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3 Americans Killed In Algeria, By ‘Libyan’ Arms

From BBC News:

Algeria siege: 37 foreigners died, PM says

21 January 2013

Algeria’s Prime Minister has said 37 foreigners of eight nationalities and one Algerian worker were killed during the hostage crisis at a gas plant. PM Abdelmalek Sellal said 29 of the militants who overran the facility near the desert town of In Amenas had been killed and three captured alive.

The militants included 11 Tunisians, two Canadians, and others, he said.

"Canadians and others"?

The four-day siege ended at the weekend when Algerian troops recaptured the site. Five hostages are still missing.

Japan on Monday said seven of its nationals had been killed and three others remained missing. US officials confirmed that three Americans were among the dead, with seven survivors. UK Prime Minister David Cameron said thee Britons had been killed, with three others missing and presumed dead…

The foreigners killed or still missing also include workers from France, Norway, Malaysia, the Philippines and Romania…

The prime minister said the kidnappers had crossed into the country from northern Mali, and that they were from Algeria, Egypt, Tunisia, Mali, Niger, Canada and Mauritania.

The militants said they had taken hostages in retaliation for French intervention against Islamists in Mali earlier this month. However Mr Sellal said the attack on the gas plant had been planned for more than two months

Whom to believe?

From the Politico:

State Dept: 3 U.S. dead in Algeria

By JOSH GERSTEIN | January 21, 2013

Three Americans perished in the attack on an Algerian oil field last week, the State Department announced Monday…

The attack was apparently carried out by Al Qaeda-linked militants who claimed it was carried out in response to French military intervention in Mali. But in a statement Saturday, President Barack Obama seemed to warned against efforts to fault the French or the Algerians for the deaths.

"The blame for this tragedy rests with the terrorists who carried it out, and the United States condemns their actions in the strongest possible terms. We have been in constant contact with Algerian officials and stand ready to provide whatever assistance they need in the aftermath of this attack. We also will continue to work closely with all of our partners to combat the scourge of terrorism in the region, which has claimed too many innocent lives," Obama said.

Huh. That isn’t what Obama said about the Benghazi attack. Which he tried to blame on a video.

Speaking of Benghazi, we also have this from the UK’s Telegraph:

Algeria hostage crisis: Most weapons used in attack came from Libya

By Mélanie Matarese | 20 Jan 2013

Algiers – Many of the Islamist terrorists shot their way into the In Amenas compound on Thursday using the AK104 model of Kalashnikov, which was typically used by Libyan rebels in the war against Muammar Gaddafi. They brought F5 rockets that also surfaced in the Libyan war, said the security source.

Does that mean some or a lot of them could have come from the US, since we supplied a lot of the weapons for the Libyan ‘rebels’? This could be Fast & Furious II, or F&F II, if you count Benghazi. Or F&F III, if you count Syria.

The Islamists wore the same type of outfits that Qatar provided to Libyan National Transitional Council rebels by Qatar – yellow flak jackets with brown patches, known as "chocolate chip" camouflage. The garments are copies of ones worn by Americans in the Gulf war.

Qatar? Those great supporters of democracy and the ‘Arab Spring’?

The terrorists also employed 60mm gun-mortars used by France and Libyan rebels

For the assault on the gas facility itself, special forces used incapacitating gas, infrared cameras, heat-seeking cameras and "optical devices to be able to see under doors and through walls".

Gee, those sure sound like high tech American weapons.

Meanwhile, we also have this from Reuters:

U.S. begins transporting French troops, equipment to Mali

By John Irish, Marina Depetris | January 22, 2013

PARIS (Reuters) – The United States has started transporting French soldiers and equipment to Mali as part of its logistical aid to French forces fighting Islamist militants in the north of the country, a U.S. official said on Tuesday

But don’t worry. None of this equipment will ever end up in the wrong hands. And we aren’t getting involved in another war. The ‘decade of war’ is over.

"We have started air lifting French army personnel and equipment to Bamako from Istres," said Benjamin Benson, a spokesman for U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM).

A Reuters camera crew on Tuesday saw a U.S.-flagged military transport aircraft taking off from the Istres air base in southern France.

Benson said the U.S. flights had started on Monday, but declined to give details on the number of planes being used…

What could possibly go wrong?

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2 Responses to “3 Americans Killed In Algeria, By ‘Libyan’ Arms”

  1. canary says:

    What I found interesting in the media covering this is from the get go mentioning Americans were being kept and 1 or 2 killed right off the bat, and then the offer to release Americans. The frustration at Algeria who made it clear they never negotiate and even after the stand-off ended the slow releasing and some of the more final releases not even mentioning an American.

    The Canadian Ottawa news article mentioned other countries aiding the international invasion in Africa did not mention the US who has already been playing the greatest roll and droning bombs before France attacked, was no where mentioned in their article.

    I think the media is following the rule inflicted on them not to report injured U.S. Troops in Afghanistan war. They were slow to mention American deaths after the US Embassy in Benghazi, and now it appears the media as of late is not reporting U.S. Troops not getting blown up and dying in Afghanistan.

    According to American viewer polls Afghanistan is not something people in America are interested in, but could it be the lack of reporting our U.S. Military deaths and wounded along with Obama declaring it won before re-election people think it’s over.

    So, with American media not reporting to Americans the growth and spreading of US Troops in so many countries, I think all the other countries in the world know more about global affairs than this country does.

  2. USSFreedom says:

    “Media Instructed” to ignore the happenings around the world involving US troops hits it on target.
    By O announcing the US withdrawal date , it only gave the terrorists the resolve to hang in and wait in order to again control those areas the US and allied troops fumigated of Tally-Ban. Blood and treasure squandered in the past 50 years of defending freedom by denying our troops the tactics to win. Never in theaters of war have the enemy been given such encouragement as in Afghanistan.
    Majority of Americans not interested in happenings other than what is on the tube and that vast wasteland is pandering to prurient interest 75% of the time. The real “SUPER BOWL” will be when those terrorists start playing in our backyard and it is comin and the “Y” generation hasn’t the first clue on how to stop them.

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