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500 UK Girls Genitally Mutilated A Year

From the UK’s Times:

Female circumcisers and their attendants waiting in an elementary-school classroom, where they do their work.

Thousands of girls mutilated in Britain

March 16, 2009

The NHS is offering to reverse female circumcision amid concerns that there are 500 victims a year with no prosecutions

The NHS is to advertise free operations to reverse female circumcisions, with experts warning that each year more than 500 British girls have their genitals mutilated.

Despite having been outlawed in 1985, female circumcision is still practised in British African communities, in some cases on girls as young as 5. Police have been unable to bring a single prosecution even though they suspect that community elders are being flown from the Horn of Africa to carry out the procedures.

The advertisement will appear from next month on a Somali satellite TV station much viewed in Britain. It features Juliet Albert, a midwife who does the reverse operations, and promises, in English and Somali, confidentiality for victims of female genital mutilation.

The advertisement was expected to help to undermine demand for girls to be circumcised, and to popularise the reversal procedure, Ms Albert said. Thousands of such operations have been carried out at specialist clinics and hospitals around Britain and demand is growing slowly…

A study by the Foundation for Women’s Health, Research and Development (Forward), estimated that 66,000 women living in England and Wales had been circumcised, most before leaving their country of origin. The government-funded research also found that more than 7,000 girls were at a high risk of being subjected to genital mutilation in Britain.

Sarah McCulloch, of the Agency for Culture Change Management UK, said that every year more than 500 British girls were having circumcisions. “A lot of them are done in the UK, but some still travel overseas,” she said.

She said that a code of silence in Britain’s African communities had allowed circumcisions to continue and prevented arrests. The unqualified female elders, known as “house doctors” because they act in secret in a family home, are flown into the country.

“What the communities do is they gather together and collect money to pay for the ticket for a ‘doctor’ to come from Somalia, Sudan, or whatever,” she told The Times. “And when she arrives here, she goes to a house and has the girls brought to her.”

While Scotland Yard is understood to have made investigations into female circumcision in the UK, and offered a £20,000 reward for information, no one has been successfully prosecuted for carrying out the procedure

It is illegal to take a person abroad for the operation but no one has been prosecuted for this either…

Waris Dirie, a former UN envoy for the prevention of female genital mutilation, said that it had no justification…

It is appalling that this pernicious practice cannot be stopped even in Britain.

(And we are still not any too clear how the process can be “reversed.”)

This article was posted by Steve on Monday, March 16th, 2009. Comments are currently closed.

20 Responses to “500 UK Girls Genitally Mutilated A Year”

  1. Colonel1961 says:

    Animals. It is beyond grotesque to see those ‘women’ in waiting to destroy their next innocent victim. May they all rot in hell.

  2. sheehanjihad says:

    To think that Islam requires female human beings to be deprived of a basic human pleasure, it boggles the mind that these people consider themselves civilized.

    They are dogs. Mindless pigs. Psychotic sociopaths. And mind numbingly ignorant. Islam insists on causing so much suffering….why?

    What’s worse is the weak doormat British Government does nothing to stop it.

    I wonder how fast a non muslim citizen would be jailed as a “sex offender” and a “perverted deviant” should they decide to mutilate a Christian five year old girl’s genitals?

    Oh, wait. Islam is the only religion that requires torture, suffering and death to it’s followers. Yeah, my bad. Christians as a whole don’t condone the senseless torture of their children.

    Unlike Islam, which makes it mandatory. I actually pity those who demonstrate such an appalling depth of depraved indifference to human life. They defy description.

  3. GetBackJack says:

    And not a word out of NOW, or our evil MSM.

  4. sheehanjihad says:

    Apparently, NOW and the MSM condone genital mutilation….remember, they didn’t mind that beheading of the woman attempting to get a divorce from a muslim, why should they intervene in such trivial matters as this?

    NOW is a bunch of estrogen deficient oxygen thieves, and of course, the MSM are simple slathering lapdogs panting to please muslims everywhere.

    I wonder if any of them offer up their own little girls for a similar fate? Think anyone would complain then? Yeah, probably not. They have more important issues….like NOW.

    Mouthy snags like NOW aren’t in it for anything other than a chance to feel above the masses. They throw young children under the bus to keep their own egos happy. Useless douche bags.

    The MSM is in the tank for Islam, that’s no secret whatsoever. Like all good liberals…gratify the enemy by offering them anything they want. Talk about useless.

  5. caligirl9 says:

    Okay lemme see if I have this straight. Assuming that photo is of a classroom somewhere in Great Britain, the government is loaning classroom space to those butchers to hold down girls and mutilate them? (Solution: don’t loan or lease them the space.)

    THEN the government health, the same government health that doesn’t offer treatment of stroke to its veterans, preferring to watch them waste away and die, pays to reverse the “surgery?”

    When did TCO’s way of doing things start becoming a global policy?

  6. beautyofreason says:

    Multiculturalism has brought the worst parts of Islam to our shores. There’s no way to replace the nerves or sensation once that part has been excised. One can cut away the scar tissue or create a cosmetic illusion – but the feeling is gone, dead, same as if someone had cut off the male organ.

    Only barbarians would deprive women of sensation.

  7. jcheney says:

    I remember back in the late 70’s, early 80’s when either Look or Life (can’t remember which one) magazine had a full picture article about this issue. It was my first exposure to it. It showed the faces of these very young girls while the procedure was taking place and the pain and fear in their eyes. The rooms where this took place were primitive and didn’t look anything like the picture you show above. The rooms were full of men, no women, and no one that looked like a doctor (no scrubs, clean sheets, etc.).

    It seems surreal to me at that time that something so heinous was going on in the world. Now that we know more about Islam we are appalled that it wants to do harm to even “the least of these,” in the name of religion.

  8. 12 Gauge Rage says:

    This is barbarism, plain and simple. There’s a special, dark, hot, place in the hereafter for monsters like these.

  9. VMAN says:

    I’m with Getbackjack!!! Where is the NOW gang? Oh wait a minute they are out getting girls to have abortions and blocking parental consent and championing women’s causes, I mean liberal women’s causes everywhere (that darn Sarah Palin how dare she even call herself a woman). Liberals make me want to puke. They care so much for people who can’t defend themselves. NOT!!!!!!

    • Colonel1961 says:

      Agreed, VMAN, NOW is nothing but a coward, attacking only the defenseless, i.e., those not supported by the MSM…

  10. Liberals Demise says:

    I wonder how many mudslimes here in the Good ‘ol U.S. of A. slide under the radar and have their libidos crushed and destroyed?

  11. 11ten1775 says:

    Who came up with the term “female circumcision” for this horrific attack on little girls? It’s far too neutral a description, especially since male circumcision is considered normal and safe – even Biblical. This is not any of those things.
    We used to live near a large Muslim community, and when I’d see the women, I always wanted to stop them and ask, “What is in this for you?” I know it’s all some of them have ever known, but still, living in the U.S., they have to be aware that a better life is possible. I supose by the time they figure that out, the damage is done, quite literally.
    Why is it that Christians can barely even homeschool our kids anymore without the government trying to take away that freedom at any given opportunity, when these monsters can do anything they want to their kids, and it’s all swept under the rug of “religion?” This is absolutely happening in the U.S., but our government agencies are too busy trying to find problems where they don’t exist to actually protect tiny little girls from being attacked by these beasts. Never mind that the women’s shelters are full of Muslim women in areas with a large Muslim population. Who could predict this stuff? Other than anyone who cares…

  12. joeblough says:

    That was indescribably revolting.

    That photo particularly .. I couldn’t help thinking that I was looking at the very incarnation of evil.

    God, how those faces are crying out for the application of a blunt instrument!

    BTW, these sexual mutilators of children, these monsters, these are the people who keep telling us how they are our moral superiors!

    And the parents! People who pay to have their little daughters sexually tortured and mutilated these are the people who keep telling us how they are our moral superiors!

    What will we have to do to scare our alleged representatives in government into lowering the hammer on these scum?

    If the mere presence of these monsters isn’t enough to motivate them all by itself what will we have to do to get them to do right ?

  13. canary says:

    Just think if we’d let the British take over us. Bizarre. Not even sterile conditions. No signs of IV anthesia, but flowers. What really get’s to me, is how they their religions allow’s make-up, but have to hide everything else. Hypcorites. Something tells me this probably goes on in America too. I wonder if the billions oOllah Obama is giving to other countries is not paying for this. Since this is common in Africa, and oOllah Obama gave their abortion clinics so much, how do we know we aren’t paying for this too. Well, aside the chapter and speech our taxes paid public schools for our children to read excerpt for Dreams from My Father. I did manage to find bit’s and pieces more. Such as chapter 6, when he got into theater in NY, and like in the children’s literature, mentioning his habitual lies, he again says one of the guys is mad at him, because he told a double lie. And then he got on stage to give his speech about there was this land across the sea that needed us, and how he loved it, and went on and on, then some fellow Afro-Americans got him off the stage to let someone else have a turn, and that he was angry and told this girl, he’d never give a speech again, and she pulled him aside, and chewed him out, because he was only about himself. I recall his speech saying he learned that It’s not all about me, and the applause, and so now I know where that came from, cuase obviously he didn’t forget the girl chewing him out and put it in his book. Then I read some of the 2nd chapter on line, and course didn’t know if it was accurate, so when I was at the store, I picked up a copy, and went straight to chapter 2 (figured the store would think I was too poor to buy it, but patriotic) and found it fast as I could. And then I got dizzy and sick, and nearly fainted. It was real. He was very close to his 2nd father. I’d say he’s about 5 ish. And his grandparents (before he moved back at age 10) wanted to make sure it was okay. They had no idea why his mother’s boyfriend suddenly had to leave, and asked her to come. And the grandparents wanted to make sure it was safe, and told Barry, about tigers, and even headhunters in Indonesia. His mom was scared. And he goes into enormous detail when they arrived. And comes time to kill a chicken, and his mother asks if he isn’t a little too young to watch. He goes into gorey detail (oh PETA should read this) and then ends the chapter, where he lay in bed ready, wonderful smells and all, to fall asleep he remembers the event and “..the last twitch of life that I’d witnessed a few hours before…I could barely believe my good fortune”.
    Then all about how his father taught him to box, and that weak men get killed by strong men, and he had to be strong. But if oObamo was up against a strong man, best to make peace. That he learned the language within 6 months, and how they lived somewhere really rich, but Lolo (his step dad which in Hiawii meant crazy) would fire servants under him alot. And that finally his step dad’s cousins told his mom, why he had to leave the U.S. and not be mad at Lolo, cause there was a communist scare acording to the President in Indonesia, and his passport was no longer good. Then his mom, was worried, cause some kind of cut on his head, and she decided to take him back to America. And so that thing about torturing animals when your young, and all. So, it explains partial abortion doesn’t phase him a bit. So, you can see why he joined the Socialist party, cause a lot of blood was spilled.

  14. MinnesotaRush says:

    Uhhhhh! This is just so disgusting .. so appalling!!!

    Joe .. I concur absolutely .. the face of evil!!!

  15. canary says:

    F*** Great Britian. These girls at some point probably get sick and taken to a doctor. Maybe some are flown to Africa, etc. That takes money! But certainly for other illnesses, they see a doctor in Britian. So, how about take the girls away into protection service. After I saw so many of those scary dressed protesters for Hamas in Georgia, Florida, NY, SF, etc. some got violent, but our police had some muscle. No where in our bible does it say to do this. Even Christ said circumcision of men didn’t matter. How can Obama and Pelosi call these people’s religion just like ours. We got some nuts, absolute nuts, running this country. Obama should have done like his Columbia University speeches, and gone to Africa and helped those people. Cause nothing compares to the needs over there. Darfur. And as bad as things might be in this country, I have no doubt, to compensate for the slavery, would pay their fare back to these other countries they are so bitter, we took them from. As a matter of fact, instead of an army to defeat this country, how about they make their Obama change army, and his followers volunteer army and go help these horrible countries where kids are starving, and no water, and aids and all. Dang, instead they crap in their own creeks. They destroy their own neighborhoods. And what will happen if they lose their rights to guns. The crack houses will take over the poor and oppressed. Obama is out to destroy his own followers. And he’s laughing at how dumb they are and how special he is. Abortion, genicide for free the poor and minorities, just as his muslim step-father taught him. !!!!!

  16. brad says:


    This is where Islam and crazy African customs should smash head-on with liberalism.


    Conservatives don’t need to get in the middle and make a new enemy, let feminism fight this and other battles. Islam HATES all the tenants of Western liberalism, let them meet and destroy each other. They are both nasty and horrible people, and conservatives are right to oppose each of them, but you should direct each of them to the other, and stand aside.

    • sheehanjihad says:

      I agree with brad. Just step back, and see the inevitable conflict as Islam meets Liberalism. People who’s reason for living is to kill and die, and the others is to control and enslave are the proverbial perfect storm waiting to happen.

      Conservatives should play both ends to the middle, and let them have at it. And they will, due to their appalling ignorance and fanatical belief in their ideology.

      Liberals want us all to live under Government control and their utopian socialist way of life. Muslims want us to submit to their laws, become slaves to them, or as they much more prefer, become murder victims en masse.

      Either way, both groups believe their way is best, and they will clash as soon as the muslims run out of people to kill in Europe, and come here to finish the job. So take brad’s advice. Sit back, and watch the show.

  17. wardmama4 says:

    First thought to mind – those women don’t look Somali/African to me. But that is just me.
    Second – they aren’t brought up on charges because they are an insular community – they are attempting to prevent anyone not Muslim from entering their communities – so the NHS and Nanny Gov can’t, don’t, won’t be able to get what they need to prosecute these barbaric people.

    Lastly SJ/Brad – I do like your thought process – but the UK is showing it – when it comes to Islam – even the Liberals turn and look the other way.

    It won’t be until Islam decides it has the position/power to instill Sharia Law that the ‘mess’ will hit the fan. Hopefully that won’t be too late.

    • Steve says:

      “First thought to mind – those women don’t look Somali/African to me. But that is just me.”

      The photo is not from the Time’s article. It is a photo from an earlier NYT article about female circumcision in general.

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