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500 Tax Protesters Tossed From Hearing

From The Des Moines Register:

Hundreds of Iowans thrown out of public hearing


More than 500 people who are upset with a plan to change Iowa’s tax laws were cleared from a hearing tonight at the Iowa House after they interrupted multiple times.

House Speaker Pat Murphy, D-Dubuque, cleared the crowd at about 8:30 p.m. The decision brought about loud protests as the crowd was escorted from the chambers by Iowa State Patrol officers.

“This is the most atrocious thing I’ve seen in the history of the 15 years I’ve been a lobbyist. Pat Murphy has acted like a jack-booted Nazi,” said Ed Failor Jr., president of Iowans for Tax Relief, a conservative taxpayers’ rights group from Muscatine with 50,000 members..

Failor Jr. was escorted from the House chambers after Murphy overheard him speak with the media.

House rules say that no protesting or advocating can be done in the House.

Murphy said he should have ordered the chambers cleared much sooner than he did, since several of the speakers were booed.

The idea behind the public hearing is to give people public input and allow people the ability to speak for and against the bill. This is not an athletic event,” Murphy said.

After the majority of the public was removed, the scheduled speakers were allowed to continue. The hearing is scheduled to last until about 9:45 p.m.

The proposal, House File 807 and Senate Study Bill 1317, would end a practice known as federal deductibility. That means Iowans could no longer subtract what they pay in federal income taxes from their income when figuring their state taxes.

Ending federal deductibility without changing anything else would mean Iowans would pay an estimated $595 million more in taxes. However, Democrats have proposed a plan that would instead lower the state income tax rates and increase certain tax credits to offset the increase.

Democrats have maintained that two-thirds of Iowans would either see a tax savings or no change at all in their taxes due to the proposal.

Specific numbers show that 49 percent of Iowans who file taxes would get a break in the current tax year, while about 18 percent would see no change.

The remainder – 450,292 people – would see a tax increase, according to the Iowa department of Revenue and Finance.

They hold public hearings, but prohibit any “advocating”?

That makes sense.

This really is quite a brazen money grab. Even for Democrats.

And maybe the people of Iowa aren’t quite as liberal as they are made out to be by our one party media, after all.

Or maybe, like with so many things, their liberality ends when it starts to reach into their pocket.

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9 Responses to “500 Tax Protesters Tossed From Hearing”

  1. Liberals Demise says:

    I am here to tell you this won’t bode well for the Dumpstercrats at all!!
    You can’t whizz into a fan and have the people believe it’s raining!!

    I love the part where they say, “……… two thirds of Iowans would either see a tax savings or no change at all in their taxes due to the proposal.”
    Gee….I guess they didn’t buy that one this time, now did they?

    I predict that the pushing and shoving will follow next. Lets face it…..the elected are not following the will of the voters and the crowd is going to get ugly. About damn time as far as I’m concerned. Too long have the polished politicans looked down their nose at the voters and sneered.
    Tea is not what I want to throw into the river. I would take the risk of being arrested by the EPA for tossing the Congress and Senate into the Potomac River!! (bad part about this is shiite floats)

  2. Odie44 says:

    I blame those racist Iowans – who offerred Bambi his first victory in the caucus. 95% of white people giving him 65% of their vote clearly need to be punished.

    “Hope for Pocket Change” when it’s all through…

  3. Gila Monster says:

    Let me guess, under the Dem’s plan, the 1/3 of Iowans who would see a tax increase are the top earners. Naturally, straight out of the DNC playbook.

    The morons will never learn, so much for future economic growth in Iowa …sigh.

  4. curvyred says:

    Is that like the 95% of ALL TAXPAYERS will see a tax reduction?

    Unless you are a smoker, driver, use utilities, buy food, buy goods.

  5. badcrow says:

    Couple of important things happening here…
    First, taxpayers around the country are beginning to feel the sting of increasing government levees. This “movement” will only grow, as the new administration continues to use taxation as a tool to solidify power. All taxes will rise dramatically in the near future. Fed., state, local sales, etc.,etc.; all rising to fund a bevy of constitutionally questionable bailouts and “programs” THAT THE PEOPLE DON’T WANT!
    The major media outlets are downplaying current taxpayer efforts to make their voices heard (yet again.) Ignoring and marginilizing citizen protests. This is mystifying to me. All over the country, what looks to be a MAJOR news event (widespread, nationwide peaceful protests) is being sloughed off by the news outlets. How they can dispell this true populism is beyond me. It doesn’t seem logical for an editor to not fully cover these many events. So it leads me to the belief that there must be another reason that the media of our nation is downgrading the coverage.
    Secondly, government entities just keep on chooglin’, seemingly oblivious to the desires of the taxpaying citizen. There seems to be no end to their spending and taxing. Unapologetic corruption is rapant and they seem to have NO INTENTION to abide the wishes of the people. The people march, nothing happens. The people write letters and make phone calls and nothing happens. The government is not responsive to a large number (about half, maybe more) of the people.
    The question then becomes “What do the people do when the government fails to abide their wishes?”
    One answer is that “tea parties” and citizen presence at “public forums” must continue in earnest. The numbers of concerned Americans must grow, and they MUST lift their voices up. When legislation comes up that the people don’t agree with, 3000 people need to show up on the steps of the capital. When the protest is not the lead story on the news, with an accurate and favorable tone, the phone lines should be jammed with complaints, the mailrooms overflowing with letters demanding truth. The advertisers that sponsor the tv news and papers have to be deluged with boycott threats and then boycotted heavily if they don’t respond. The people have some power here, as long as they keep the pressure on and don’t tire or lose faith.

    • TwilightZoned says:

      “This “movement” will only grow,…”

      This is exactly what crossed my mind as I read this article. I believe something big is going to happen across this nation July 4th.

      “Unapologetic corruption is rampant and they seem to have NO INTENTION to abide the wishes of the people.”

      Absolutely. This is why something big is going to happen. The people are finally reaching “the straw that broke the camel’s back” point.

  6. proreason says:

    “Or maybe, like with so many things, their liberality ends when it starts to reach into their pocket.”

    Whoopi Goldberg is also concerned about taxes getting out of hand. No amount of liberal do-gooding was enough until now, but now that it might begin to pinch HER, it’s time to rethink all this.

  7. Confucius says:

    Perhaps these protestors should try again . . . but next time in pink.

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