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31.6M Get ‘Free’ Or Subsidized School Lunches

From CNS News:

Record 18.7 Million Students in FY 2012 Got ‘Free’ Lunch

By Terence P. Jeffrey | March 12, 2013

(CNSNews.com) – … According to new data from the USDA, during the average school month in fiscal year 2012, 18.7 million students in U.S. high schools and grammar schools were given completely free lunches, courtesy of the department’s National School Lunch Program…

Back in 1969, the average monthly number of schoolchildren getting free lunches was only 2.9 million. As recently as 1990, it was only 9.8 million.

What a typical government program. The number of ‘free lunches’ has gone by more than six times since 1969.

In addition to giving away completely free lunches, the National School lunch program also gives away partially subsidized lunches—or what it calls “reduced-price lunches” and “paid lunches.”

In fiscal 2012, in addition to the record 18.7 million students who took completely free lunches, there were also 2.7 million who took “reduced-price” lunches, and 10.2 million who took “paid” lunches.

All in all, in the average school month in fiscal 2012, 31.6 million high school and grammar school students got federally subsidized lunches.

The total cost to the taxpayers for the school lunch program in 2012 was $10,410,100,000.00.

These numbers are completely mind-numbing. Which is probably what the government counts on.

For the record, there are only 49.8 high school and grammar public school students in the US. So the vast majority (over 63%) get government subsidized lunches.

And that does not count free breakfasts. The federal government’s “School Breakfast Program” also had record participation in fiscal 2012, with 9.76 million students getting free breakfasts during the average school month. That was up from 9.20 in fiscal 2011.

In addition to the 9.76 million students who got entirely free breakfasts, there were also 1.04 million who got “reduced-price” breakfasts, and 2.04 million who got federally subsidized “paid” breakfasts.

All in all, in the average school month in fiscal 2012, 12.85 million students had their breakfasts subsidized by the taxpayers.

The full cost of the breakfast program in fiscal 2012 was a record $3,275,600,000.00 up from 3,034,700,000.00 in fiscal 2011.

So we are now up to over $13.7 billion dollars a year for breakfast and lunch.

And, in many locations, taxpayers are also paying for ‘free’ school dinners. And we are also paying for these meals in the summer time. That is, not just during the school year.

And, of course, we are also picking up the tab for the SEIU cafeteria workers who are cooking and serving all of these ‘free meals.’ Which is probably the main reason for extending them to after hours in the first place.

The initial permanent federal school-lunch program was created by Congress in 1946, according to USDA. Earlier than that in American history, parents were expected to provide their own children with lunch.

How did anyone survive?

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