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$3.67B Of $3.7B Border Request Won’t Be Spent In 2014

From an unfazed Associated Press:

CBO: $25M of $3.7B border ask to be spent in 2014

By ANDREW TAYLOR | July 21, 2014

WASHINGTON (AP) — Just $25 million of President Barack Obama’s $3.7 billion request to deal with a wave of unaccompanied Central American children on the southern border might be spent before the budget year ends Sept. 30, a new study released Monday says.

The Congressional Budget Office analysis assumes Obama’s request for handling the border crisis won’t be enacted until mid- to late-September…

That would still put this money into the hands of Democrat operatives before the midterm elections. Which is the real urgency here.

The study says the $25 million would be spent immediately by the Department of health and Human services to help the agency pay costs associated with the care of unaccompanied immigrant children and placing them with family members or other caretakers.

And never mind there is already a budget for the treatment of UACs. (As we previously reported, they have spent over $263 million dollars so far this year.)

"This indicates clearly that the agencies are not in dire need of supplemental funding from this Congress," said Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama, top Republican on the Budget Committee. "It means we ought to slow down." …

No, no, no. We must give Obama everything he wants — immediately, if not sooner. Anything else is racism and/or gridlock.

Republicans had already said they would cut back Obama’s request sharply, citing the inability of the government to spend it so quickly. They also say the problem can be handled through the regular budget process…

More crazy talk. This is a crisis. We need more La Raza and ACLU lawyers stat.

Obama also requested $615 million for fighting western wildfires; CBO says none of that money would be spent through September.

The CBO are such wet blankets. Obama knows there could very well be wildfires in 2015, too.  After all, Democrats run all year around.

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2 Responses to “$3.67B Of $3.7B Border Request Won’t Be Spent In 2014”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    Because 2014’s Border Crisis Budget is earmarked for graft and cronyism. They’ll need more money for 2015’s budget criminlaity

  2. mr_bill says:

    Fiscal Year 2014 ends in September, the democrats need the bulk of the spending closer to elections in Fiscal 2015, hence the noticeable increase in spending from the former to the latter. Those democrat votes aren’t going to buy themselves.

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