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40% Of WA Obama-Care ‘Enrollees’ Haven’t Paid

From the Daily Caller:

Nearly 40 percent of Washington Obamacare enrollees haven’t paid

By Sarah Hurtubise | March 25, 2014

Washington’s Obamacare exchange is falling far behind in getting its “enrollees” to pay for their exchange plans, officials reported Tuesday.

The state-run exchange has had just 61 percent of its Obamacare sign-ups pay their first premiums for private health insurance plans. In contrast, California’s exchange has reported that 85 percent of those who signed up for private health coverage have paid for them so far.

Industry experts have projected that around 80 percent of Obamacare customers will end up paying their premiums by the end of the open enrollment period March 31…

So out of the 5 million ‘sign up’s they will only have 4 million who actually pay. (4 million is 80% of 5 million.)

At the end of February, Washington wasn’t anywhere close to that number. Of 184,000 Washington state residents that signed up for a private health plan on the exchange website, just 112,000 paid for coverage. The data update was released Tuesday and the exchange’s board will meet Thursday to discuss the numbers.

Although the payment numbers appear low so far, Washington state’s site was one of the few that performed reasonably well since the beginning of the enrollment period in October…

So they can’t even blame it on the ‘glitches.’

In any case, we now know why the federal exchange claims they can’t give out the numbers as to who has paid. They don’t want anyone to know just how bad things really are.

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