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2/3rds ‘Laid Off’ At Las Vegas Solar Plant

From the Las Vegas Sun:

Some 200 laid off at North Las Vegas Amonix solar plant

By Aida Ahmed
Wednesday, Jan. 25, 2012

Just seven months after California-based solar power company Amonix Inc. opened its largest manufacturing plant, in North Las Vegas, the company’s contractor has laid off nearly two-thirds of its workforce.

Flextronics Industrial, the Singapore solar panel manufacturer that partnered with Amonix to staff the new $18 million, 214,000-square-foot plant, laid off about 200 of its 300-plus employees Tuesday.

So they were partnered with a Singapore company?

Amonix’s director of manufacturing operations, Eric Culberson, said the layoffs are part of “retooling” the factory as the company prepares to roll out its next-generation product…

Culberson said the job cuts are temporary and expects to begin hiring more people in the second half of the year to meet demand.

This is what they always say. But very often the retooling never seems to happen.

The company scaled down at all levels of employment at the plant — which was hiring as recently as three months ago — from entry level assemblers, process engineers, production supervisors and quality-control techs, according to one employee who was laid off.

Culberson said layoffs were made across the board.

Theodore Lewis, another employee, was working at the plant for six months before he and dozens of other employees were called into a mandatory meeting Tuesday.

“There was no excuse,” said Lewis, 34, who was never told his job was temporary. “They just said our job was done.”

That doesn’t sound temporary.

Lewis said employees were confused and disappointed when they heard the news and were directed by human resources to look for other local jobs in retail

But they have skills in ‘green technology’! Obama tells us such people are in demand.

Amonix and Flextronics opened shop in May 2011 at the Golden Triangle Industrial Park near Craig Road and Interstate 15 in North Las Vegas to a warm welcome from U.S. Rep. Shelley Berkley, D-Nev., Gov. Brian Sandoval and Buck.

Amonix received a $5.9 million investment tax credit through the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act in 2010, and another $12 million in private capital helped finance the plant

Was Amonix just a front so a Singapore company could get a $5.9 million dollars taxpayer dollars ‘a tax credit’ from Obama’s stimulus?

We thought the idea was to help American companies compete with the rest of the world.

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3 Responses to “2/3rds ‘Laid Off’ At Las Vegas Solar Plant”

  1. Anonymoose says:

    Two things are happening; one is that with electricity from coal being cheaper people aren’t buying solar–and trying to artificially make it so with taxes isn’t going to help.

    The other is that with the economy in a shambles people can’t afford this even if they are getting big tax credits for it.

  2. proreason says:

    The price of natural gas is declining. In December, the price per mcf in my area was lower than for any December since 2002. I haven’t changed companies and don’t have any kind of a special arrangement, so I assume the price reflects the marget cost of natural gas. It’s 44% below the December peak in 2005. From what I’ve heard lately, the cost is going to sink further in the months ahead.

    The price of electricity per KWH this December was lower than any December since 2003. It’s 20% lower then the December peak in 2008. Same story as natural gas. I assume that my electicity is comes from a combination of coal-fired and nuclear plants.

    Why is the country screwing around with these solar energy boondoggles? Rhetorical question, of course.

    Just imagine what the cost of energy would be if the free market was allowed to work. Since energy is a major cost of virtually every industry, that alone would create a boom.

  3. canary says:

    Is Amnix moving to Singapore? Amonix stake holder warned Obama & Valerie Jarret warned Solyndra would go under.

    “A solar panel company — a solar power company called Amonix received a roughly $6 million tax credit for a new facility they’re building in the Las Vegas area, a tax credit they were able to match with roughly $12 million in private capital,” Obama said, while touting his policy of subsidizing green-tech companies.

    Westly had a stake in Amonix in May 2010 when he warned Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett that a planned federal government visit to Solyndra might backfire. “If it’s too late to change/postpone the meeting, the president should be careful about unrealistic/optimistic forecasts that could haunt him in the next 18 months if Solyndra hits the wall, files for bankruptcy,” Westly wrote to Jarrett.

    …Obama was forced to admit error while defending it in his State of the Union speech.

    “But I will not walk away from the promise of clean energy. … I will not cede the wind or solar or battery industry to China or Germany because we refuse to make the same commitment here.”

    Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2012/01/30/more-solyndra-style-failure-obama-tied-amonix-inc-lays-off-most-of-company/#ixzz1l5CIvDX3

    huh? I won’t cede because we refuse to make the same commitment here ?

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