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2/3rds Of Americans Oppose ‘GZ Mosque’

Buried in the ‘On Faith’ section of the Washington Post:

Most Americans object to planned Islamic center near Ground Zero, poll finds

By Jon Cohen and Kyle Dropp
Thursday, September 9, 2010

Most Americans say the planned Muslim community center and place of worship should not be built in Lower Manhattan, with the sensitive locale being their overwhelming objection, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll.

Two-thirds of those polled object to the prospective Cordoba House complex near the site of the former twin towers, including a slim majority who express strongly negative views.

“Two thirds” of Americans oppose the ‘Ground Zero Mosque.’ When was the last time two thirds of Americans agreed on anything?

Maybe Mr. Rauf, just like Mr. Obama, really is a unifying force after all.

Eighty-two percent of those who oppose the construction say it’s because of the location, although 14 percent (9 percent of all Americans) say they would oppose such building anywhere in the country.

It’s a little late for this, isn’t it? Mosques are popping up everywhere, like mushrooms. (We won’t say which kind.)

The new results come alongside increasingly critical public views of Islam: 49 percent of all Americans say they have generally unfavorable opinions of Islam, compared with 37 percent who say they have favorable ones. That’s the most negative split on the question in Post-ABC polls dating to October 2001.

Nearly a third of all Americans see mainstream Islam as encouraging violence, little changed from recent years. More, a slim majority, say it’s a peaceful religion…

We blame talk radio. After all, the Mohammedans have done absolutely nothing to garner such a violent reputation over the past nine years.

Regardless of their rationale, most voters who firmly oppose the center’s construction in Lower Manhattan say they feel strongly enough about the issue that it would influence their congressional vote in November. These voters side by a wide margin with Republican over Democratic candidates

The Washington Post is doing its level best to warn their Democrat masters.

The poll was conducted by telephone Aug. 30 to Sept. 2, among a random national sample of 1,002 adults…

Meaning this poll was conducted before Mr. Rauf began his latest round of threats ‘charm offensive.’

Now that he has told us that we had better allow the mosque to be built at Ground Zero or there will be hell to pay, we are sure Americans will change their minds.

This article was posted by Steve on Thursday, September 9th, 2010. Comments are currently closed.

10 Responses to “2/3rds Of Americans Oppose ‘GZ Mosque’”

  1. mr_bill says:

    Polls lie! / sarc

  2. AcornsRNutz says:

    Of coure polls lie, mr_bill. Because I have hard time believing its only 2/3rds.

    If you are not opposed to this mosque, I find myself justified in questioning your patriotism, your honor, and your desire to see this country pull from the depths it has sunk to and recall its Constiutional Republican roots. Ok, that was bit long winded. If you don’t oppose this mosque you oppose this country, and you can go find a new place to live. I wouldn’t make you go, and wish you no harm, just please leave my country.

  3. AcornsRNutz says:

    I am terribly sorry, that was not meant to you at all. Well, the first sentence was, the other was sort of an open message to the “you” in generality. Sorry to sound so angry, I am a very nice guy! I did get your humor, and as a victim of the impersonal nature of comments now and again, I should have seen the potential for a mixup.

    • mr_bill says:

      No offense taken. Written communication eliminates the tonality and inflection that conveys much of the meaning related to humorous comments. Have a good one.

    • AcornsRNutz says:

      Truly. But we are among the few who are using the internet as a means to have conversations, however imperfect, with people we would otherwise never meet as opposed to looking up pornography or buying clothing. I am willing to bet that if we could gather the regular commentors here for a dinner party, a number of brilliant conclusions would be reached.

    • mr_bill says:

      I should have recognized the mix-up as well. That would be a dinner party worth attending: fine conservative minds, good food, great conversation, and some cigars to top it all off. ;)

  4. untrainable says:

    Haven’t they been saying for the last couple of weeks ( while rauf was still on his book tour) that 70% of Americans were against the GZM?

    So now it’s only 2/3rds? That would only be 66.66%?

    Are they unexpectedly going to continue to revise the numbers down over the next few weeks, or will they just oversample radical muslims in the next poll? I’m beside myself that the post actually used the word “MOST”. Usually they avoid that kind of language when referring to the “idiots” [their opinion] that make up “We The People”.

  5. jobeth says:

    I wonder how many Americans would be against the Flight 93 “memorial” farce in the shape of a crescent…that also had a name change from of Crescent of Embrace to “Circle of Embrace”….so we wouldn’t connect the dots, if they knew what is going on there?

    Seems the average person I speak to about it has no idea what is going on at the crash site! It makes me nuts!

    I want to shout as loud as I can…”we have another “marker” of islam on another of our sacred memorial. PAY ATTENTION!”

    Help me understand why there is no hue and cry over this! Fox is about the only recent national mention of this atrocity I know of. And that doesn’t really do the insult justice. We should be screaming about both of these sites.


    And from Michelle Malkin who wrote in 2005 about this more honestly. Thanks to Michelle!


  6. Liberals Demise says:

    The poll could say 98.6% and dingleBarrys minions would refute it as a Right Conspiracy. They don’t give a damn about the feelings of Americans.
    Just so long as they kiss the enemies a$$ and coddle with it and protect it from us.

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