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6 Killed In Attack On Pakistan Army HQ

From Pakistan’s Dawn News:

Six soldiers, four assailants killed in attack on GHQ

Saturday, 10 Oct, 2009

RAWALPINDI: Suspected Taliban militants wearing army uniforms attacked the Pakistani army’s headquarters on Saturday, killing six soldiers and triggering a battle in which four gunmen died, military officials said.

The brazen attack on the tightly-guarded headquarters in the city of Rawalpindi came as the military is preparing a major offensive against the militants in their northwestern stronghold on the Afghan border.

The gunmen drove in a white van with military license plates to a main gate of the complex before opening fire and throwing a grenade when challenged by soldiers. The gunmen then exchanged fire with troops for about 40 minutes.

Six soldiers, including a brigadier and a lieutenant-colonel who were passing through the gate, were killed. Four gunmen died but two escaped. Security forces later tracked the two gunmen down, a military spokesman said.

‘We have spotted them, we have surrounded them, and now an operation is being launched to clear them out,’ said the spokesman, Major-General Athar Abbas…

Television pictures showed the militants’ van, its doors open, where the gunmen abandoned it by concrete barriers outside the gate.

The attack came a day after a suspected suicide car-bomber killed 49 people in the city of Peshawar in an attack which the government said underscored the need for the all-out offensive against the Taliban.

‘What happened in Peshawar, Islamabad and today, all roads lead to South Waziristan,’ said Interior Minister Rehman Malik, also referring to a suicide bomb attack on a UN office in Islamabad on Monday.

‘The TTP is behind all of these attacks and now the government has no other option but to launch an offensive,’ he said, referring to the Taliban Movement of Pakistan based in the South Waziristan region on the Afghan border…

How far is this headquarters from where the Pakistan army keeps their nuclear weapons?

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8 Responses to “6 Killed In Attack On Pakistan Army HQ”

  1. canary says:

    Obama is busy mapping out his Norway trip to accept a ‘peace’ prize, after learning increasing world violence pays off.

  2. canary says:

    militants close to nuclear plant
    AP: Gunmen hold up to 15 hostages in Pakistan army HQ
    By Asif Shahzad Oct 10 2009

    RAWALPINDI, Pakistan – Heavily armed militants were holding up to 15 soldiers hostage inside Pakistan’s army headquarters early Sunday after they stormed the complex in an audacious assault on the heart of the most powerful institution in the nuclear-armed country.

    Ten people were killed in the attack

    The standoff was continuing 12 hours after assailants wearing military uniforms bundled from a white van and launched the strike

    The spasm of violence was confirmation that the militants had regrouped

    Pakistani media said the Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack.

    A police intelligence report in July obtained by the Associated Press on Saturday warned that members of the Taliban along with Jaish-e-Mohammed, a militant group based in the country’s Punjab province, were planning to attack army headquarters after disguising themselves as soldiers.

    Islamist militants have been carrying out nearly weekly attacks in Pakistan,- where al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden may be hiding.

    AP writer Munir Ahmad and Chris Brummitt contributed to this report

  3. canary says:

    Afghan official: foreigners bolstering Taliban
    By Rahim Faiez And Heidi Vogt Oct 10 2009

    KABUL – Thousands of foreign fighters have poured into Afghanistan to bolster the Taliban insurgency

    The remarks come as the U.S…. to conduct a more limited campaign focused on targeting al-Qaida figures

    The minister’s comments hit on a key worry of the United States — that not sending enough troops to Afghanistan will open the door back up to al-Qaida.

    An American and two Polish troops were killed by bombs in the latest violence reported by NATO forces.

    “The enemy has changed. Their number has increased,” Defense Minister Gen. Abdul Rahim Wardak told lawmakers in a speech. He said about 4,000 fighters, mostly from Chechnya, North Africa and Pakistan “have joined with them and they are involved in the fighting in Afghanistan.”

    U.S. military officials said they could not immediately comment on the claim of a recent influx of foreign fighters.

    “If the target of this fight is only killing the Taliban, we will not win this war…” Interior Minister Hanif Atmar said.

    The strategy debate in the U.S. has been complicated by the still-undecided Afghan presidential election,

    The U.S. service member died Saturday of wounds suffered in a bombing in southern Afghanistan, U.S. officials said.


  4. proreason says:

    If Pakistan doesn’t get its act together real soon, Obamy’s will have the opportunity to prove to the Taliban how peaceful we are by giving up our nukes so that they can give up theirs.

  5. canary says:

    Song for Obama’s Peace Noble Prize looser song

    Buddy youre a boy make a big noise
    Playin in the street gonna be a big man some day
    You got mud on yo face
    You big disgrace
    Kickin your can all over the place

    Buddy youre a young man hard man
    Shoutin in the street gonna take on the world some day
    You got blood on yo face
    You big disgrace
    Wavin your banner all over the place

    Buddy youre an old man poor man
    Pleadin with your eyes gonna make you some peace some day
    You got mud on your face
    You big disgrace
    Somebody better put you back in your place

    chorus We will, we will rock you

  6. canary says:

    I believe Obama had to know he was up for the Noble Peace Prize 2 weeks after he became President, and has done his lip service world tour of peace, allowing terrorism to grow to the worst in U.S. history. And I do not think he will do anything til he has the trophy in his hands in Dec.

    • Obama getting the peace prize was the best news terrorist around the world could get. They know that the peace prize is for surrender and capitulation – not for aggressive action.

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