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29 Scientists Praise Iran Deal, So Now It’s ‘Settled Science’

Plus, MoveOn has declared a $10 million dollar donor boycott of any Democrat candidates who oppose giving Iran the bomb.

From a cheering New York Times:

29 U.S. Scientists Praise Iran Nuclear Deal in Letter to Obama


August 8, 2015

Twenty-nine of the nation’s top scientists — including Nobel laureates, veteran makers of nuclear arms and former White House science advisers — wrote to President Obama on Saturday to praise the Iran deal, calling it innovative and stringent….

How many of these scientists and their universities need government grants to survive?

The two-page letter may give the White House arguments a boost after the blow Mr. Obama suffered on Thursday when Senator Chuck Schumer of New York, a Democrat and among the most influential Jewish voices in Congress, announced he would oppose the deal, which calls for Iran to curb its nuclear program [sic] and allow inspections [sic] in return for an end to international oil and financial sanctions…

Don’t worry. Mr. Schumer and any other Democrats who stray from the administration’s line are going to be punished by MoveOn. (See below.)

Most of the 29 who signed the letter are physicists, and many of them have held what the government calls Q clearances — granting access to a special category of secret information that bears on the design of nuclear arms and is considered equivalent to the military’s top secret security clearance…

Not to pick nits, but a Q clearance is just the equivalent of a ‘top secret’ clearance for non-military types who are working in mostly the nuclear field. That is, it is the most basic clearance, just to get you in the door.

That is, Q is not quite a super duper clearance, like a (like ‘Codeword’ clearance is). For instance, the actor Charlton Heston had a Q Clearance for six years, when he worked as a narrator for some training films about nuclear armament that were made after WWII.

In a technical judgment that seemed more ominous than some other assessments of Tehran’s nuclear capability, the letter says that Iran, before curbing its nuclear program during the long negotiations, was “only a few weeks” away from having fuel for nuclear weapons…

So let’s trust Iran with an ‘agreement’ where there is no real verification. And where we are pledged to protecting their nuclear program from cyberattacks or military attack for ten years. What could possibly go wrong?

Meanwhile, from a cheering Washington Post:

MoveOn aims to withhold $10m in contributions from Dems who oppose Iran deal

By Catherine Ho | August 7, 2015

Within minutes of Sen. Chuck Schumer’s announcement Thursday night that he will oppose President Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran, progressive advocacy group MoveOn — which has been lobbying in support of the deal — urged its eight  million members to withhold campaign contributions from Democratic candidates against the deal. The group’s “Democratic Party donor strike” aims to secure commitments from its members to withhold $10 million in contributions from lawmakers and party committees…

The donor strike is the latest tactic MoveOn is taking in its campaign to see the nuclear deal survive a congressional vote. The group has committed to spending six figures on radio, television and online advertising, and is hiring more field organizers in a several states to encourage lawmakers to stand behind the deal.

We always knew the radical left hated Israel and want to see it wiped off the map. But now we know that they hate Israel even more than they love the Democrat Party.

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