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70% DC Obama-Care Sign-Ups Are Congress, Staff

From the Washington Post:

More than 12,000 Congressional staffers have enrolled in health plans through Obamacare

By J.D. Harrison | February 20, 2014

Thousands of people have purchased health coverage through the District of Columbia’s new small-business insurance marketplace, but only a tiny fraction of them actually own or work for a small business. The rest are members of or work for a single large organization — Congress.

The thing is what is happening all over the country. The only people signing up for Obama-Care are people getting big subsidies. Such as in the case of Congress and their staffers, who are getting a 75% premium subsidy. (Which, by the way, is never mentioned once in this entire 462 word article.)

So how is that going to be fiscally sustainable?

Starting this year, new rules require federal lawmakers and their staffers to enroll in health-care plans through the small-business exchange on the city’s new insurance marketplace, known as DC Health Link. So far, 12,359 representatives and staff members, including those who work in district offices across the country and those working on Capitol Hill, have purchased plans, according to numbers obtained by The Washington Post from city health officials.

That there are 12,359 Congressmen and staffers is appalling, just in itself.

Normally, the small-business exchanges are reserved for companies with fewer than 50 employees (rising to 100 workers over the next two years)…

Of course, Congress got a carve out. There is no such thing as equal protection under the law. If the President says Congress has 50 employees, it has 50 employees. And never mind the other 12,309.

The congressional total represents 70 percent of the private insurance plans purchased so far in the District and 98 percent of the enrollment on the city’s small-business exchange.


Kofman noted that fewer than 300 actual small-business owners and employees have fully enrolled in coverage through DC Health Link…

So only a lousy 300 people have signed up through the small business exchange. And probably most of them haven’t actually bought premiums.

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2 Responses to “70% DC Obama-Care Sign-Ups Are Congress, Staff”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    What this statistic tells me is that we far, far too many trolls and losers on the payroll of our gd government

  2. canary says:

    Employers are to give their employees’ e-mail addresses along with all their personal information.

    No telling what the government will do with their e-mail addresses.

    Meanwhile, the Turkey government is enforcing new internet laws leading to small groups to protest.

    The Turkey government is shooting the protestors with rubber bullets. For now.

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