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7 Oil Refineries Moving Ahead – In Iran

From Iran’s Mehr News:

Construction of 7 refineries moving ahead

TEHRAN, Dec. 14 (MNA) – The National Iranian Oil Refining and Distribution Company (NIORDC) currently has the construction of 7 refineries across the country in hand.

Khuzestan refinery, The Persian Gulf Star refinery, Shahriar refinery, Anahita refinery, Hormoz refinery, Caspian refinery and Pars refinery are the seven planned refineries, the Mehr news agency reported.

When these refineries are complete the nation’s refining capacity of crude oil and gas condensates will be raised by 1,560,000 barrels while 110 million liters will be added to its gasoline production.

Khuzestan refinery

The Khuzestan heavy crude oil refinery will be built by 2011 by Iranian experts in Arvand Free Zone, seven kilometers southwest of Abadan City.

The refinery would have the daily output capacity of 180,000 barrels and would cost 2.8-3 billion euros.

The government and the parliament have approved that the refinery will be established and run by the private sector.

The refinery will refine the heavy crude oil produced in Azadegan and Yadavaran oil fields. It will also produce 10 million liters of super gasoline complying with Euro IV standard, 12.6 million liters of diesel oil, 3 million liters of jet fuel, five million liters of liquefied gas, and 440 tons of sulfur.

The refinery is 1.4 percent complete now.

The Persian Gulf Star refinery

The Persian Gulf Star Gas Condensates Refinery in the southern region of Assalouyeh aims to refine 360,000 barrels of gas condensates per day and to produce gasoline, jet fuel, and other valuable products.

The refinery is now 10 percent complete and is supposed to come on stream in 2011.

Shahriar refinery

More than €2 billion will be invested to complete Shahriar refinery in the city of Tabriz.

When the refinery becomes operational, 150,000 barrels daily will be added to Iran’s refining capacity and 70,000 barrels to the country’s gasoline production capacity.

The refinery aims at increasing oil products output and improving the quality of the products.

Lowering gas oil’s sulfur content, complying gas oil with EURO-V standard, and constructing an FCC unit are among the salient features of this project.

Shahriar refinery is 3 percent complete now.

Anahita refinery

Iran’s Anahita refinery in the western Kermanshah Province is supposed to come on stream in 2012.

The refinery would have the daily output capacity of 150,000 barrels and would cost some $3.5 million.

Hormoz refinery

Hormoz refinery with the capacity of refining 300,000 barrels of heavy and extra heavy crude oil per day is being built in Bandar Abbas.

It is planned to maximize the nation’s production of gasoline and middle distillate products according to European standard.

The refinery which is 5 percent complete now would cost four billion dollars.

Caspian refinery

Caspian refinery located in the city of Gorgan in the north eastern Golestan province is projected to daily refine 300,000 barrels of crude produced by the Caspian Sea region countries.

Caspian refinery will be completed in four years. The refinery will daily produce 20 million liters of gasoline and 11 million liters of gas oil while some portion of its products will be exported to neighboring countries such as Turkey, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.

Pars refinery

The implementation of Shiraz’s Pars refinery with the capacity of refining 120,000 barrels of crude per day would cost 800 million euros.

The refinery is 3 percent complete now and will come on stream in 2012. 

Don’t worry. It can’t happen here.

(Iran probably hang environmentalists.)

Meanwhile, the last US oil refinery was built 32 years ago.

By the way, why does Iran need nuclear power again?

This article was posted by Steve on Monday, December 15th, 2008. Comments are currently closed.

5 Responses to “7 Oil Refineries Moving Ahead – In Iran”

  1. proreason says:

    Old story….Mullah’s are nutty idealogues, Americans are shrewd businessmen. New story…..Mullah’s are shrewd businessmen. Americans are nutty idealogues.

  2. Reality Bytes says:

    Let’s not forget the democrats push to import refined gasoline in the ’90’s under the guise of eliminating the need for more refineries. I don’t know how good your archive engines are SG, but 7 refineries for Iran does not sound like they’re just for domestic consumption.

  3. joeblough says:

    The awful thing about all this is that all it would take to bring down the mullahs would be to knock out their one working refinery.

    Within weeks the economy would collapse and with it the mulla regime.

    All for the price of a missile or two.

    A couple of American warships off the coast to protect the shipping lanes and it would be a done deal.

    Oh well.

    Muffed it again.

  4. Colonel1961 says:

    I’d like to hang environmentalists, too. As I’ve said before, let the free market reign. Every other solution has failed and will fail in the future, as well. It’s so simple and easy…

  5. 12 Gauge Rage says:

    Iran is simply trying to remedy the main weakness of their oil industry, which was that they had to send their oil out of country to be refined before exporting it for sale. I hate to say this but at least they’re taking steps to solve their problem. Unlike here where the special interest groups like the Sierra Club and other similar organizations are doing everything they can to block construction of new refineries and other energy generating sites. Environmentalists for all their perceived good intentions lack the vision needed for a better America.

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