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40% Of Elderly Being Shut Out Of The UK’s NHS

From the UK’s Telegraph:

Four out of 10 elderly needing care shut out of system as rules toughened up unofficially

By John Bingham | 15 Dec 2013

More than 450,000 frail elderly and disabled people who would until recently have received state-funded care have been shut of the system because of pressure to cut numbers, a stark new report concludes.

The academic study, published as MPs prepare to debate the Government’s long-awaited overhaul of care, found that almost 40 per cent of those who would have had some help with basic tasks such as washing and dressing less than a decade ago are now left to fend for themselves

The report, by researchers at the London School of Economics, describes cuts in the last two years alone as “without precedent in the history of adult social care”.

It warns that the care system is now caught in a “vicious circle” with fewer and fewer people receiving help at home but more and more likely to have to turn to the NHS – something which could ultimately cost the taxpayer more.

Significantly, it found that the sheer speed at which people have been excluded from the social care system outstrips the rate at which rules about who qualifies for care have been tightened up…

When demographic and social changes are factored in, the LSE concludes that there are 453,000 people currently not receiving any help with their care who would have done if test applied in 2006 were applied now – a drop of 36 per cent.

Among elderly people the decline is as much as 39 per cent – with the equivalent of 333,000 fewer older people receiving care than would have been the case…

This study is clearly meant to push back against the British government’s efforts to scale back on their spending for their National Healthcare System. But those cuts are really just the result of just running out of ‘other people’s money.’

So the same thing will eventually happen here. And  it will happen the even more quickly, the more the government has control over our healthcare.

Because ‘what the government can giveth, the government can also taketh away.’

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3 Responses to “40% Of Elderly Being Shut Out Of The UK’s NHS”

  1. untrainable says:

    Move along. No death panels to see here. All is well. (sound of trampling crowd crushing Kevin Bacon into the sidewalk… followed by yet another cry of … All is WELL!!!)

    Fear not patriotic America. Most of us will be murdered by our government LONG before we reach the “elderly” stage of our lives. So, what difference does it make now?

  2. GetBackJack says:

    Former Colorado Governor Democrat Richard ‘Dick’ Lamm – Denver, March 28, 1984 … yes, 1984 .. as reported by the New York Times ..

    “People who die without having life artificially extended are similar to ”leaves falling off a tree and forming humus for the other plants to grow up,” the Governor told a meeting of the Colorado Health Lawyers Association at St. Joseph’s Hospital.

    ”You’ve got a duty to die and get out of the way,” said the 48-year-old Governor. ”Let the other society, our kids, build a reasonable life.”

    You and I call the Dems The Party of Death for this .. and many reasons. Something is terribly off in their souls. If they have souls ..

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      And yet, 20/30 years from now he’ll be singing a different tune/spending untold sums of money for this transplant or that, to prolong his own life.

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