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500 Boats Aid In Chinese Oil Spill Cleanup

From China’s Xinhua News:

Over 500 fishing boats join Dalian oil spill cleanup operations after pipeline explosion


DALIAN, July 19 (Xinhua) — Over 500 fishing boats Monday joined a massive oil spill clean-up operation underway off the coast of northeastern China’s Dalian City, three days after pipelines exploded near the city’s oil reserve base, one of China’s largest.

A dark-brown oil slick has stretched over at least 183 square kilometers [70.6 square miles] of ocean near blast-hit Xingang port, with 50 square kilometers [19.3 square miles] severely polluted.

The over 500 fishing boats have been loaded with oil absorbers and dispersants to help in the clean-up south of Dalian’s Golden Pebble Beach and east of Bangchui Island.

Strong winds help contain the severely polluted area Sunday, Luan Yuxuan, deputy director of Dalian City’s Oceanic and Fishery Administration, said Monday.

Luan said the clean-up operations will take at least four to five days.

The cleanup started Saturday. By Monday morning, 24 oil clean-up vessels and 800 fishing boats had been mobilized, said Luan. About 460 tonnes of the spilled oil has been collected.

Officials said they did not know the exact amount of oil spilled into the sea.

Large quantities of oil-spill dispersant and absorption felts have been shipped in from neighboring Tianjin Municipality and Shandong Province, maritime officials said.

Vessel traffic at Dalian, China’s second largest port for crude oil imports, has been limited to allow the cleanup operations to proceed.

Wang Ning, a senior engineer with the maritime affairs bureau of Liaoning Province, told Xinhua port operations have been limited but not completely suspended.

Ships are allowed to enter and exit the ports with permission, he said.

Fire engulfed the Xingang port Friday evening, after an oil pipeline exploded, triggering an adjacent pipeline to explode as well. The fires raged for 15 hours before being extinguished Saturday morning. No one was hurt in the explosions or subsequent fires.

A team was established Sunday morning to investigate the incident.

Compare and contrast. By the way, for some reason this blast and leak has received scant coverage in the US media.

Also, notice that there is no talk of the Chinese closing down their pipelines for six months, while they re-write their regulations.

Where is the outrage?

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6 Responses to “500 Boats Aid In Chinese Oil Spill Cleanup”

  1. Right of the People says:

    That’s because the Chinese government values the worth of oil while the mountebanks running things into the ground in DC think oil is Evil with a capital “E”.

    Oil makes our economy go and that is one thing the O’ster and his gang of incompetents want no part of. Its much easier to screw the little guy when there’s a “crisis” brewing.

  2. Liberals Demise says:

    U.S. Marines have the saying, “Gung Ho”.
    Gung Ho is Chinese for ‘working together’.

    Maobama has the saying, “Ho No”.
    Ho No is Liberalese for, ” I’m on vacation and have another vacation coming up, leave me alone”.

  3. fallingpianos says:

    What’s this? The Chinese are better stewards of our precious, fragile environment than the Bam-Bam administration? Who’da thunk?

    Bam, the Chinese are making you look bad (again). Why don’t you just quit now while you’re behind? They clean up oil spills better than you, they lie better than you, and they even do communism better than you. Every totalitarian regime knows they need oil to survive (which is why they nationalize their companies, not attempt to shut them down outright), yet somehow you haven’t gotten the memo. When are you going to realize that until you get with the program, your dictator buddies will keep laughing at you until they have your head on a pike?

  4. BillK says:

    Right of the People has it right.

    China sees the oil leak as an economic issue that must be fixed to prevent wasting a precious valuable resource.

    The Obama Administration sees it as a political advantage that must be used to pass cap-and-trade, further demonize the industry and punish BP by making sure they’re driven so deep into bankruptcy they can never recover.

  5. AmericanIPA says:

    Pretty bad when you are envious of an actual communist country. Compare their get-it-done attitude and our through-the-proper-committee attitude. And we’re borrowing money from communists to hand out to our labor unions and bureaucrats while our economy continues to sink into a black hole. Very surreal.

  6. NoNeoCommies says:

    I bet the Chinese get it cleaned up faster.

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