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54% Of New Grads Jobless, Underemployed

From an non-blaming Associated Press:

1 in 2 new graduates are jobless or underemployed

By HOPE YEN [sic]
April 23, 2012

WASHINGTON (AP) — The college class of 2012 is in for a rude welcome to the world of work.

A weak labor market already has left half of young college graduates either jobless or underemployed in positions that don’t fully use their skills and knowledge.

Young adults with bachelor’s degrees are increasingly scraping by in lower-wage jobs — waiter or waitress, bartender, retail clerk or receptionist, for example — and that’s confounding their hopes a degree would pay off despite higher tuition and mounting student loans.

An analysis of government data conducted for The Associated Press lays bare the highly uneven prospects for holders of bachelor’s degrees…While there’s strong demand in science, education and health fields, arts and humanities flounder.

How can that be?

Median wages for those with bachelor’s degrees are down from 2000, hit by technological changes that are eliminating midlevel jobs such as bank tellers. Most future job openings are projected to be in lower-skilled positions such as home health aides, who can provide personalized attention as the U.S. population ages.

Taking underemployment into consideration, the job prospects for bachelor’s degree holders fell last year to the lowest level in more than a decade

Andrew Sum, director of the Center for Labor Market Studies at Northeastern University who analyzed the numbers, said many people with a bachelor’s degree face a double whammy of rising tuition and poor job outcomes. "Simply put, we’re failing kids coming out of college," he said, emphasizing that when it comes to jobs, a college major can make all the difference. "We’re going to need a lot better job growth and connections to the labor market, otherwise college debt will grow." …

Huh. So higher employment, a stronger economy – helps everyone?

About 1.5 million, or 53.6 percent, of bachelor’s degree-holders under the age of 25 last year were jobless or underemployed, the highest share in at least 11 years. In 2000, the share was at a low of 41 percentOut of the 1.5 million who languished in the job market, about half were underemployed, an increase from the previous year.

Broken down by occupation, young college graduates were heavily represented in jobs that require a high school diploma or less.

In the last year, they were more likely to be employed as waiters, waitresses, bartenders and food-service helpers than as engineers, physicists, chemists and mathematicians combined (100,000 versus 90,000). There were more working in office-related jobs such as receptionist or payroll clerk than in all computer professional jobs (163,000 versus 100,000). More also were employed as cashiers, retail clerks and customer representatives than engineers (125,000 versus 80,000)…

College graduates who majored in zoology, anthropology, philosophy, art history and humanities were among the least likely to find jobs appropriate to their education level; those with nursing, teaching, accounting or computer science degrees were among the most likely

And what kind of courses does the Left encourage? (Notice the conspicuous absence of sociology, by the way.)

But the AP never blames the Left or even Obama in this article. All these problems are due to the jobs market. Which we are now convinced is racist, and doesn’t want to see Obama get re-elected

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9 Responses to “54% Of New Grads Jobless, Underemployed”

  1. Astravogel says:

    Reminds me of the cartoon of the begger on the street corner.
    Sign says, “Philosopy Major: Will Think for Food.”

    I hear there’s a good market for Math majors and Chemical Engineers…

    • JohnMG says:

      Saw another one with a guy holding a sign that said, “Please give money…….or I’ll vote for Obama again.”

  2. BigOil says:

    Time for the Democrats to devise a new federal program to provide job training for college graduates.

  3. mr_bill says:

    Get a real degree, behave professionally, dress well, and don’t vote democrat. Is it really that hard to understand?

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      “College graduates who majored in zoology, anthropology, philosophy, art history and humanities were among the least likely to find jobs appropriate to their education level; those with nursing, teaching, accounting or computer science degrees were among the most likely…”

      Yup. Been reading a book about the development of the Saturn V rockets. All the while, the thought keeps going through my head that there were thousands of post-graduate, professional engineers and technicians doing this. And they had government jobs, essentially, but worked fro private manufacturers. Boeing, McDonnell-Douglas, Sperry, etc.

      These people spent a minimum of four years working on their technical degrees, inspired in their youth by sci-fi pulp-fiction, movies and the desire to do something of great value. Nowadays, that “great value” concept has transmogrified into “saving earth” or “saving humanity”. The know-it-all Leninists in the university faculty spent their college years smoking dope, figuring out ways to cheat and goof off while laughing at the techno-nerds who would be the next creators of revolutionary technology. Then, they got angry and bitter that those guys went on to create marvelous things, and they were stuck in their universe of academia that was only mildly interesting when one got stoned.

      No matter, sue for higher wages. After all, the reason the university is there is to provide jobs for post graduate know-nothings, right? And so, over 20 some years they succeeded in eliminating the poverty-stricken professor of the humanities with threadbare clothing and a 15 year old car that didn’t run very well, or a bicycle.

      Once they got that all figured out, the colleges needed more money to support such buffoonery, so they had to offer courses that expanded on the largely useless humanities, such as “interracial studies” or “gender-understanding research”. And one could easily see the whole cake start to slide off the tray into the dirt. But they can’t admit it to themselves. To do so would be to acknowledge that their particular “discipline” (in its more loose application) is of little use/value in the job market.

      OWS is the proof of the pudding as post grads are forced to eat the cooking that is liberalism. Did anyone “ax” them “So…you have a degree in African-American trans-gender ‘science’. Let me know how that works out. Are there a lot of these types of firms out there? I mean…I’m old so I don’t know. The world is changing so fast these days, it’s hard to keep up. What’s the entry-level salary for something like that? Is there a lot of hiring going on in that field?”

      Meanwhile the kid has spent $100,000 of student loan money and enjoyed living at “party central” frat house…and then reality sinks in as he moves back into his old bedroom at home..and dad comes home from work and says, “Whhuuut?” Mom tries to calm him down…and he looks at his son/daughter and says…”Well, you’re 22 years old…I’m afraid you’re going to have to pay some rent if you want to eat. And oh…the TV….that’s MINE. If you want to watch TV, get one of your own, I won’t charge you for the electricity.”

      Then the 22 year old, feeling all put-upon…threatens to move out. Dad is pleased. Mom, not so much.

      Thus beginneth the lesson.

      Reality, What a concept. (Thank you, Robin Williams)

    • mr_bill says:

      Nice. Rusty, you hit on a subject that has slowly eroded part of our society. “These people spent a minimum of four years working on their technical degrees, inspired in their youth by sci-fi pulp-fiction, movies and the desire to do something of great value.”

      Through degenerate television programming, internet, magazines, etc., liberals have destroyed our heroes. They have demonized the productive class to the point that people march in the streets to protest success. There was a time when almost all boys wanted to grow up to be astronauts, firemen, doctors, police officers, etc. Now they idolize shiftless lay about hollywood “men” that look like women. Little girls had dolls and played house and had tea parties with stuffed animals. Now girls dress like prostitutes, learn about sex in first grade, and eat perfectly good meals just throw it up so they can look like the coke addict on the magazine cover. Far too many young people have no understanding of “great value”. Is it wrong to imagine the return of bubonic plague?

  4. Astravogel says:

    Not to mention the portrayal of working fathers
    as stoopid dolts, scientists as bonkers, and
    soldiers as baby killers. And this is on the so
    called cartoons the children watch on the box
    that babysits them. I was dismayed by the
    college that offered a Bachelor of General
    Studies! Was that Walden? Doonsebury really
    hit that one very accurately.

  5. beautyofreason says:

    If I can find office work with my Master’s degree, I’ll be satisfied. At this rate it looks like I paid down a house for the right to bag groceries. Right now “two years related job experience” is more valuable in a job application than any non-technical degree.

  6. wirenut says:

    Think of “higher education” as you would in terms of the “dollar”. Both are shrinking in value. If we allow the drones to continue running the press’s, nothing really has a value. Diploma or Dollar. C’ept powder and ball.
    I Borg! Resistance is futile! Haw!

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