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30,000 In IL Must Redo Their O-Care Applications

From an unfazed Associated Press:

Thousands in Illinois told to start over on health insurance

December 19, 2013

CHICAGO –  Illinois officials are emailing and calling thousands of people, advising them to start over on their health insurance applications if they believe the federal government mistakenly referred them to Medicaid.

We wonder how many people were ‘mistakenly’ shunted into Medicaid by those ACORN and SEIU navigators? After all, Democrats want people to be as dependent on the government as possible.

The latest wrinkle in the troubled enrollment process for the nation’s new health insurance system was announced Wednesday, just days ahead of a key enrollment deadline.

You see, it’s just a ‘wrinkle.’ Having health insurance isn’t a matter of life or death, after all.

The federal HealthCare.gov website received more than 30,000 applications from Illinoisans who may be eligible for Medicaid, the government health program for the poor. That federal site has been plagued by glitches that now are mostly fixed.

Those 30,000 applications are the ones in question. Some Illinois residents who were referred to Medicaid believe they were incorrectly denied private health coverage, said Illinois Department of Insurance spokesman Mike Claffey…

Why would the federal site only screw up applications from Illinois? Somehow we suspect the problem is bigger than one state.

Illinois officials said anyone who believes they were referred to Medicaid by mistake should start again at the Get Covered Illinois online screening tool. That’s a state-run website that asks simple questions and sends users either to Medicaid or the health insurance marketplace…

What are these "simple questions"? ‘Are you now or have you ever been a Republican?’

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One Response to “30,000 In IL Must Redo Their O-Care Applications”

  1. canary says:

    It was Obama that directed Americans to get on Medicaid, for days publicly threatening states they would lose federal funding of their Medicaid programs if they did not get on board.

    Now Obama is telling the public they can get on the least costly insurance plans on the burner to compensate their loss of insurance.

    I thought everyone already could. How does it comfort them to lose health coverage and end up with a high deductible catastrophic insurance. So, much for the preventive measure.

    I guess Obama told his little elves to reset the computer program so that at the very end of the massive program there is a little box to click for the cheaper “tin foil plan”.

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