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54 Dems To Pelosi: Deal Is Grossly Unfair

From the Politico:

Dem letter to Pelosi calls tax deal ‘grossly unfair’

By: Jake Sherman
December 9, 2010

Fifty-four House Democrats sent a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Thursday saying they’re against the White House’s proposal to extend tax rates, calling the deal “grossly unfair.”

The effort, led by Vermont Rep. Peter Welch (D), throws into serious question whether the tax compromise can pass as it stands. The majority of House Republicans are expected to support the proposal, meaning the bill only needs a few dozen Democrats to join to secure passage.

Democrats said that Obama “should not back down” from extending the lower- and middle-income rates.

Notice that even the Democrats cannot bring themselves to say that Obama should not back down on raising taxes. They have to engage is these kind of absurd circumlocutions.

“This proposal will hurt, not help, the majority of Americans in the middle class and those working hard to get there,” the letter states. “Even as Republicans seek to add billions more to our national debt in tax cuts to the wealthy, they oppose extending unemployment benefits to workers and resist COLA increases to seniors.”

Never mind that the Republicans have only objected to unfunded unemployment extensions – which would be a violation of the Democrats own implemented PAYGO requirements.

And never mind that no one is resisting COLA increases. The problem is, that according to Congress’s own COLA guidelines, the cost of living has not gone up. So there is no COLA.

Isn’t it amazing that Congressmen would not know this?

Among the signors are House Financial Services Chairman Barney Frank (D-Mass.), House Transportation Chairman Jim Oberstar (D-Minn.) and Pelosi’s fellow California Reps. Judy Chu, Anna Eshoo, Sam Farr, Bob Filner, John Garamendi, Doris Matsui, Linda Sanchez, Jackie Speier, Pete Stark, Mike Thompson and Lynn Woolsey.

What a list. You could find a more intelligent bunch at the local bus stop.

Of course you would probably also find Mr. Frank there, too.

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14 Responses to “54 Dems To Pelosi: Deal Is Grossly Unfair”

  1. Rusty Shackleford says:

    I’m pretty sure the next argument will be that continuing the current tax rates is racist. I mean, in keeping with the template, of course.

  2. NoNeoCommies says:

    The really disgusting thing about this is the continuing support and cover provided by the lickspittle media slaves of the left.

  3. mr_bill says:

    I’ve just read that the House will not allow a bill on the floor for discussion. Democrat Rep. Lloyd Doggett of Texas was quoted as saying, “If it’s take it or leave it, we’ll leave it.” Democrats NEVER compromise. Can anybody think of the last time the democrat party compromised on anything?

    Republicans offered the extension in unemployment. I wasn’t happy about it, but if it meant that we could extend the current tax rates and eliminate some of the uncertainty that is stalling hiring, it would have been the lesser of two evils. The democrats have proven, once again, that none of them are moderates and that none of them will compromise with anybody on anything, ever (especially if it could help the majority of working, taxpaying Americans).

  4. bill says:

    Democrats — Is this just a civil war or would you say it’s a race war?

  5. Mr. Frank at the bus stop? Nope. Bus station men’s room.

    “…continuing the current tax rates is racist”

    I do believe Dr. Rusty hit upon the next ninny narrative to reverberate throughout the media echo chamber.

  6. Mae says:

    Of course, each of those 54 House democrats (and I use the small “d” as a sign of disrespect) has been paying his taxes at the old rate during the past 10 years. And none has requested a refund of tax overpayments. Offshore accounts? Tax shelters? Oh, no, not them! The hypocrisy stinks like arserini.

  7. Liberals Demise says:

    You can bet your sweet arse that if the tax rate (you know, the one that effects us) even touched their “GOLDEN CALF” they’d change the song they spew.
    Off key of course but none the less. Miserable bastards……..all!

    Hell, they can’t even print our money right without it costing ‘us’ more money for Christs’ sake.

  8. River0 says:

    It certainly is unfair! It’s unfair that Al Gore and John Edwards made hundreds of millions peddling their bogus, poisonous snake oil; that John Kerry hooked up with an heiress and travels around pontificating like Prince Charles; that Charlie Rangel skates on charges that would put you and me in prison; that the empty-headed, malicious, chemically-dependent power hungry Medusa billionaire Nancy Pelosi screws us all and delights in it; and worst of all, a community organizer pseudo-intellectual, ersatz Ivy League ‘educated’ Affirmative Action man-child tricked Americans into electing him President of the United States. The damage he’s done is incalculable.

    Sadly, we deserve it, because we fell asleep to the true nature of evil and the realities of life on earth. He is waking us up.

  9. Rick Caird says:

    Since the White House has predicted a double dip recession if the extension is not passed, does anyone really think Pelosi and the 54 Democrats are willing to risk being held responsible for the double dip and for not extending unemployment in the face of the double dip? This is not a game of chicken. This is merely an attempt to save face with the left, but ultimately the compromise will pass.

  10. Mithrandir says:

    Again, the Democrats see everything as punishing their enemies, and rewarding their friends.

    We are 2 Americas.

    • Right of the People says:

      My America doesn’t include these pontificating, canard spewing cretins.

      Sometimes I wish we could herd all the libtards to one coast or the other, build a huge wall and fence them off from the rest of the country, in fact they could secede from us and become the Peoples Republic of Libtard with Drooling Barney as the court jester and the Wicked Witch of the West San Fran Nan as queen.

    • Mithrandir says:

      Actually, I have said that in previous posts. Divide America down the Mississippi, left-wing gets the left coast, and borders Mexico. The right-wing gets the east. Texas and New York will have to switch, but it’s a small price to pay.

    • Petronius says:

      Mithrandir — Couldn’t we keep Texas and give them Vermont?

    • proreason says:

      The division should be north and south.

      Blue America – Cal, Oregon,Wash, all northern tier states to Illinois, skip across the lakes to Michigan, then to NY, Vermont, NH, and Maine then down the east coast to Delaware.and Maryland. It’s nearly contiguous except for Hawaii and the Great Lake skips of Indiana, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

      Red America is everything else. Plus Alaska. (skipping the Lakes adds Ill, Ohio and Pennsylvania to Red America. Red America is 100% continguous except Alaska.

      The only losses to Red America that way would be Idaho and Montana.

      That split is representative of the true divide in the country. Also, they get 3 of the biggest 6 (Ca, NY, Ill) and we get 3 (Tx, Fl, Pennsylvania). They lose the Gulf Coast, we lose the Pacific Coast. They lose the Mexican border, which they can’t fix; but we can. They can continue their ludicrous drilling ban. We can drill and become richer. They get the major crime areas, which they enabled. We get the new clean cities that we built. They get the craziest politicians (except Harry Reid). We get the saner ones. There is no chance that Reid will be reelected. It’s perfect.

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