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53% US Doesn’t Believe In Man-Made Global Warming

From the Daily Caller:

Poll: 53% Of Americans Don’t Believe In Man-Made Global Warming

By Michael Bastasch | June 26, 2014

President Obama is emphasizing global warming ahead of the November elections, but a new poll suggests he faces an uphill climb. According to a Pew Research Center poll, 35 percent of Americans say there is not enough solid evidence to mankind is warming the Earth while another 18 percent says the world has warmed due to “natural patterns” and not human activity.

And this is from Pew, so you know the real number is far higher. (As it is in most polls.)

That’s a 53 percent majority against the president’s position.  Of the 35 percent who cite lacking evidence for their disbelief, half say it’s because man-made global warming is “just not happening” or that we “don’t know enough yet” about the issue to tell.

Meanwhile, Obama is out there telling the rubes in flyover country that all of his many scandals and policy failures are phony, but man-made global warming is real.

Pew says that “business conservatives” and “steadfast conservatives” have the largest majorities that don’t believe in man-made global warming, with 75 percent and 71 percent, respectively.

Forty percent of Americans believe that mankind is causing the planet to warm. So-called “solid liberals” are the most likely to say human activity is warming the Earth — 78 percent of this group believes this to be true.

In case you still needed any proof of the abject ignorance of liberals.

But younger cohorts of voters also seem to be more worried about global warming, according to Pew. Even among the group called “young outsiders,” belief in man-made global warming is high, as 37 percent of this cohort believes mankind is responsible for heating the planet.

Pew describes “young outsiders” as “a right leaning group” that diverges “from the conservative groups in their social liberalism, while holding deeply conservative values about the role of government and the social safety net.” …

Of course, these young outliers are still in the clutches of their teachers, who have been promoting this hoax as hard as they can. As their jobs depend upon it. (And they probably do.)

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2 Responses to “53% US Doesn’t Believe In Man-Made Global Warming”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    What people want is Climate
    What we get is Weather
    Bob Heinlein

  2. Rusty Shackleford says:

    What’s really remarkable is that with all the disproven “evidence” via computer modeling, all of which paint a horrid picture of a Venusian Earth, where people can melt lead simply by placing it in the atmosphere, and ALL of the models being intentionally skewed to the hot side of data collection, in spite of the fact that it’s all THEORY and mathematical estimation is tantamount to making people believe that malaria is caused by (literally) “bad air” which was the argument in last turn of the century.

    Sadly, the people who wrote notes and flirted during science class and didn’t really pay attention to any of it (cuz it’s hard and — “who’s gonna use this stuff anyway?”) are the same people who are its staunchest supporters. Al Gore whose science grades are pathetic, along with other “notables” who are just big name actors, sports figures, etc.

    But then, there are the perpetually angry “intellectuals” like Neil Degrasse. I won’t use his hyphenated name because I simply think they are yet another indicator of post-modern BS peddling…but he’s supposedly a scientist and has used part of his celebrity status to usurp the remaking of “COSMOS” into a crap-fest of why AGW is real.

    But at the end of the day NOBODY has any proof that it’s happening.



    Peer-reviewed paper after peer-reviewed paper.

    Articles upon articles.

    They all read the same.

    In 10/20/30/40/50 years or “by the end of the century”…..the world could be as much as 50 to 100 feet underwater.

    The strawman argument plays big. “And all this warming is caused by the use of fossil fuels”.

    Question: Why was the Jurassic period so much warmer than now? Was it all the coal and oil the dinosaurs burned to heat their homes and drive their SUV’s?

    Why did the earth get dramatically cooler, so that glaciers came down as far as Pennsylvania over several periods of time in Earth’s history? Was it because previously unknown humans elected to stop using electricity?

    The climate changes. It gets warmer, it gets cooler over the span of many millenia.

    But here’s what really bugs me. The fineness of which scientists measure temps, both average and specific time frames, has become a science unto itself and yet, by making estimates and guesses as to what a temperature trend in the short-term means, they extrapolate a cornucopia of crapola to say that “Yep, it’s warming”.

    And yet, similar scientists, if not the very same ones, were saying as late as 1980 that “The next ice age is coming…prepare yourself for it….get fat and get warm clothing…because it’s UNSTOPPABLE”

    Seems though that the AGW argument is more believable and sells better on both TV and in print.

    But I will say this, if I wrote a scientific paper and believed with all of my brain cells that I could fly just by thinking I could and then filled the paper with thousands of pages of mathematics and modeling and thus “proving” it to be possible….it would still not be so. Not in a million years; Not in the next five minutes.

    Scientific heretic? Hardly.

    I’m naturally skeptical. It’s something I learned or became after being burned by shysters and liars and people who pretended to be my friend. It happened because I learned to read up oin facts before I purchased something. I work on my own cars and yes, I make mistakes but by golly, when I fix it, I understand what I did and what makes it work.

    Our leisure society is very easy to dupe. But oddly, our “intellectuals” are as well. Therefore I have to assume, based on my cynicism and little else, that the “intellectuals” are maybe above average but also want so badly to belong and sit at the cool kids’ table that they will convince themselves that AGW is real, stake their entire careers on it without any regard to fact, truth, evidence or other.

    Something has happened to our nation; That great suspicion we seemed to have even two decades ago is gone. Our borders are wide open, terrorists are really just “misguided” and need more “understanding”. The US is, in fact, the bully. We, now, having discarded the word of God, seek instead a moral equivalence that fills the void of having a working, functioning moral center where a murderer’s life is sacred and must be preserved but the millions of murdered unborn children are just “blobs”.

    And, the mechanism that allows people to not feel bad about doing wrong is a multi-trillion dollar industry called the media.

    And everyone is a victim…except white, anglo-saxon males.

    I think we’ve lost. But take heart…the whole thing will collapse into a cesspool of disaster and they will run out of other peoples’ money and the do-nots and have-nots will then murder the officials that gave them everything….much like Rome’s Bread & Circuses….to bide their time and get free stuff.

    But it runs out. Rome fell, the dark ages arrived and then The Renaissance came. Then the kings, queens, barons, etc. Smart people who were fed up with the despotic BS left.

    Maybe the private space industry will grow legs and allow people to leave Earth and go elsewhere. But….sadly…that despotism is part of human DNA…so maybe God put us on Earth to keep us away from other worlds He created because we are poison.

    Yeah, utopia. Take my money that I’ve earned to give to them what don’t. So…I stop working cuz you ain’t getting what I earned, pal.

    No wages, no food.


    That’s utopia. All dead from starvation, no one makes anything, no one cares. Life, like in the muslim “community” hellhole becomes worthless.

    Oh…ain’t that grand?

    But that’s perfection to the socialists. A very few at the very top who have luxurious lives and somehow they maintain the respect of the rest either by enforced punishment or by bribing them. But sooner or later, it comes down to slavery and hoarding by the higher-ups and the lower-downs get fed up…every….single…..time.

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