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2nd Muslim Arrested For Fed Reserve Bomb Plot

From the New York Times:

F.B.I. Arrests Second Suspect in Bomb Plot Against Bank

By MOSI SECRET | Thurs October 18, 2012

The Bangladeshi man who was arrested Wednesday on charges that he plotted to blow up the Federal Reserve Bank of New York had an accomplice in San Diego, who was arrested later on unrelated child-pornography charges, a law enforcement official said on Thursday.

The man described as the accomplice, Howard Willie Carter II, was arrested after an agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation found 1,000 images and three video files containing child pornography on a laptop and hard drive in the trash near Mr. Carter’s apartment, according to a government document. Officials used material stored on the computer to trace it back to Mr. Carter.

The computer also contained e-mails addressed to “Yaqeen,” a name that Brooklyn prosecutors said Mr. Carter had used in the plot to bomb the Federal Reserve building…

In July, the [criminal] complaint against Mr. Nafis said, he told the undercover agent that Yaqeen had told him about a military base in Baltimore, with only one guard standing outside, that they could attack…

Once again our media guardians are trying to soft-pedal the fact that this (alleged) second plotter is a Muslim. For just like the AP’s story on the arrest of Nafis, the words Muslim or Islam do not appear anywhere in this New York Times article.

But the local report wasn’t so circumspect. From the ABC affiliate in San Diego, 10 News:

Local man possibly linked to plot to bomb Federal Reserve goes to court

Howard Willie Carter II faces child porn charges

Fri October 19, 2012

SAN DIEGO – A San Diego man pleaded not guilty Thursday to child pornography charges filed by federal prosecutors, who declined to comment on media reports suggesting he’s linked to the suspect in the Federal Reserve bomb plot in New York City.

Howard Willie Carter II, 36, appeared before Magistrate Jan Adler as an indictment was unsealed charging the defendant with receipt and possession of images of minors engaged in sexually explicit conduct…

For more than a month, Curtis Morehead was Carter’s roommate at the City Heights apartment. He told 10News FBI agents raided his apartment on Wednesday morning and showed him pictures of Carter…

The affidavit stated two other individuals wanted to participate in the attack, Including Yaqueen.

Agents said the alleged mastermind, Nafis, recruited through Facebook and referred to Yaqeen with these words: "We are ready for action. We just want to meet our lord as soon as we can. I just want something big … for the Muslims … that will make us one step closer to run the whole world."

Morehead said his roommate was a devout Muslim, regularly went to a nearby mosque and once made an interesting remark.

"He said, ‘We will take out anyone who messes with us.’ That kind of struck me as, you’re one of those, OK," said Morehead.

Morehead said Carter was jobless, had little money and claimed to be from Baltimore.

"He would be moody, mood swing-type of thing," said Morehead.

Morehead said Carter’s most prized possession was his smartphone, which he often used to browse the Internet.

They are also handy for detonating bombs.

For the record, the AP has finally gotten around to reporting that Mr. Nafis is a Muslim. But only in the context of him saying true Muslims don’t believe in violence.

From the Associated Press:

Conflicting images emerge of NY terror suspect

By COLLEEN LONG | Fri October 19, 2012

NEW YORK (AP) — At the Missouri college where Quazi Mohammad Rezwanul Ahsan Nafis enrolled, a classmate said he often remarked that true Muslims don’t believe in violence

"I can’t imagine being more shocked about somebody doing something like this," said Jim Dow, a 54-year-old Army veteran who rode home from class with Nafis twice a week. "I didn’t just meet this kid a couple of times. We talked quite a bit. … And this doesn’t seem to be in character."

Nafis’ family in Dhaka, Bangladesh, denied he could have been involved in the plot. His parents said he was incapable of such actions and came to America only to study.

You see? He’s really a nice guy. Even his parents say so.

Federal investigators, often accused by defense attorneys of entrapping and leading would-be terrorists along, said the 21-year-old Nafis made the first move over the summer, reaching out for accomplices and eventually contacting a government informant, who then went to federal authorities…

Apparently, the AP doesn’t want "would-be terrorists" entrapped.

Nafis was a terrible student in his native Bangladesh, and his middle-class parents said he persuaded them to send him to study in the U.S. as a way of improving his job prospects. They don’t believe he was planning an attack.

His father, a banker, said Nafis was so timid he couldn’t venture out onto the roof alone.

"My son couldn’t have done it," Quazi Ahsanullah said, weeping.

"He is very gentle and devoted to his studies," he said, pointing to Nafis’ time studying at the private North South [sic] University in Dhaka.

Belal Ahmed, a spokesman for the university, said Nafis was put on probation and threatened with expulsion if he didn’t bring his grades up. Nafis eventually stopped coming to school, Ahmed said

Nafis moved to Missouri, where he studied cybersecurity at Southeast Missouri State University. He also became vice president of the school’s Muslim Student Association and began attending a mosque.

But he withdrew after one semester and requested over the summer that his records be transferred to a school in Brooklyn. The university declined to identify which school.

Dow, his former classmate at Southeast Missouri State, said Nafis spoke admiringly of bin Laden. At the same time, "he told me he didn’t really believe bin Laden was involved in the twin towers because he said bin Laden was a religious man, and a religious man wouldn’t have done something like that," Dow said.

He said Nafis gave Dow a copy of the Quran and asked him to read it. But he "didn’t rant or rave or say crazy stuff," Dow said.

"What really shocked me the most was he had specifically spoken to me about true Muslims not believing in violence," Dow said.

Dion Duncan of St. Louis, a fellow student and member of the Muslim organization, said: "Nafis was a good kid. He showed no traces of anti-Americanism, or death to America, or anything like that. He was a trustworthy, honest kid."

"He was polite and courteous. He was helpful. All the things you would expect from a good Muslim kid. He prayed five times a day," Duncan said.

The AP really should be congratulated. The ACLU and CAIR couldn’t have written a better defense of this (alleged) terrorist.

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4 Responses to “2nd Muslim Arrested For Fed Reserve Bomb Plot”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    I smell a patsy

  2. Right of the People says:

    “—His father, a banker, said Nafis was so timid he couldn’t venture out onto the roof alone.—”

    Is that some type of code? What would he do on the roof? Meet other lonely, quiet Mooselimb men?

    • canary says:

      Good question? Maybe it’s code for “blow the roof off”.

      Perhaps for days Nafis dad noticed his son nervous and sweating going to the roof to practice pushing a button on his remote toy that would blow him up with the 1000lb bomb.

      They are using remote control toy airplanes now.

      And what Bank or Federal Reserve building does Nafis daddy work for.?

      Kind of like the cab driver’s daddy saying how sweet his son was.

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