Slightly more than a fifth of registered voters remain persuadable in their preferences for president, little changed from before the party conventions – and a continued sign that the 2012 election retains the potential to break open in either candidate’s direction.

Twenty-two percent of registered voters fit the definition of persuadable – those who express anxiety about the candidate they support and are seeking more information about their choices. That includes essentially equal numbers of Barack Obama’s and Mitt Romney’s supporters.

So how come we keep hearing that the election is over? By the way, 22% is a lot more than the 5 to 8% we are usually told are the only voters who haven’t made up their minds.

The number of persuadables in last week’s ABC News/Washington Post poll is similar to its level before the nominating conventions, 25 percent…

Persuadables are middle-of-the-road types, making it difficult for the candidates to reach them with traditional red-meat appeals to core supporters…

In a regression analysis, holding demographic measures constant, being persuadable is most strongly predicted by being in the middle range ideologically, less educated, younger, lower income, and a Republican or independent rather than a Democrat…

So it’s the Democrats who are the most closed minded. What a surprise.

This definition of persuadables is different from the traditional method of simply asking voters if there’s a chance they could change their minds. That produces a lower estimate – 13 percent, including just 4 percent who say there’s a good chance they might shift allegiance, with the rest calling it “pretty unlikely.” …

Even so, 13% is still far higher percentage of people who have not completely decide than what the news media have been telling us.

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2 Responses to “22% Of Registered Voters Are Still Up For Grabs”

  1. geronl says:

    Those people should look around the real world and decide.

  2. Anonymoose says:

    I would never vote for any Democrat even if there was only one candidate on the ballot. However, I don’t belong to any political party and in the past week–despite my apartment having a big NO SOLICITING sign I’ve had two college age Democrat volunteers come to my door wanting to talk to me. Even though I slam the door in their face they’ll keep coming back because somewhere I’m listed as a registered voter up for grabs. Go figure.

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